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  • WATCH THIS: Soft egg wrapped in Neapolitan style pizza dough on a bed of truffle ricotta. As I keep saying, @TheParlorDF is one of the coolest pizzerias in the state of NY. 😍🔥 #TheGrubfather #Westchester
    2017-09-20 11:25:39

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    Jeff 🛵 #foodmento:
    What a way to cut into it!

    Tasting Long Island:
    Your vids never cease to amaze

    This has me seriously drooling 🤤

    That is such a cool video

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    Sofia/Bookish Sofia

    J. Cal


    Paula Rosa

  • Pepperoni. Pinwheel. Crusted. Pizza. Say the f#%k what?! @AmericanoPieBar isn't playing with us, Long Island. Their Roni Roll Up is crazy but still packin' great flavor. Cool space too, plan to grab a drink. 🔥🇮🇹🍕 #TheGrubfather #LongIsland
    2017-09-19 22:21:23

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    Wow 😍

    Look at this!!! @helgaz36

    Lauren McDonell:
    @limosjoe um...

    Tasting Long Island:
    This has to be a dream

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    Vanesa Sierra

    Ryan Kiser

    The Whales Tale

    Chicago Food Bella

  • The small Brooklyn neighborhood of Windsor Terrace will always have my heart. It's where I first fell in love with food, became a man after college & launched this entire 'Grubfather' journey. Every time I come back to haunt my old stomping grounds a trip to @BrooklynCommune_ is an essential. I was a waiter here for years and learned the backend of kitchen life from one of my mentors: @ChefChris512, whose fried chicken is the truth. More coming on this spot soon 😏 Stay tuned. 🔥🍗 #TheGrubfather #WindsorTerrace #Brooklyn
    2017-09-19 12:38:54

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    Omg all of this is calling my name

    Jamie Milne:
    This sandwich is everything wow

    Nina Scholl:
    Damn that looks so freakin delish

    Tasting Long Island:
    This is beyond words bro

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    Sydney Foodie - reyn0


    Ronald LeBlanc


  • Tap for outfit II👆@ChefsNewYork's signature spinach pizza comes baked right into a sesame crust. I always go for extra spinach & some heat. My buddy Mike & his family have been in the 🍕 game for awhile and that shows right through in every slice. 🔥You can check out part 1 of this outfit which features a classic cheese slice on my feed. #TheGrubfather #LongIsland #Massapequa
    2017-09-18 16:58:53

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    This looks amazing

    Mara of @mara_yoga:

    Noel Paulino:
    Them loafers on your feet Bro 👞!!! 😍😍

    The fact that the pizza matches your outfit is 👌🏽

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    Jannella Esparza Trebejo


    South Shore Meats

    Noemi Ruggiero || 19

  • #TheGreatNYSummer: 🍎 Crisp. End of the Summer means beginning of Apple season in NY. @MaxwellsIslip is doing it right. 👌🔥🙌 #TheGrubfather #LongIsland
    2017-09-18 09:24:13

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    Catherine Cahill:
    @andrewhiggins53 tommorow night

    Project Poke ⋅ OPEN 11 - 9PM:


    @joe_fuchs omg please

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    👭 @ryanschare & @syd_eisenberg

  • Sometimes I still dream of being lost in Morocco's medinas. Read about my 4 day whirlwind tour of the country with @Contiki at the link in my bio. 👁Lots of new articles coming your way on - Stay tuned. #TheGrubfather #Morocco
    2017-09-17 12:14:09

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    Jamie Milne:
    This is a stunning shot!!

    The Fare Bear:
    That looks like such a beautiful shop

    Fatima Ezzahra:
    You are welcome in Morocco

    Nina Scholl:
    Wow that is so beautiful damn

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    Lydia Kopsa


    Maynard Bauduin

  • #TheGreatNYSummer: Tap for outfit 👆 @Vittorios_Italian_Steakhouse has never let me down & the fact that they're using real, hand-chopped steak to create a sick Philly cheesesteak made it even better. Grubfather tip? Add spicy Italian peppers for heat. 🔥🇮🇹🍴As far as the threads? Cool & casual with a Riot Society tee - Converse on the feet are always a good choice . #TheGrubfather #LongIsland
    2017-09-16 16:01:41

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    Jamie Milne:
    Omg yum! This looks so good!

    The Fare Bear:
    As an Italian this makes me cry tears of joy

    Zach Nicolaou:
    That shirt though >>>

    Nina Scholl:
    This is a cool shot love t

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    Abdullah Faiq

    Tasting Long Island


  • #TheGreatNYSummer: I go to Hawaii once a year so when I heard Long Island finally got its first poke joint it was only a matter of time before I swung by. @KaiPoke_LongIsland delivered some 🔥 in my custom built bowl: Naked salmon, spicy salmon, seaweed & crab salad + avocado - spicy mayo & wasabi aioli on the drizz. If you're on LI and haven't tried poke before, this is a noble place to start. 🤙🌊🐟 #TheGrubfather #LongIsland #PokeBowl
    2017-09-15 11:19:19

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    There's also Shiny Coffee Healthy Poke in Hicksville.

    Long Island Healthy Eats:

    Food enthusiast from Tucson:
    That's a sweet looking bowl!😋

    Jamie Milne:
    Wow I want this now!!

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    a m a n d a • n i c o l e


    Olga Ku

    Aniket Redkar.

  • #TheGreatNYSummer: Ever have a surf n turf sandwich? Fresh Maine lobster, tender filet mignon, caramelized onions & house made cheese sauce make this bad boy one for the books. Pricey? Yeah. Worth it? You bet. Either way, I love this place! 🔥🙌🍔 #TheGrubfather #LongIsland @TheRexBurgerandLobster
    2017-09-14 10:40:56

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    This looks amazing!!! 😍😍😍


    When I'm rich, I'll eat this every day. Nuff said.

    @beach2bluegrass @alex_camp3ell @brooksairbrushstudio @manbearpigmav @bluegrasswanderlust

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    Patric Rockley


    Vijayta ☯

    Lucy ➰

  • #TheGreatNYSummer: Tap for outfit 👆 @ChefsNewYork is a vibe, man. 🍕Outta control pizza & a chill ambiance always makes for a solid win. Also, changing seasons means new threads & I'm ampppped to start breaking out my Fall gear. 👁 #TheGrubfather #LongIsland #DailyPizza
    2017-09-12 19:47:44

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    Tasting Long Island:
    That is what I need today

    can't beat a giant slice of the clothing detail too!

    @nataliaccolares so pela cara ja sei q amooo

    Natália Colares:
    @juliacolares eu tbb top. Nosso estilo

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    Juliana Picon

    Sonia Grieco

    Skyroam 📶🌎🌍🌏✈️🚗🎢

    Carlene Leitzy

  • #TheGreatNYSummer: I love the North Fork. Farm fresh produce, the open road & lots of wine... What more could you need? Daniela & I stumbled into this little gem called Farm Country Kitchen where we noshed on this incredible lavender-goat cheese, berry & balsamic crostini. Gorgeous flavor. 👌🙌 #TheGrubfather #LongIsland #NorthFork
    2017-09-12 12:39:36

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    Bio Zoi:
    LUV THIS!!

    fucking gorgeous picture!


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    Kendra Scott

    Lizbeth Bello

  • #TheGreatNYSummer CONTEST: I'm a firm believer that getaways are good for the soul. I want to hook one of you up with a complimentary dinner for two at Volpe Restaurant & a one night stay + breakfast at the Inn at Fox Hollow (all located on the same property). Want to win? Enter by following @TheGrubfather + @InnatFoxHollow, like this post and tag 3 friends in the comments. Winner will be announced within a week. Dinner & stay valid for weekend redemption pending on availability. Ready, set, goooo! 🙌💯👜 #TheGrubfather #LongIsland
    2017-09-11 18:50:55

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    @ccsully5 @suesulli58

    💞🐇🐒🐞 🌺🌈💒:
    We had our wedding at the Fox last year, it was a bittersweet day as my husband was unable to have both his parents with us.... his mom passed from cancer in 2010 and his dad was diagnosed a few months before the wedding and became unable to join us. It would be great to celebrate our one year in a happier/calm atmosphere... right ladies? @strwbrryblnde @dressagecowgirl22 @chellbelle3 @ittybittykitty42 and honestly, who doesn't love the Fox Hollow (@foxhollowcatering) and Volpe (@volperestaurant )?? Xoxo

    @jtigue23 @acohen1877 @gina_marieeee 💜💙💚💛❤️

    Jaclynne Castellano:
    Has a winner been chosen yet? Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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    Arthur Fufidio

    Beyond Seattle Eats

  • #TheGreatNYSummer: Tap for outfit. 👉 Also let's talk about this chicken noodle soup. Since I was out in Westchester I had to hit up @ChefDiBari's brainchild, @TheCookery. That's where I found this thick cut radiatore pasta with a chicken soup sauce. Unreal! I devoured this in about 3 minutes flat. 🙌🔥💯 #TheGrubfather #Westchester
    2017-09-09 11:24:51

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    @cmgarz 😛

    Jamie Milne:
    Love this shot sal! Wow

    Ele Creel:
    The food looks just amazing as the city itself.... Beautiful, authentic.

    Noemaris Figueroa:
    @thekfiggz the place in Dobbs ferry!

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    Monica B.

    antonia kousparis

    Jamie Milne

    Alyssa Meredith

  • #TheGreatNYSummer: FRIED ITALIAN CALZONE. 🔥 Kickin' it with my bro Chef DiBari is always an... experience. He's at the helm of two insane joints but @TheParlorDF holds a special place in my heart for its inventive, rock n' roll savagery. Make the trip to Westchester, well worth it. 🇮🇹💯🍕 #TheGrubfather #Westchester #Calzone
    2017-09-08 17:35:54

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    Really fried calzone!? Omg I need this 😂

    Jamie Milne:
    This Pizza is the most delish yum!

    Josephine Soares:
    I'm dead that it says "I'm fried" on the napkin 🤣🤣🤣

    Life's beautiful:
    Wowwww looks so yummmm

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    Вкусные подарки от foodcool

    Tabitha Kardelis

    Sateenmuru Travels

    조현진 🌙

  • #TheGreatNYSummer: Drop the lobster roll, pick up the lobster grilled cheese. 👊 Big things on the horizon for @ViennaOfRoslyn as they gear up for their official opening. The lounge (whose name pays homage to Long Island legend Billy Joel) is a beautiful space to kick it while crushing drinks & grub. I'm already imagining many reckless nights here. 🔥 #TheGrubfather #LongIsland
    2017-09-07 12:28:55

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    That bread looks good af

    Sabrina McManus:
    @carolineboliek @ehannahh

    Noemaris Figueroa:

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    Cornish Kombucha

    Yasser Sinjab

  • 🎥🇮🇹 WATCH THIS: INSIDE A CAPELLINI CAKE - This fried pasta dish is always a winner. I've seen them ravaged at parties & passed around at my families' dinner table. @RobkesCountryInn has 'em first come first serve - you pick your sauce. Go vodka. Recipe video coming soon. 👌🇮🇹🔥 #TheGrubfather #LongIsland #TheGreatNYSummer
    2017-09-06 20:57:50

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    Lick Island™ 🍕:
    I really, really, really want to go here!

    Salvatore DiBenedetto:
    @philissim0 hey man! Congrats! You won one of the gift cards to Robke's! DM me for details.

    Salvatore DiBenedetto:
    @maximiliantrunz hey dude! Congrats! You won a gift card to Robkes. DM me for details.

    Salvatore DiBenedetto:
    @chrstiie hey! Congrats! You won a gift card to Robke's! Shoot me a DM to redeem.

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    nguyễn anh

    Caroline Schaefer

  • #TheGreatNYSummer: To me, black squid ink pasta & spicy seafood sauce is more than food, it's a full representation of my Southern Italian roots. Any spot that can properly execute this dish has my heart and NOBLE did the damn thing. Homemade bucatini, crab, lobster, chili, garlic - the real deal. Don't forget to start the meal with a chicken parm pizza 😜🇮🇹🔥🍝 #TheGrubfather @NobleKitchenCocktailsOceanside #LongIsland #Oceanside
    2017-09-06 10:25:51

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    Cristina Gallo:
    I will make it @arielr22 @kris.myyellow

    Erin Buchanan:
    I thought WORMS at first - goes with GRUBFATHER! :-D

    Tiff Toro:
    @jackikap we're going.

    Laura Reilly:

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    Jeanne Fenelon

    Seth Schafer

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  • #TheGreatNYSummer: Truth be told, I didn't know much about Dominican food before @PuntaCanaGrill. What I've found since is a Caribbean cuisine loaded with flavor that's savory & approachable. I'd mark this spot as an essential fast-casual joint in #LongIsland. 👌🇩🇴🔥 #TheGrubfather #Dominican
    2017-09-05 19:12:11

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    @thegrubfather did @puntacanagrill takeout for dinner 2 nights ago, and it was delicious. Being of Carribean herritage this meal did not dissapoint. I look forward to having many more meals from this restaurant.

    Type-A Explorations:
    Caribbean food holds such a special place in my heart.... and stomach

    Lick Island™ 🍕:
    I want all of this right now!

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    Jami Melton

    Happy 🎀🐾

    Lucky To Live Here Realty


  • WATCH THIS: Mozzarella madness! 🇮🇹 I know whenever I'm kickin' it with my cousins over at @LocalePatchogue there's bound to be a ton of mozzarella involved. From their insane lasagna to whole milk fried mozz, you really just can't go wrong here. 🧀🔥 #TheGrubfather #LongIsland #TheGreatNYSummer
    2017-09-04 10:53:17

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    Type-A Explorations:
    My mouth is literally watering

    Nevena Savic:

    Dania Ledesma:
    😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 @jstayfit

    Nikki Doll 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇹🇼🇯🇵Mixture 🤗:
    omggggg mmm!!!!!

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    Jennie Moellering


    Rhiannon O'Callaghan

    Y-o-h-a-n surain.

  • #TheGreatNYSummer: Well, I can now cross off chillin' with Alpacas from the bucket list. ✔️ @BuckBrookAlpacas is a great farm tour to add to your itinerary in these parts, especially if you're an animal lover. #TheGrubfather #SullivanCatskills
    2017-09-03 20:46:56

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    Morgan Outdoors:
    You're a natural!

    Shirsendu Banerjee:

    The name of the hairdresser ?

    Mutya Hadi:

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    Camacho's NYC

    stacey forman

    Sara Brown


WATCH THIS: Soft egg wrapped in Neapolitan style pizza dough on a bed of truffle ricotta. As I keep saying, @TheParlorDF is one of the coolest pizzerias in the state of NY. 😍🔥 #TheGrubfather #Westchester