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  • avocado toastess with the mostess . diy avocado toast party isn't a party until you start poppin' bottles with @infatuation and @starbucks #coldbrew #nowinabottle #ad
    2017-07-20 13:01:05

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    It's like something from a dream 😍😍😍

    Drooling ( :

    Wendy 🌟🐶:

    Oriwa Reid Lockyer:

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  • love your shape? good. wanna change your shape? good. hate your shape but you're sitting on the couch eating double decker pizza nachos? 🤔 . shape-trained mini 🥒 grown by @riverford, via @melissasproduce
    2017-07-18 21:34:39

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    Recipe Dev|PChef|Cooking Class:
    @thedelicious those of I am aware of... But this is something completely new to me.. Imagine no cookie cutter work and just shapes :)

    Goldberg's Famous Bagels:
    So cute!!

    Shan 💕:
    What?!! 😍😍😍😍😍🙌

    Like it 👍👍👍

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    Daily Bread Yoga - Mids UK

  • raise your hand if five out of seven nights a week you stand bent over your kitchen counter eating straight up chips and guac for dinner while a scrolling through instagram . ummm 👀🤔🙋🏻... the other two nights, I go out for dinner... and STILL EAT STRAIGHT UP CHIPS AND GUAC for dinner 🤔🙄😂 . ps these housemade tortillas, chips, and fresh guacamole are on the patio at plant-based gracias madre, which is one of the restaurants participating in #dineLA over the next couple of weeks, and is also one of the few #dineLA menus that feature @CA_avocados 😮 anyone wanna hit up the rest of the avocado menus with me? 🥑😛 . . .
    2017-07-17 16:11:24

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    Sarah J. Gim:
    @iamjustjaaay 😮 ummmmmm. you win 💯🏆👑🙇🏼‍♀️

    The Health Food Edition:
    You have a great profile! 😄

    J. Medina:
    I love your pics I'm blessed to have come across it. 🇺🇸

    Shan 💕:
    Yes but it never looks this pretty!! #captionqueensarah

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  • as you look ahead to the coming week, remember that 92% of the time, you regret the plans you make to go out and interact with real people and wish you had just stayed home in your dirty yoga clothes eating nachos by yourself. schedule accordingly. . summer farmers market nachos with avocado, black beans, roasted corn, a bunch of other delicious little things, and nectarine pico de gallo
    2017-07-16 20:45:46

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    Beth Kimball:

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @erinukelly 🤜🏼🤛🏼

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @beachy_kisses yay thank you glad you love it!

    Food Steez:

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  • Grilled Avocado, Lobster, and Corn on the Cobb Salad Party Board with Avocado Goddess Dressing . because it's summer and because it's almost the weekend, I wrote up this recipe to celebrate @ca_avocados as the perfect ingredient for all-summer, all-weekend-long entertaining. MORE PICS and complete recipes for salad and the Avocado Goddess dressing that is now my FAV FAV FAV EVER obvs on the link in profile . #ad #CAavocados #UnitedPlates . side note: yes, i know some of you know of my mortal fear of cooking one of the ingredients in this recipe 😶 but i will share the story of cooking live lobster another day 😂 . . .
    2017-07-13 15:53:04

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    Cooking with Cocktail Rings:
    Craving all of this 😍😍😍

    dylan 🍟:
    Love how the butter bowls echo the eggs 💯

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @cookingwithcocktailrings make it! make it!

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @dylanjawless 👀🍳👀

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  • go fig or go home . almond milk ricotta toast with figs, pistachios, summer herbs, olive oil balsamic and salt
    2017-07-11 15:38:29

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    Shan 💕:
    Honestly?! How do you come up with all these fun captions and compositions?! #respect #genius

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @the.real.shan thank you! 🙌🏼🙏🏼honestly though sometimes don't you sit there with the post for like 45 minutes trying to come up with a caption and you also have to text three friends for ideas and validation?! no? just me? ok. 😂

    Shan 💕:
    @thedelicious lol Sarah, EXACTLY! At this point, I need to find some new friends...😳🤣 love what you do, keep inspiring 🙌💕

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  • #65 on the list of 94 Things to EatDrinkDo for Summer17: D R I N K F R O S É . (rooftop poolside, full moonrise at sunset, not required, but damn if it doesn't make it so much better)
    2017-07-09 21:13:00

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    Sarah J. Gim:
    @shannevagabond soooooon! 💗🌸💖

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @farmerjohnla bacon brunch and frosé...? 😊

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @williamssonoma let's make some. i'm pretty sure you have all the necessary equipment 🤔😛😂

    Williams Sonoma:
    @thedelicious always. 👍🏻😉

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  • heading into the weekend with all kinds of options 🤔 . i don't know why we need all these options when all i ever want is ALWAYS avo on avo. but for some reason we have been brainwashed into thinking 💭 that having more options is better and that maybe there's something better than the option you thought you carefully chose and what it eventually does is throw you into an analysis paralysis and then the bagel you wanted is gone . whole grain bagels with: 🍓🍯 almond milk cream cheese 🍅🌿 🐟 🍋 and capers 🥕lox and dill 🍳on 🥑 🥒🌿 🥑 on 🥑💚 🍉radish and pickled onions black and bloobs
    2017-07-07 16:10:50

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    Sarah J. Gim:
    @sofitti love all the colors! ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @carmienutri and happy monday to you!

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @5280fitfoodie can ya leave just one for me tho? 😛🤣

    @thedelicious why on earth does life have to be like that?! 😬

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  • why does it always seem like no matter how far you trekked to the farmers market last weekend, how much of your life savings you blew on fresh produce, how long it took to wash, peel, and meal prep, how geniusly you replicated three different restaurant vinaigrettes, no matter that you HAVE all the components of THE PERFECT summer greens and grain bowl ready to roll RIGHT NOW in your frig AT HOME, it doesn't sound as good as GOING OUT to get the EXACT SAME BOWL @sweetgreen ?! . y tho 🤔 . yyyyy 🙄 . omg omega bowl and thai watermelon 🍉 salad ... sweetgreen now open in downtown LA your perfectly meal-prepped ingredients at home will hate you
    2017-07-06 21:45:50

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    Sarah J. Gim:
    @rungryhealthcoach yes they are! 😜

    Debbie Barrett Stevens:
    The hardest part of eating healthy is all the prep before you sit down and eat it! When you are very limited on energy and funds, it can be next to impossible if you don't have the support.

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @dstevens5573 and let's be real, prep ain't as bad as the CLEANUP! 😂😂😂

    Jackie - Gluten Free Follow Me:
    So good!!

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  • nectarine tomato basil and tofu - at what point can you no longer call it caprese?
    2017-06-30 17:00:01

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    At the point of Tofu ~ Italians would shudder 👾

    emily rindner:

    Let's do it @emily.rindner

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  • avocado to infinity
    2017-06-27 16:24:07

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    Nicole Mirkof:
    Sarah, this is so awesome!! I know this is super random but I'm a casting associate with Gordon Ramsay's new show on FOX called The F Word. I'm looking for someone with amazing knife skills, and honestly I think it may be you! If it is, I would love to talk to you about an opportunity I'm casting. DM me for details!

    Jen Bruckert:
    @alextieacabletoatree @scarletbg1

    Ma Tansils Foods:
    #MaTansils nice Knife work


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  • roll and bowl your own 🍣🍚🍱 . sashimi, sushi, handroll, and my bro's world famous poké
    2017-06-25 16:47:34

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    Sarah J. Gim:
    @thefeistykitchen well that's just the best comment i've seen all day 🤜🏼🤛🏼

    Leigh Bullock:

    Ailsa Cutler:

    Jonathan James:
    @ailsaah yummm

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  • too bad we found soup noods in jackson hole now i don't have an excuse to move here and open a place myself . more from dinner in stories
    2017-06-24 22:25:26

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    Sarah J. Gim:
    @cailinzhang_hahaha i think it's similar...? rice noodles in clear broth base!

    @thedelicious Yes, There are many kinds of flavors in China. We often eat them

    Sauced Pasta Bar:

    Teresa Lynch:
    @thedelicious @tacomato for any hard avocado place in paper bag at least for 24 hours! You will be pleased!!!

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  • love this cuuute Italian place with a wood grill in Jackson that bro found! salmon, prawns, and veges for the girls, steaks for the boys, pasta, pasta, pasta and wine all around @gloriettajackson
    2017-06-21 21:33:38

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    Sarah J. Gim:
    @erinukelly aaaaah! thank you!

    Le Parfait:
    That moment when you don't want to share your food, but you also really really want to try other people's food 🙋🏻


    April Thomas:
    That looks amazing!

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    Tyler Isaac



    Just A Gala Apple 🍎

  • breakfast of champagnes . GOT CARDED! best birthday ever! then i looked at myself in the mirror: no makeup hat all denim i look like an 11 year old cowboy i can't win . . .
    2017-06-21 14:15:13

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    Victor Agreda:
    Lolol HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Cool place to visit!

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @julesfood summer babies!

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @superpixel5 thank you! so cool (literally?) 😛 love it!

    Wilma Zwart:
    Congratulations!! 🍷🍷😘

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  • nature safari led by @fightingextinction! . in wyoming for birthday week and went on a little adventure to see wildlife 🦌🐻🐏🐿 and other amazing natural wonders, Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, and waterfalls. when you head up this way, if you want an amazing tour of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, find @fightingextinction, who also leads rare expeditions through the Amazon and Borneo... check out his profile for more . grand prismatic spring 📸: @lumadeline waterfall 📸: my lil sis all wildlife 📸: @fightingextinction . . .
    2017-06-20 17:00:01

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    @thedelicious I would LOVE to! On horseback in the Rocky Mountains, Oregon and north Cali. It's on the bucket list! 😍😍

    Victoria Verlezza:
    Whoa. Awe inspiring

    Madeline Lu:

    useyourwords - Ashleigh Maia:

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  • @livestrong_com and i made a cute pixelating avocado video! follow them on facebook or instagram for more! .
    2017-06-18 22:04:56

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    ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Pour Femme:
    thedelicious Just loving this a lot.✨💖

    Adrian Stinardo:
    This is so stupid

    Nicole 🔮🎀:

    Ohhhh, I could eat that right now!! Yum yum yum!!

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    Simona 은진희 (it's 3) 대충 한쿡사람


    Jacky 🌵

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  • fam dinn by lil sissy 😍 . roasted radishes + garlic sautéed spinach and mushrooms + cucumber salad + pan sautéed kimchi doobs + roasted sesame broccoli + garlic brown butter pork chops
    2017-06-15 21:07:30

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    Sarah J. Gim:
    @janetgiesser it's been a complicated week 😛 but i'm making up for it like you wouldn't believe... 🥑🥑🥑😂

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @neyomi_eats lil sissies are the best!

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @chakraproject @odin_the_wheaton YES roasting radishes brings out their sweetness! and "doobs" is our shorthand for "dooboo" aka tofu 😛

    Sarah J. Gim:
    @ericswenson15 if not you, who

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  • berry berry niiiiice
    2017-06-15 16:35:48

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    Sarah J. Gim:
    @mr_fastlife only you and me 😜

    Frankie And The Buttons:
    So pretty ❤💛💜

    Tasty Peppers:
    @thedelicious wish I had more space to grow them, already got Autumn Bliss and Goldfall.


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avocado toastess with the mostess . diy avocado toast party isn't a party until you start poppin' bottles with @infatuation and @starbucks #coldbrew #nowinabottle #ad