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Enjoying the afternoon and just relaxing with the best company  Hanging around waiting for the sun to go down...
For Halloween pomaigosh wanted to be a mermaid so we took a hike to the mermaid pools Happy Halloween everyone...
Watching the light peak around the corner and light up the sandstone wall in the Narrows If you have a chance to hike it I highly recommend it...
Did a few waterfall hikes this week Unfortunately all the waterfalls we did were dry but today is a new day and its raining nolank808 randomrob vincelimphoto...
Water and air the two essential fluids on which all life depends have become global garbage cans  Jacques Yves CousteauPlease do your part to keep the oceans lands and air clean...
Wanting another sunrise on the water looking at the lava flow Who wants to go...
We are tied to the ocean For whatever we lose it is in the ocean that we find ourselves It stirs our hearts inspires imagination and humbles our soul...
ive been told as you get older you should grow up Ive decided to reject that and embrace life and live in every moment Im excited its the weekend and looking forward to new adventure Maybe another giant swing whos inPC travelwithdaniel...
Watching her swim wild and free Enjoying the ocean and its creatures with samanthapatridge preyswim...
Missing these afternoon hikes to shower off after chasing dolphins at the beach with samanthapatridge...
Who said theres no Autumn in Hawaii Sometimes all it takes is a trip on the road less travelled to notice the colors of Fall...
Exploring the blue and gray canvas of ocean and sharks Who wants to join in...

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