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#candylipz is featuring #gorgeous @_cccandice. #Thankyou Candice for sharing your feedback. This is not a paid review. She wrote, "Top left: before any augmentation I have almost no upper lip tissue, my doctor wasn't even sure if we could
#juvederm vs. #candylipz. Candylipz produces the signature #poutylips appearance in the last image. Our plumper works on 15 anatomical lip zones to create this pouty look using negative pressure lip cupping method. Observe the differences b
#candylipz is featuring a recent fun article from Vogue by EVIANA-HARTMAN on Cupping Works Even Better on Your Face. Do you want to look 5 years younger without Botox or plastic surgery? Try facial cupping! ---
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#Candylipz is back in the news! Olivia Newton-John's daughter Chloe Lattanzi showcases the Candylipz black licorice lip plumper. Thank you to gorgeous @chloelattanzi for the shoutout! If you have very thin lips and a small mouth, use the re
If you have a thin upper lip, check out this vid! This is a first impression video. You will see in this video that she gets a slight cupping mark. Remember, it may take cupping marks up to 12 hours to show up so follow your 10 days conditi