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**First off! I apologize for the constant updating and reposting about commissions; I want to find the commission system that works best for me. Thank you. - Before, I had commission sheets with set prices but I thought that with this type of commission setup, price can be determined based off of my current supplies, type of art/media and both artist and customer circumstance. I figured this specific setup would be much more convenient for me and especially the customer. ▪If you want to commission me, please read the whole caption of this post before asking to commission so you're informed. (I also consider taking a look at some of my art posts for examples.) And if you then decide you want to, DM me. ▪Though you can name your price, I do have some say over it. If you want something simpler, itll be a lower price. If you want something more elaborate, which will require more, it'll be higher in price. (which im sure makes sense.) ▪I will require payment first as to avoid people getting art w/o paying. If I end up not being able to do the commission for certain reasons after you've already paid me, I can discuss what to do further with the commissioner. ▪If we do not know eachother (aka, cannot pay and exchange in person), then payments will have to be made via paypal. -Unfortunately, I can't mail off any commissions as of now, but that may change at some point. Feel free to come back here to check sometimes if that has changed if a physical print or drawing is what you want to commission for. ▪I ask that anyone who's expecting a commission to be patient. If I'm busy or things are going on, I may not have consistent time to work on your commission. And if that happens, I will try to contact the customer about it to keep them informed. ▪If there's any arguement over anything involving commissions, I will not do business with you and simply block you. I won't dispute about how I do my commissions, that simple. If you have any issues about anything, I'd prefer you to take it up with me privately and professionally. **If you have any further questions about commissions, feel free to comment or DM me about it #LRHcommission