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#OPTeam Charles Walker shot this at his Observatory in GMARS⠀
This is M81 in RGB. ⠀
Mount: Paramount MEII⠀
Telescope: ASA 10” Newtonian at f3.6⠀
Camera: SBIG STXL 16200⠀
M51: The Whirlpool Galaxy ⠀
Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Pugh⠀
Explanation: Follow the handle of the Big Dipper away from the dipper's bowl until you get to the handle's last bright star. Then, just slide your telescope a li
Massive Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 2841 ⠀
Image Credit: Hubble, Subaru; Composition & Copyright: Roberto Colombari⠀
Explanation: It is one of the more massive galaxies known. A mere 46 million light-years distant, spiral galaxy NG
Cluster and Starforming Region Westerlund 2 ⠀
Image Credit & Copyright: NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage Team ⠀
(STScI / AURA), A. Nota (ESA/STScI), and the Westerlund 2 Science Team⠀
Explanation: Located 20,000 light-year
Blue Tears and the Milky Way ⠀
Image Credit & Copyright: Rogelio Bernal Andreo (Deep Sky Colors)⠀
Explanation: Lapping at rocks along the shore of the Island of Nangan, Taiwan, planet Earth, waves are infused with a subtle blue
The Tulip Nebula ⠀
Image Credit & Copyright: J-P Metsävainio (Astro Anarchy)⠀
Explanation: Framing a bright emission region this telescopic view looks out along the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy toward the nebula rich const
Meteor in the Milky Way ⠀
Image Credit & Copyright: Marko Korosec⠀
Explanation: Earth's April showers include the Lyrid Meteor Shower, observed for more than 2,000 years when the planet makes its annual passage through the dust
Orion in Gas, Dust, and Stars ⠀
Image Copyright: Roberto Colombari, Robert Gendler & Federico Pelliccia; Data: DSS PLOSS II⠀
Explanation: The constellation of Orion holds much more than three stars in a row. A deep exposure show
The Cat's Eye Nebula from Hubble ⠀
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, HEIC, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)⠀
Explanation: To some, it may look like a cat's eye. The alluring Cat's Eye nebula, however, lies three thousand light-
Polar Ring Galaxy NGC 660 ⠀
Image Credit: Gemini Observatory, AURA, Travis Rector (Univ. Alaska Anchorage)⠀
Explanation: NGC 660 is featured in this cosmic snapshot, a sharp composite of broad and narrow band filter image data f
Sh2-155: The Cave Nebula ⠀
Image Credit & Copyright: Bill Snyder (Bill Snyder Photography)⠀
Explanation: This colorful skyscape features the dusty Sharpless catalog emission region Sh2-155, the Cave Nebula. In the composite imag
Moon and Earth from Chang'e 5-T1 ⠀
Image Credit: Chinese National Space Administration, Xinhuanet⠀
Explanation: Described at times as a big blue marble, from some vantage points Earth looks more like a small blue marble. Such wa

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