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When your wife thinks to grow a sun gold plant in your back yard. 🙌🏽 @simoneshubuck
Didn’t have any iceberg at the market. But, hey, not the worst! #BLT #notpicturedallofthemayo
Maybe this is my vodka soda talking. But as I was just texting @andrewoknowlton, as much as I’m always on my phone for Instagram or reading the @nytimes or listening to a podcast, there is still nothing like the permanence of a print m
Made some linguine vongole the other night, and it was good. Gently simmered some smashed garlic in olive oil, added a couple handfuls of sun gold tomatoes. When they started to pop, poured in a bunch of clams and a splash of white wine. As
I always say don’t fill up on the bread. But if you’re *going* to, you could do worse than @davidchang’s bing board at @majordomola. Crispy, chewy flat bread circled by a constellation of Benton’s ham, cultured butter an
Not pictured: All of the pizza. (@andrewoknowlton made) Oh yeah, details: shaved carrots and beets, with zaatar and olive oil and a splash of rice wine vinegar.
Ham and cheese, no matter the kind of ham or kind of cheese, is pretty much always good. This version is courtesy of our generous friend @rogersroo, who rolled up with the prosciutto di Parma and fresh mozzarella.
I mean, kinda perfect. @ritasodi
You know, in case you were wondering what a 2-inch thick, dry-aged porterhouse looks like before it gets all trimmed up. And speaking of trimming, I’ve been going to Florence Meat Market for about 20 years now, and watching the butcher
Lots of ways to riff on pork and beans. I nicked this version from my pal @samkassdc. Salt and sear a rolled and tied pork shoulder till all crispy and burnished. Remove from the pot. Add a mess of veg—carrot, fennel, onion, ginger, ha
One of these days I will get myself back to LA, where it’s always sunny and the food is always healthy and delicious, and I will go to @botanicafood. But until that happens, I will be hanging out with Botanica’s @emilyfiffer and @

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