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  • My current prop obsessions: olive wood, fallen flower petals and imperfect shapes/textures. I think this picture beautifully captures each of these elements.
    2017-06-26 20:08:46

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    Anisa Sabet | The Macadames:
    And a lovely backdrop!

    Lauren Dillon:
    So beautiful lady 💕

    Crème au Beurre Pâtisserie:

    Olga 🍬:
    I do love this picture❤️

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    阿笨 阿笨

    Lauren Dillon

    Amber Love

  • Missing this magical place ✨
    2017-06-24 10:10:52

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    #verilymoment #thatsdarling #thehappynow #f52grams #f52home #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #thisishome #dslooking

    brittany beryl ☼:
    Me too!

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  • Sautéed PEACHES 🍑 and GOJI BERRIES with Vanilla Ricotta! I'm super excited to share this dessert with you all over on the blog (direct link in profile). It's super simple to make, not too sweet or heavy, and absolutely delicious ✌️#unrefinedliving
    2017-06-22 18:24:45

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    #mindbodygram #foodismedicine #eatwellbewell #eatrealfood #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodblogfeed @foodblogfeed #eeeeeats #eattheworld #thekitchn #foodblogger #buzzfeast #yahoofood #gatheringslikethese #huffposttaste #beautifulcuisines #f52grams #verilymoment #foodandwine #yummly #bloglovin #tastingtable #vegetarian #glutenfree #foodphotography #foodstyling #dessert #sweets

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  • Do you have any books you're dying to read this summer? If so, I would love to hear in the comments section! I'm a total book nerd, especially when it comes to non-fiction and personal growth 😉 For a list of what I've been reading lately, check out my latest blog post (direct link in profile) ✌️#unrefinedliving
    2017-06-21 19:24:13

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    #verilymoment #thatsdarling #thehappynow #f52grams #f52home #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #thisishome #dslooking

    Hannah Gambrell:
    You should read For The Love by Jen Hatmaker. It's is an awesome book! I just read it a couple of weeks ago when I was in the DR. She's so great!

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @hangambrell_ definitely putting this one on my list! Thanks 😊

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  • Summer time feels 🌊😎☀️ Full disclosure: these are store-bought strawberry popsicles. I did, however, make the effort to garnish with goji berries 😉 #unrefinedliving
    2017-06-20 21:12:53

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @kpaigeramsey it was 😋

    Sophie MacKenzie:
    Love the garnish idea!!

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @wholeheartedeats thanks!

    Barbie Decker:
    Yum! Looks so good and love the goji berries!😋

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    Noah Fecks



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  • Summer is just around the corner, which means books and reading lists 📚 If you don't have your reading list squared away (or if you're like me and always looking for book suggestions), I'm sharing 12 non-fiction books I've read and loved lately. You can get the list at the direct link in my profile. Happy reading✌️#unrefinedliving
    2017-06-17 18:51:04

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    #verilymoment #thatsdarling #thehappynow #f52grams #f52home #beautifulhomes #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #dslooking #thisishome

    Gorgeous! Love it!

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @luxyoga thanks!

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  • ☝️Flavor Bomb Greens N' Noodles, a recipe from the lovely Sarah @mynewroots. Instead of cashews and coconut as a topping, I added teriyaki-glazed tofu and it was spectacular! Sarah's blog has been a huge inspiration for me in my own health food blogging journey. If you haven't heard or followed her already, you need to get on that like right now! Her recipes will blow your mind. I've included the direct link for this recipe in my profile ✌️#unrefinedliving
    2017-06-15 22:08:47

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    #mindbodygram #foodismedicine #eatwellbewell #eatrealfood #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodblogfeed @foodblogfeed #eeeeeats #eattheworld #thekitchn #foodblogger #buzzfeast #yahoofood #gatheringslikethese #huffposttaste #beautifulcuisines #f52grams #verilymoment #foodandwine #yummly #bloglovin #tastingtable #vegetarian #glutenfree #foodphotography #foodstyling #vegan #vegansofig #whatveganseat

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @masterofplasterusa thanks! So proud of my boards 😊

    Ellie Betzen:
    It looks so so good!!!!

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @fromscratch_mostly thank you!

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  • My dad 🔥 pine needles in the smoker. The purpose of a smoker is to calm bees 🐝 That way, the beekeeper can open the beehive and take care of business without worrying about being stung. As I was capturing these pictures, my dad shared the information he learned about bees and beekeeping. It is one of the most fascinating processes I've ever seen. I highly suggest scheduling a visit with a local beekeeper if you want to learn more about them. And for helpful tips on how you can help save bees, check out my post (direct link in profile). 🐝#unrefinedliving
    2017-06-14 21:51:44

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    Backdrops. Trays. Photoprops:

    Beekeepers World:

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @soularty thanks!

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @beekeepersgram thank you!

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  • NEW recipe is on the blog (direct link in profile)! It's my take on a purple hull pea salad. Writing this post was so special for me. It brought back fond memories of my childhood summers. I hope it blesses you, as well 😊#unrefinedliving
    2017-06-12 21:29:27

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    looks amazing👌

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @shegreens thanks!

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @leighweingus thanks! Homemade sourdough is the best 👌

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ De'Janae:

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  • My home: my resting place and my work place - a paradigm shift I'm learning to love. Growing up, I never aspired to have a business or be an entrepreneur. Perhaps I never thought that was even possible for me so I never gave it much credit. Coming from a hard-working middle class family, the 9-5 job seemed like my only option. But something changed once my daughter was born and I found myself falling in love with the idea of working from home. Helping others learn nutrition and find long-term healing through diet has always been a passion of mine, hence the reason for becoming a dietitian. But I always assumed this role was in a hospital setting or an outpatient clinic. Now more than ever, though, I realize how much greater an impact I can have through an online presence and web-based nutrition. I'm so thankful for the day I became a mom to a beautiful baby girl and realized I had to find a way to be with her while still earning an income. She was just what I needed to push my thinking outside the box to discover a better way to work and live. #unrefinedliving
    2017-06-11 23:09:34

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    Amanda Lane Decker:
    So happy you found something you're passionate about and gives you such freedom!

    wonderful words💙

    Ashlyn Petty:
    You are a beautiful person.

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @ashbug7216 thanks Ashlyn 😊

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  • I used to be. The subject of conversation between my husband and me today. For me, I used to be adventurous with a thirst for travel and new experiences. Life's responsibilities have a way of sucking these qualities out, but I realized the only limitation I have is myself. The phrase, I used to be, is limiting in the sense that it assumes the quality possessed in the past cannot also be part of the present. Instead, I realize my thirst for new experiences is still very much who I am now. Yes, we're in a season of getting through school and raising little ones, but even these aren't limitations. They're more like puzzles waiting to be solved. And all I have to do is say yes to the game.
    2017-06-10 22:58:47

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    #mindbodygram #foodismedicine #eatwellbewell #eatrealfood #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodblogfeed @foodblogfeed #eeeeeats #eattheworld #thekitchn #foodblogger #buzzfeast #yahoofood #gatheringslikethese #huffposttaste #beautifulcuisines #f52grams #verilymoment #foodandwine #yummly #bloglovin #tastingtable #vegetarian #glutenfree #foodphotography #foodstyling #dessert #sweets

    Kayla Adams:
    So beautifully said.

    Leigh Weingus:
    Thank you for sharing ❤️

    Kerri Axelrod:
    Great message. We should focus on the present moment

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  • Morning tea ☕️For me, a representation of health and change. Being a former soda junkie, I never thought plain tea could satisfy my intense cravings for sugar and caffeine. But after realizing my taste buds had the ability to adapt and change (who knew), I made the decision for the long haul to cut sodas out completely and have never looked back since. Now, my obsession with tea and all the accessories involved is my (un)guilty pleasure. Whether I'm waking up in the morning, reaching for a pick-me-up in the afternoon, or winding down at night before bed, tea is my go-to beverage. What's even better is I don't have that love-hate relationship with tea like I did with sodas. Tea is 💯 nourishing and delicious! Can't go wrong with that 👌#unrefinedliving
    2017-06-09 23:12:27

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    Lauren Phelps:
    I hope your day is bright and shiny!

    I've stopped drinking soda before, for years at a time. I have no idea why I keep going back to it!

    Sandie Gascon:
    I hope you're having a great day! Just sharing some love

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @sandie.gascon thanks for the love 😊

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  • If you missed the webinar yesterday, Holistic Treatments & PMDD, you can view it now via YouTube (direct link in profile). Big thanks to Amanda LaFleur for being a gracious host, to @giaallemandfdn for making the webinar possible, and to Jenni Kay Long for sharing her expertise! I enjoyed being a part 😊
    2017-06-08 22:38:04

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    #Pmdd #pmddawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #verilymoment #thatsdarling #thehappynow #forageandharvest #bouqet #bouqetflowers #livethelittlethings

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    Gia Allemand Foundation NAPMDD

    fresh tangerine jewelry ✨💎✨

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  • This is the table where all our meals were shared at #fweevents hosted by @evakosmasflores and @careynotcarrie. So much laughter, incredible food, and photo ops were enjoyed here! If you want to see more pictures from this event, head over to the blog (direct link in profile). I have tons of pictures for you 😉
    2017-06-05 22:59:38

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @shegreens thank you!

    Lizzie Streit, MS:
    I seriously love this table scape!

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @its_a_vegworld_afterall definitely not my doing, but I'm thankful I got to capture it 😊

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  • This is by far one of my favorite shots from the #fweevents workshop, a major reason being @evakosmasflores awesome tattoos! And I've now confirmed food always looks better when held 😉 I plan to have a blog post up tomorrow morning with tons of pictures and a short recap of my trip, so be on the lookout ✌️#unrefinedliving
    2017-06-03 18:45:19

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @foodess @annah_todd thank you so much 😊

    Stacy Shaw Maharrey:
    Gorgeous, Kim!!

    Crème au Beurre Pâtisserie:
    Mine as well!!

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @stacyshawmaharrey thank you 😊

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  • This post is for all the ladies! If you struggle with crazy symptoms during that time of the month, I will be chiming in with my friend and holistic psychotherapist, Jenni Kay Long, about holistic treatments for menstrual cycle disorders and PMDD. So mark your calendars Wednesday, June 7th for this FREE webinar hosted by @giaallemandfdn, You can access the link directly and register by clicking the link in my profile. See you there! #unrefinedliving
    2017-06-02 19:33:58

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    #pmdd #pmddawareness #holistictreatment #mindbodygreen #foodismedicine #eatwellbewell #eatrealfood #nutrition #health #nutritionplan #mentalhealth

    Josh Schoen:
    Great Post! 😃

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  • As I said goodbye to everyone at #fweevents and said hello to my husband and daughter, my life transitioned to another world. The best part was getting home and covering my daughter in a million kisses, giving her a bath and putting her down to sleep. Then all I could think about afterward was being in both places at once, among a talented and inspiring group of creatives and among my family. A lofty wish, yes, but I am ever grateful for the opportunity to meet such incredible people and hope to be in a place someday where my creative and family life can collide. BIG thank you to everyone who made this retreat an absolute blast! @evakosmasflores @careynotcarrie @linda_lomelino @maggie_pate @hmmessinger @acalculatedwhisk @masterofplasterusa @brittanyberyl @cremeaubeurre @anisa.sabet @estelaphotography @historiasdelciervo
    2017-06-01 09:09:40

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @estelaphotography yes, until the next one! 😉

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @anisa.sabet thanks Anisa!

    A. Baer:
    This is perfection on a board! 🙌🏼

    Food Structure & Blessings 🍔🍤🍜:

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  • The lovely @linda_lomelino holding a beautiful and equally delicious peach and cornmeal cake at #fweevents. Loving my time here and the amazing people. Can't wait to share more 🤗
    2017-05-28 17:28:25

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @anisa.sabet thank you!

    Estela Giargei Photography:
    What a great image!!!

    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    @estelaphotography thanks Estela!

    Meg Evans || Megann's Kitchen:
    Beautiful capture! Just stunning!!!

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  • NEW post is up on the blog! It's very different from my usual recipe posts, but very relevant to food and how our food is supplied. It's all about honey bees 🐝, the threats they face due to modern agricultural practices, as well as some practical ways YOU can help in the cause right now. Link to the post can be found in my profile ✌️And in other news, I'm leaving for a photography workshop today hosted by @evakosmasflores and @careynotcarrie! There will be many pictures and IG stories to come 🤗
    2017-05-26 11:04:05

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    #mindbodygram #foodismedicine #eatwellbewell #eatrealfood #eeeeeats #eattheworld #thekitchn #foodblogger #buzzfeast #yahoofood #gatheringslikethese #huffposttaste #beautifulcuisines #food52grams #verilymoment #foodandwine #yummly #bloglovin #tastingtable #vegetarian #vegan #farmtotable #savethebees #beekeeping #honeybee #honey #foodethics #gardening

    Pure Honey from Malaysia:
    very nice ..good job!

    Juicery Rx:

    Marcus Tong:
    Incredible ✔️!

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    healthy foodie 👩🏻‍🍳✨

  • Last night we had some friends over and we made a batch of my za'atar spiced crispy potato wedges and they were delicious! The yogurt dip was replaced with good 'ol ketchup and it did not disappoint 😉Recipe can be found at the direct link in profile✌️#unrefinedliving
    2017-05-24 22:01:28

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    Kim Suddeath, MS, RD:
    #mindbodygram #foodismedicine #eatwellbewell #eatrealfood #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodblogfeed @foodblogfeed #eeeeeats #eattheworld #thekitchn #foodblogger #buzzfeast #yahoofood #gatheringslikethese #huffposttaste #beautifulcuisines #food52grams #verilymoment #foodandwine #yummly #bloglovin #tastingtable #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree #potatowedges

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My current prop obsessions: olive wood, fallen flower petals and imperfect shapes/textures. I think this picture beautifully captures each of these elements.