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I would like to wish each of you incredible beings three things if I may; 1. I wish you happiness - You've been through a lot in 2016 and you deserve starting 2017 with a humungous smile. May happiness be with you for eternity. 2. I wish you peace of mind - In a busy, overthinking world, may you have time to relax and rest your mind. May peace be with you for eternity. 3. I wish you love - Love is the greatest healer. I hope it wells up within you, overflowing into the lives of others. May love always be with you. May all being be free, happy and love amongst all beings in the entire universe. The devine in me salutes the devine in you. Infinite Aloha xx #newyear #infinitelove #abundance #byronbay #lighthouse #life #grateful #prints #me #her #us #shipibo