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  • Can you spot Nori?! 🐾🐾 . I'm loving all of your entries to my Shoutout Party 🎉🎉 In case you missed it: For a chance to be featured on my page, show me how you party ~ vegan style! . To enter, simply: ✨Create your own Party Platter or repost any of my platters ✨Tag @raw_manda and #rawmandapartytime in the caption ✨Shoutouts will start this week! . I can't wait to discover new accounts, recognize the talents of my current followers and most importantly, connect with like-minded people! 👫👭👬 Let's get this party started!!!
    2017-09-18 15:01:52

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    Amanda✨Vegan Food + Lifestyle:
    @delicious_and_healthy_by_maya 😂😂😂😋

    Amanda✨Vegan Food + Lifestyle: hahahah will do!!!

    Amanda✨Vegan Food + Lifestyle:
    @tanjasfitnesslifestyle 💛💛💛

    Who's licking😂😉💚💚💚

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    Maria Yano


    Avo 🥑 Alice

  • SPRINKLES are a girl's best friend 🍦@amandalle
    2017-09-16 09:31:34

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    Nisha / Vegan / NYC:
    Omg this is too cute! What an amazing fun photo of you!

    Jorgie Franco Fan Page:
    Too Dope!!


    Juice me up:
    🌈🌈🌈love the colours🌈🌈🌈

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    Anna Birgitta Lagerquist

    Theresa Redick

  • Sprinkles make the world a better place✨ I finally made it to the @museumoficecream 🍦and the sprinkle pool was LIT 🔥 . Can you spot the smiley face in the 3rd photo? #swipeleft . ICYMI ~ I'm hosting a shoutout party! Check out my last post for details! 😘 #rawmandapartytime
    2017-09-15 15:44:32

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    Ⓥ Liz | OC 🍊| CSUF 🐘🌳:

    Amanda✨Vegan Food + Lifestyle:
    @theonlycatzzz 💛💛💛

    Amanda✨Vegan Food + Lifestyle:
    @the_blonde_sugarbomb 😘😘😘

    Amanda✨Vegan Food + Lifestyle:
    @elavegan 😘😘😘

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    Diana Laura Mena📍🇲🇽


    Ricardo Pérez

  • Party Platter Shoutout! 🎉🎉 For a chance to be featured on my page, show me how you party ~ vegan style! . To enter, simply: ✨Create your own Party Platter or repost any of my platters ✨Tag @raw_manda and #rawmandapartytime in the caption ✨Shoutouts will start in one week! . I can't wait to discover new accounts, recognize the talents of my current followers and most importantly, connect with like-minded people! 👫👭👬 Now let's get this party started!!!
    2017-09-13 14:23:55

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    Plant-based living, UK🌻:
    @raw_manda I've given it a go!! 🙈 I was inspired by your heart shaped one to use my heart shaped chopping board to assemble my fruit on- thanks for the inspiration!! 💛♥️🍎🍑🥝👅😍

    Beverley Noseworthy, RD:
    Love it! Beautiful work of edible art! 🎨😍😋

    •Lia Finkelshtein•:
    היא מושלמת @shacharrosen

    Rachel | Plant based | Fitness:
    Wow this is such an awesome idea!! Love it!! 😀💖💖

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    King ROYGBIV

    Masc Aurèle


    Laurel Cluthe

  • & No Speciesism 🐹🐰🐶🐱🐮🐷🐼🐣 We must pull together in solidarity. We must see each other, hear each other and treat each other with compassion. Discrimination based only on differences of race, gender, sexual orientation and species membership will only contribute to more suffering in this world. Let us respond to hate with love, violence with peace and divide with unity✨ #weareone
    2017-09-11 18:36:00

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    Love every single word ❤

    Y E S 😻🖤🙌

    Vegans Of Manila By Jaq A:
    Yes, we need to spread more love!

    Kara Mae:
    Yasssss 🙌🏽💕🎉

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    Sam O'Brien

    Emily Lichtenwald

  • Thoughts and prayers going out to all those affected by the recent natural disasters. Please stay safe 💐 . . 📷@wrightkitchen
    2017-09-08 20:04:55

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    Laura I 21 | German:
    Babe would you like to meet up in LA next week and grab lunch together?💓


    Dr. Mona Taher:
    It's a nice picture

    /veganboy/ 16yo:
    I would be so happy if you can reply to my DM Amanda❤️ It's something that's really important for me and would like to know your opinion☺️ @raw_manda

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    Judy Pacione

    Alyssa ❤️👑


    Stephanie Boesch

  • Guacamole or Salsa? 🥑💃🏻
    2017-09-03 18:17:23

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    All of it!


    Alia 🍒:
    This spread looks awesome 🙌


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    Walaa Yıldırım🇸🇾

    Tattoos Tatuajes Granada



  • Left or Right? 🤔 It's a tough decision for me so I'm just gonna go with both 🙃 📷 @ps.ny
    2017-08-31 17:49:50

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    I'm Bored Let's Eat:
    BOTH please😍

    Tam Bam 🍗🌱:

    ✨🌱Bethany Wissink 🌱✨:
    This looks phenomenal! I'd love it if you would check out my page, and follow if you like the content! ☺️✨👍💕💙

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    Michelle Renney

    M E L V A


    Tam Bam 🍗🌱

  • to be human is to be broken and broken is its own kind of beautiful✨ @rmdrk
    2017-08-29 17:48:38

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    Katarina Miklec:
    @raw_manda really cant bealive you were in Croatia

    Vida Wein:
    What an impeccable photo so reflective of the human condition 💕💜 @raw_manda 💚💚

    These figs! Haven't seen any here yet but I'm craving them in a major way! 😍

    Naturelle by Natalia:
    Mmm, so loving figs!

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    Mona Chmeis


    Emilie Thornelius Volder

  • This Sunday Funday I'm sharing 10 things about me! 🙋🏻 1. I get very anxious about posting photos of myself 🙈but believe it helps people make a deeper connection when they see a face behind the message. 2. I'm extremely shy around strangers. It takes me awhile to warm up to new people but I really love making new friends 👯 3. Music makes my heart full ❤️🎶 I always carry a speaker with me and enjoy sharing the experience with others. Music festivals are my happy place. 4. I am 100% Vietnamese. It was very hard giving up my mom's cooking when I first became vegan. She now modifies her recipes for me 🤗 5. I love sunlight ☀️ It has such a huge effect on my mood. I need all of the blinds in my apartment to be open first thing in the morning. 6. I'm the queen of bojangling. 👑 I like to lounge around after my showers and take my sweet time doing everything. It's usually a very long process to get me out the door. 7. I'm obsessed with wearing glitter on my face👩🏼‍🎤Glitter makes everyone happy and I love to leave a little sparkle wherever I go 💫  8. I don't like to wear dresses👗🙅🏻 Collared shirts make me feel weird and uncomfortable. I probably wear jean shorts 90% of the time. 9. I always overpack. I'll end up wearing the same 2 shorts but I'll stick pack 10 other pairs just in case🎒💼👜 10. I have one small tattoo on my stomach✨ I plan to get vegan written on my wrist but I'm terrified of needles.  Now that I've shared this I might need to finally get it! . Thank you for reading and to @rainbowplantlife and @fitness_bianca for the nomination to share 10 things about me! I'd love to get to know YOU better!💛✨ What are some fun facts that describe you?!
    2017-08-27 15:07:01

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    Amanda✨Vegan Food + Lifestyle:
    @plantbased_ada awww you're too sweet! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Amanda✨Vegan Food + Lifestyle:
    @delicious_and_healthy_by_maya awww me too! Hahahah yayyyy I love finding similarities with my Insta fam❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Sarah Holst Nielsen:
    You are adorable and an inspiration :) thank you for you motivation 🙏🏼 keep that sparkle 💫✊🏼

    Check out this profile 💙---» @cosmo.surfer

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    Laura 👁

    Mihail Bulgakov🔝Live in Samal🏝

  • Frozen chocolate dipped 🍌's . I can't think of a better summer treat and well chocolate makes everything better right? ☀️ These pretty little babies are from the gorgeous @elsas_wholesomelife cookbook!✨ Ellie is constantly inspiring me with incredible photography, styling and creativity. I can't wait to dive into her recipes this weekend!🏄🏻‍♀️ What are your weekend plans?!
    2017-08-25 14:31:44

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    😍😍😍😍🙌 omg! Love it!

    Alia 🍒:
    so cool will have to try this for my little one

    Nyttigt Rättvisemärkt Hållbart:

    Jenny Radnai:
    @apes_hill you inspo😘

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    Jazmine W.


    Joanne Jansen

    Jeanness Chan

  • Nourish your body with plants. Be kind to animals and the planet 🌿🌎 . Tag some friends that you'd share this with! 👯 #wereinthistogether
    2017-08-23 11:09:39

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    Deliciously Vegan:
    This is one of the most beautiful spreads I have ever seen! 😍

    Amanda✨Vegan Food + Lifestyle:
    @deliciously.vegan1 aww you're too kind!!!💛

    Bee Healthy:

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    Mabel Méndez Liberato.⋆☾

    Josefine Egeriis

    🥝 Sano Cibarsi

    Mili Haykin

  • 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 WOW! Who saw the eclipse today?! Where did you watch it from? My heart is so full of love and gratitude for Mother Nature! 💫 . Pink coconut smoothie ~ 1 dragon fruit (pink flesh), 2 frozen bananas, 1 cup coconut yogurt, topped off with frozen berries, shredded coconut, hemp seeds and figs🌴
    2017-08-21 19:39:48

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    Absolutely beautiful , Foodart 🌸


    Alia 🍒:
    love this coconut bowl

    @molly_neuwin follow her for vegan ideas

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    KOMO la lluvia en verano


    kettzsha paola

    Kate + Kali

  • Nature's beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude 💐 What does this picture make you feel?✨ . There is so much love radiating from this image, it makes me feel so thankful to be alive🙏🏼 One of my all time favorite captures🌸 @floretflower
    2017-08-18 12:18:45

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    Magic Tree:
    This picture is incredible I'm so in love with flowers!!

    evelyn mendoza:
    Como estas Amanda✨Vegan Food + Lifestyle, para pegar ZUM –ZUM @jelozmusic imagino algo que nos pasara a todos escúchala y CONOCELO en Instagram @jelozmusic


    Marine Elda ♓♌:
    @ohjiggy yesssss <3

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    Jaime Sellers Helgeson


    Nicole Thibeault


  • Did you remember to #treatyoself today?🌸 I did this morning with a gorgeous bouquet💐 from the farmers market (and couldn't pass up taking a picture on this PINK staircase) 💘 Check out my stories to see what other gems I found there today 🤗 . Dock Boots: @willsveganshoes
    2017-08-16 16:59:39

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    Marta Mochnacki:

    Beautiful 😍


    Sarah Elena Timpe:
    Great pic

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    . . Eva 🙋 l Germany

    Fashion &stuff


    margoux_x com_fashion

  • Rice Noodle Rainbow Bowl 🌈 Hope you had a great start to your week!! ✨This combination of cooked and raw plant-based yumminess really hit the spot 🎯tempeh, avocado, bell peppers, rice noodles, mango, raw kraut, carrots, cabbage, cilantro and crushed peanuts 🥜 with a side of peanut sauce!
    2017-08-14 18:01:27

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    @jayeffdoubleyew more

    Art By Catania:

    Sam Muhnahlow:
    Look @sincerelystellamarie

    Sincerely, Stella Marie:
    @cookiesforrex yesss this looks delicious!

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    . . Eva 🙋 l Germany

    Fashion &stuff

  • Eat food that loves you back 💛✨
    2017-08-12 11:15:26

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    Golden like! 👍👍😍

    Ꭺlehira Ꮹ. Ꭱomero:

    Ꭺlehira Ꮹ. Ꭱomero:

    Naturelle by Natalia:
    Wow! Loving the quote and the shot!

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    Marisa Femia

    naramani lyric

  • Are you a plant lover?🌿 This space is pure magic!!! 🍃🌱We put ceiling hooks in this week for our new macrame plant hangers! Feeling super inspired✨ @wildernisamsterdam @bintihome
    2017-08-10 11:42:11

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    LaVonda Branch:
    I love this. How do you water those in the ceiling @raw_manda ?

    TheVegan NourishmentConsultant:
    Heavenly perfection! All the air purifiers you could want! 😍 Stunning space

    Cindy Samoht:

    Ronja • Vegan • Blackforest:

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    Roaya J. Khalaf


    Teffa Vega🌻✌

    Amanda Meixner

  • Create healthy habits✨The way I start my mornings plays heavily on what my decisions are throughout the day. I'm NOT a morning person by any means, but if I get up for a work out first thing my productivity is through the roof compared to what it is when I don't 📈 The same applies for what I eat in the morning! I eat fruits for optimal digestion but if I were to start with something processed for example the chances that I reach for something bad later is very likely😐 Thankfully, each and every day we have the opportunity to start fresh✨ . P.S!!! THANKS for the positive vibes and thoughtful comments you left yesterday!!! I'm still responding to everyone, but know that I appreciate each one of you for supporting me!!! You all know how to make a girl feel very, very LOVED!!! 💛💛💛
    2017-08-09 11:56:20

    Comments (211)
    Emily Kersey (Vu):
    What kind of dog do you have? Looks just like mine!!!

    Platynowe Szparagi:


    Jayne R., Vegan‼️🌱🍎🍋🍉🍅☘️🍀🍃🥗🥕🥒🌰:
    Fruit every morning -- forever and always✨💫

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    Things I Care About-Vegan Shop



  • Veganism is MAGIC ✨ This weekend we celebrated hitting the ONE MILLION milestone on @veganfoodspot, an account I created three years ago to share plant-based inspiration from creators I admire 🌿 This is a community that is working together to break down the stereotypes that vegan food is unfulfilling and boring, when in reality it's actually quite the opposite😋 . March 2014 I made the decision to follow a 100% plant-based diet and had ZERO vegan friends. There wasn't a single person in my life that even remotely followed the lifestyle. I was passionate enough about the cause that I wasn't discouraged, just a bit confused. Being the visual person I am, I turned to Instagram to look for inspiration and met so many people that I connected with🙏🏼 It became my mission to lead by example and not just follow what people around me were doing/eating because that's how it's always been done 🤢. It was great knowing people here were doing the same thing in their parts of the world 🌎 . Reaching 1M on @veganfoodspot is a huge win for the movement🙌🏼 It's a place where I want people who are confused like I was to connect with creators sharing their plant-based lifestyles. I love that skeptical people are still following the account because they are curious. It just takes a spark, maybe an image of one beautiful dish will make someone go.. that's vegan?! I'm thankful for what social media has done to contribute to the rise of veganism🍃 and I'm very very very hopeful of a brighter future ☀️
    2017-08-08 12:53:23

    Comments (164)
    The Daily Sprout:
    It really is such a beautiful way to live...

    I LOVE your Account 😍🌞💖

    @lals06 @desong11 @jjensimon @lori_larcara_

    yommme®, by Christine Wong:
    Amazing! Congratulations!! 🎉🎉🎉

    Likes (5329)
    Jannah ° 잔나 ° জান্নাহ ° جنّة

    ❤🏊❤|| 05.07.16❤


    Sarit Zorano

Can you spot Nori?! 🐾🐾 . I'm loving all of your entries to my Shoutout Party 🎉🎉 In case you missed it: For a chance to be featured on my page, show me how you party ~ vegan style! . To enter, simply: ✨Create your own Party Platter or repost any of my platters ✨Tag @raw_manda and #rawmandapartytime in the caption ✨Shoutouts will start this week! . I can't wait to discover new accounts, recognize the talents of my current followers and most importantly, connect with like-minded people! 👫👭👬 Let's get this party started!!!