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  • Came in with the shoes and left with the jacket.
    2017-10-12 19:33:23

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    Natalie James:
    @shynadoll Thank you again for your help, I appreciate you. Have a great weekend! 💖

    Shaina Sheppard:
    @njinla Awe anytime girl! Can’t wait until you come back! You were too fun! Have a great weekend as well! 💕

    Natalie James:
    @shynadoll Thank you! I'm currently obsessed with everything in your "Space" department. I was crying tears of joy over the fabrics!

    Shaina Sheppard:
    @njinla I know right!! 😍 I wanna all of it lol.

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    jugs bunny


  • Back at the @Spotify offices this week, where I've been conceptualizing and writing videos for both RapCaviar & a new playlist soon come. Cannot wait to share the projects I've been working on, with some of my favorite artists no less! Rap videos y'all—an actual dream come true. . I wanna shoutout @JaneShin who gave me this opportunity and is an amazing woman to work with. It's incredible helping build culture with one of the realest. #colortheory
    2017-10-11 21:45:18

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    ADE ⚡️:
    So #cool 🍻

    Natalie James:
    @adefilms Thank you! ☺️

    Natalie James:
    @juiceliana Unfortunately not at this location. They have cold brew and beer on tap. Wish they have the booch! 😋

    @njinla everywhere with beer totally should 😍

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    Liz Barclay


    9 ♡

    Kateřina Králíková

  • A beautiful bowl of fruit at @botanicafood.
    2017-10-09 13:25:49

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    Natalie James:
    @foodgasm_with_sanzum Thank you! 😃


    Holly Walmsley:
    The shadows on the wooden table are beautiful

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    Aviva Yael

    Kenny Ken

  • Back on my bullshit. Maple & butter waffle at #shotoniPhone
    2017-10-08 16:37:12

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    Natalie James:
    @jonasmarie 💘

    Natalie James:
    @voafinejewellery 💖


    Natalie James:
    @foodgasm_with_sanzum Thanks!

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  • I'd like to date someone who's as hyped on me as I am on avocado toast.
    2017-10-08 12:51:01

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    Avocado toast aint nothing but the rich man's syrup sandwich

    Natalie James:
    @rastefferi Although this gave me a holler, I'd like to politely disagree. 😎

    @njinla respect. agree to be polite!


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    Luck 🎰

    Tiff Wong

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  • I have spent a good part of this year identifying the things that make me feel bad—certain food, the internet, people, habits—and eradicating them from my life. Because of that, I've transitioned to a more of a plant based lifestyle and it's wild how great I feel. Went to @honeyhi for brunch yesterday (a gluten & refined sugar free café) and LOVED the That One Bowl made with sprouted herbed quinoa, pumpkin seed arugula pesto, kale, shaved cucumber, cherry tomato, watermelon radish, pickled onion, roasted pumpkin seeds, turmeric poached egg. 🌱 You can see more of what I ate and the restaurant on my Instagram Stories right now.
    2017-10-06 13:31:09

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    Natalie James:
    @shoshannayafa 😎

    Natalie James:
    @mailoo_seminyak 😊

    GOOD for you beautiful it’s all about preserving your joy and health.

    Natalie James:
    @juiceliana Thank you lovely! You've been on my mind. If you're available and interested, could I take you to lunch? Would love to chat.

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    Sara Nishikawa @(・●・)@


    marcella • 🖤

  • At @restaurationlb I experienced a first—eating Tarragon Sorbet. This refreshing scoop was plated in the center of an Heirloom Tomato Salad with pickled tomato, compressed watermelon, cilantro oil, marinated feta, & nasturtium leaf. These flavors were something else and by far one of the best salads I've eaten all summer. This made for one of my favorite meals while in #LongBeach. Looking forward to going back. #thisisLB
    2017-07-22 21:02:33

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    Sriracha House:
    You look like you need some more Sriracha in your life.

    We love your Instagram! Keep it up :)

    SAMMY 〰:


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    Museum as Retail Space (MaRS)

    The Healthy Indulger

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    Michaela d'Artois

  • Mondongo at the Museum of Latin American Art (@molaaart) in #LongBeach, from their What a Big Mouth You Have Series. This is one of my favorite works of art I've seen all year and I am really excited to learn more about this collective of young Argentine artists. The museum is free to the public every Sunday, pull up. #ArtsinLB
    2017-07-18 19:59:54

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    Natalie James:
    @dressarte Thanks!

    You pronounced it wrong 🙄:
    Wow. This isn't too far from me! Can't believe I've never been.

    This hard af

    Terminus Tees:
    @njinla this art is amazing!

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    Matt Sutton


    Irvianne Torremoro

    S T I L E by CARA KANG

  • I'm in Long Beach checking out the restaurant scene, taking in art, and having the best night's sleep at @RenLongBeach. The Liège Waffles with berries at @James_Republic are a great way to treat yourself in the morning. #ThisisLB
    2017-07-18 11:59:02

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    J u l i a A d k e r s o n:
    You're in my hood! I just moved to LB. 😍

    AMS, Zurich, Stuttgart, Turin, Florence, Milan, South France,...please inbox me any restaurant suggestions. Thanks.

    Looks delish!

    That's the breakfast we want!

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    Glennise Pinili

    Vitaliia Bazz

    Grisel Rodriguez

  • With each @nts_radio show I am completely inspired by each guest who's out here hustling hard and pushing the culture forward. I recently welcomed @janeshin into the studio to talk about the current state of music within the digital media landscape, #selfcare, and being a #WOC in the music industry. If you work in the industry you've probably met Jane in her many years at Souncloud or presently, as part of the Rap Caviar team at Spotify. I don't have to tell you what she's bringing to the table, you already know. Just listen. (Link in bio)
    2017-07-12 11:44:59

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    Natalie James:
    @janeshin It was my pleasure, truly a great hour. Cannot wait to see what you do next! ✨

    Looks like 2 amazing woman representing!

    Natalie James: ❤

    Travel 🏞 Channel:
    Very nice

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    Nasty Nigel

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  • 📡 Airing Live 📡 — I programmed 24hours of television for Catch my tribute to Somali Goddess #PolyStyrene right now (3pm), followed by my favorite music videos at 4pm. Big thanks to the talented @brentdavidfreaney for inviting me to be a part of this incredible project. Link in bio.
    2017-07-05 18:13:09

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    Natalie James:
    @kesteg Thank you! This was by far one of the *most fun* projects I've ever worked on.

    💛 Ashley Reese 💛:
    @rinnyriot !!!!!!!

    Just awesome!!

    Sounds like a good time for all!

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    Sara Tso | Zero Waste Blogger


    Natalie James

  • I stopped by the @SnowfallFX pop-up in #DTLA to learn how to DJ on vinyl today. Noshed on some Bludso's BBQ sliders and knocked out a snow cone too. Pull up to this ‼️ FREE ⚠️ function over the weekend for a DJ sesh, free food, & fade in the barbershop. Click the link in my bio to RSVP and learn more. Shoutout @DJMikeSincere for bestowing some skills upon me. #SnowfallFX #partner
    2017-06-23 17:06:54

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    DJ NJ ?

    #⚡️MONICA LIN⚡️:
    IG algorithm is denying me your greatness 😭

    Natalie James: DJ Lil Soft Serve

    Natalie James:
    @thundercup Yeah girl, it's a damn mess. SMDH.

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    The Black God

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  • Today on I talk about my stay at the @AndazScottsdale Resort & Spa, a restorative trip that recharged my spirit. The hospitality was impeccable and there was a 24 hour pool on site, which made for a perfect romance under the desert sky. Click the link in bio to see more photos & read my story. #wheninandaz #hotels
    2017-06-22 23:31:12

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    Natalie James:
    @westtsidestory You sure do. ✨🙏🏽✨

    Sounds amazing

    #⚡️MONICA LIN⚡️:
    beautiful 😭👏🏼

    Natalie James:
    @thundercup Thank you!

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  • TACO 🌮 LOVERS – join me for 🚧 FREE 👀 tacos tomorrow, courtesy of @Tabasco x @GuerrillaTacos. We’ll be celebrating #TacoTuesday with roasted pork and grilled swordfish tacos, which I had the privilege of sampling today. Find me at the OSWLA Pop-Up in Chinatown (1001 N. Broadway) from 1-3pm. They’ll also be at @BlueBottle Beverly Grove from 10am-12pm. Tweet @tabasco using hashtag #tacotakeover to suggest their last stop — the fans decide! #FlavorYourWorld #partner
    2017-06-19 17:17:06

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    Ellie Lee:
    @njinla prob watched for a good 5 mins 🤣

    Natalie James:
    lmfaooo @ellieylee 💚💚💚 I love it!

    Ah man, wish I was closer!!

    Travel ✈ Around The World ⛵:
    Perfect one!

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    Ditha Esteria Bangun

    Sriracha House

    🍣 Waverly 🥂

  • One of my favorites at yesterday's #TacolandiaLA was @GuerrillaTacos slow roasted pork belly taco, served atop a sweet potato tortilla and seasoned with @Tabasco. Shoutout to @djwes for always bringing the flavor. Wish I was eating another one right now. #FlavorYourWorld #tacos #partner
    2017-06-18 19:01:44

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    Natalie James:
    @anutritionisteats Thank you! ☺️

    Natalie James:
    @maraherbkersman Yes, so fun! Glad you said hello. 😀

    🤤🤤🤤🤤 that's all I got


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    Ellie Lee

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    Lindsay Monae

  • I spent the day with @Tabasco at #TacolandiaLA indulging in over 120+ tacos. My goal was to eat at least 15 but my reality could only make it to 10. This was my second year at the festival and I *seriously* have so much fun when I'm here. What's your favorite kind of taco? I'm a pastor girl myself, with shrimp coming in second. #FlavorYourWorld _ You can catch a part of the action on my #InstagramStories right now.
    2017-06-18 00:08:44

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    Natalie James:
    @_weekly.travel_ Thank you!

    Natalie James:
    @dejanaetanye You are so kind! Thank you. ☺️ Since you asked and it's something I have been thinking about publishing — what type of things would you like to learn? I am here to share my knowledge, especially with fellow woc. Please feel free to DM me as well!

    You pronounced it wrong 🙄:
    Thank you for responding! Food photography technique, building media relationships for editorial, brand partnerships. If there's anyway possible, I'd love to connect! I'll DM you now.

    Kayla Greer:
    Ugh how didn't I know about this

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    Cate Pileggi


  • This summer catch me luxuriating with a glass of @VieVite Rosé at a house party in the hills or by the pool. When I indulge, I prefer my drinks to be light & refreshing, which makes this a perfect match. #alldayVieVité #partner
    2017-06-04 21:44:03

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    Event Service Staff Co.:
    Very nice!

    Just bought this rose for my friends at Whole Foods! Such a gorgeous bottle 😍

    Fragrances of Wine:
    Yaaaas to #rosé !!

    Yes!!! Love spending #alldayVieVité ! 🍷 on my #donzi

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    فرحان | Farhan

    Wedding Photographer in Paris

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  • @mrholmesbakehouse has made its way to #LarchmontVillage and I stopped in to sample everything they had to offer. Their chocolate chip cookies are a must for any cookie aficionado! #igotbakedinla
    2017-06-03 14:21:30

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    Erica Explores SD:
    Looks amazing!

    Natalie James:
    @joleee1 Oh I haven't had that! 😋

    jolee chang!:
    that's my fave thing there! so good! better than another other cereal cookie out there, imo!

    Natalie James:
    @joleee1 OooOooo adding it to my list!

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    Fabian Rodriguez Reyes

    Daniela Adamez


    Wing it Travel

  • Had the opportunity to check out the #WhitneyBiennial at @WhitneyMuseum a couple times, once privately and once with the public. I enjoyed the show, particularly pieces by #MartineSyms #DeanaLawson & @elrafaesparza (which you can see in my #InstagramStories). I was not feeling the work I photographed here, although visually pleasing — it's most definitely one of the problematic pieces in the show.
    2017-05-31 16:03:03

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    Quimari Majette:
    @njinla *deletes comment* lol

    Prosperity Denim ©:
    Great profile!

    Nicolas Vd Vogelweide:

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    gemini girl

Came in with the shoes and left with the jacket.