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  • This business of returning to ones roots should come with a warning. The wheels of my plane had just about touched down before mum was on the phone. How about leaving straight away to our family mountain home, she said without the slightest idea, perhaps, of what that might do to my heart. I dusted off old rucksacks, packed hand knitted jackets with traditional pattern, and stuffed my wellies with wool sock. My belt normally just keeps my trousers from falling off, however in the mountains, a knife and a wooden cup is attached for drinking water from streams and the knife for eating apples, carving my initials in trees and fending off bears, the latter less likely to actually work. We climbed over rucksacks, blankets, buckets for berries, a basket with food and all our wellies before finding our seats in my sisters car and setting off, the mountains next. We stopped only for a cheeky bite of traditional hot dogs at midpoint, and to pick up a local smelly cheese called Pultost a fermented fresh cheese with caraway seeds. It's one of those local delicacies that you can smell for miles if the packaging is broken. We double wrapped it, just in case. Before sun set we had carried all our gear into our Seter cabin, and lit the fireplace and a few candles. My heart swelled. That first night I climbed into a bed nestled in the corner of the kitchen, blew out the last candle and shed a tear or two of pure nostalgic bliss... #seterliv #norway
    2017-08-17 09:45:27

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    Anne Wilhelmsen:

    @suskibean 😘

    Lizzie Staples:
    Memories made for ever . I sense a wedding is on the cards for you 😊✨✨✨

    You'll have to take Theo so he can experience it for himself! 😉👍🏼

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    Amanda 👩🐔🐺🐾🌻🌼🍁🌞


    〰kate 〰

  • And just like that, it was time to pack my bags and turn my nose towards England, Mr Whiskey, and my Englishman and his weekly cocktail sessions. I feel recharged, happy and excited to go home. I've felt this overwhelming lovely feeling of belonging while I've been here in Norway nestled in family embraces and warm friendships, the kind of friendship that come from people that have know me since I was a wee lass. Both the above types of relationships can be quite raw. Both filled with love, disappointment, misunderstandings and often tears of joy. The red thread that runs through both, is that these two types of relationships have weathered storms, no one has given up on each other, and the bonds of love has been forged stronger. I'm sure we can all relate, no relationship is straight forward, which is perhaps why I felt so emotional as I hugged my family goodby at the bus station, my sister and my niece pulled a Jane Bond and parked on the sidewalk next to me, a wee minute before the bus to the airport was scheduled to leave. Just in time for one last hug. Family are friends we didn't chose, and they come in all shapes and forms. They have shaped me weather I want to or not. They drive me up the wall and make me feel so incredibly loved at the same time. It's complex and complicated. Being a part of a family teaches me over and over again, that there are no easy solutions and quick fixes in life, it all is a matter of investing time, listening, caring, forgiving, choosing to love and never giving up on each other. It's painfully raw at times and blissfully wonderful. It's human and real. They make me a better person, and they show me with their example that when we stay, when we listen, forgive and chose to love, there is nothing we cannot conquer together... #families
    2017-08-16 08:23:41

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    Anne-Katrine Hagelund:
    🙏 berørende....

    Beautiful words 💗

    Welcome home dear

    Beautiful words @jeremytepaske 💕💕💕

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  • I didn't expect the overwhelming feeling of belonging that washed over me as soon as I lit the wood burner in our family's mountain home in Norway. My great great grandfather built it some 200 years ago, and we've spent every school holiday there since I entered this world. With glowing coal from the night before it was easy to light the fireplace in the kitchen my first morning in our mountain nest. I hopped into my wellies, still in my blue pj's, and went into the nearby woods with a wee old milk bucket in hand on my way to fetch fresh water from the family spring. It's a secret little spot, nestled in between bearded and bewitch birch and pine trees and the ever elusive cloudberry. The sun was emerging over the mountains as I dipped the ladle into the crystal clear water taking the first sip of cold fresh Norwegian mountain water straight from the source. This is where I belong, I said to myself, surrounded by trees, with no another soul for miles and miles. England seemed so far away, and Italy even further. On my way back I picked handfuls of bilberries and gobbled them down with one big grin. Down a path and across the old bridge I kneeled by a stream, washed my hair and put it up in a towel crown before making my way back to the cabin where I hung the kettle over the fire. It took me by surprise how much I'd missed this rustic and simple way of living, and for the next few days I found myself marinating in a sort of homecoming bliss, plotting how to spend more time off the grid, in this very place, and how to take you with me... #visitnorway #trysil #seterliv #thisisdarling #passionpassport #takemethere #cntraveler #huffposttravel #darlingescapes #iamatraveler #guardiantravelsnaps #bbctravel #mytinyatlas #norway #visittrysil
    2017-08-14 12:14:17

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    It sounds like heaven.

    Angela Gast @

    Teresa Lanphere:
    My family migrated from Norway. I had the pleasure of visiting my roots a few years back. Some of my family is visiting now. Such a beautiful country. I hope to return one day. 💙✨

    Some of the happiest most peaceful days of my life have been spent in a primitive cottage in the mountains north of Nesbyen at the end of a 20 minute long drive up a lonely dirt road ❤

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    Heather Weaver

    Anna K.

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  • All we had time for this morning was just a quick cup of tea and nibbles before we piled my bags into the car and drove off to the airport. He insisted on driving, and I happily accepted. The right kind of easy happy tunes made us seat dance as the rain whipped against the car windows, and the windscreen wipers added that extra beat to each song. I can't wait to go home I said, and he smiled, reminding me that I seemed to have quite a few places I endearingly call by the same name. When we fly to Italy I say, I can't wait to go home to Italy, and when we go back I can't wait to go home to England, or this time home to Norway. We may not chose where we're born, but we can luckily chose where we feel like we belong, and I don't have any need to narrow that down to one spot. There's many places I feel at home, and many times it's in the company of people I hold dear. Being with them feels like home. So here I am, on my way back home to my beloved Norway and I'm so excited I've already pre-ordered traditional sour cream porridge with a side of buttered flatbreads and salt cured leg of lamb, from my mother. Some things never change. And in a week I'll be just as excited to head home to England, and will ask my Englishman to put the kettle on as soon as I open the front door. Perhaps it's places, and a little bit people, and sometimes simply food, that makes us feel at home. And I'm just learning to embrace it all without labels or passport definitions of who I am... #moderndaynomads #homeiswhereyouwantittobe
    2017-08-09 06:57:21

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    Ana Zilhão:
    Beautiful words, and so true! Never before the world seemed to close, we don't belong to one place anymore and that is a wonderful feeling 😌

    Marina Gonzàlez G.:
    Great post!

    Teresa Lanphere:
    Well said.

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    Diane Enloe

    Uli Klinger

    • w a n d e r l u s t •

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  • The other day my autumn coat was dusted off and worn over a summer dress with wellies. It's not actually that cold yet, but every now and then between showers, layers of clouds and bright sunny days, the temperature drops enough for the need of a warmer jacket. I picket up bread and cheese from the local deli @tisbury_deli , a bottle of red from @beckfordbottles before making my way home. Life is indeed about the little things, the small happinesses one can sprinkle generously on everyday like magical confetti. A mature chunk of cheese, a warm cup of tea, lunch with a friend, walks in the mist or a wee train ride to a nearby town. I find that this is all I want and need these days. Where can I take you today, he asks, let's just sit in a history filled tea house with thick stone walls and have a cup of tea I say, smiling coyly. He knows me well, smiles and packs a book before setting off. Who says women are hard to please..;) #smalleverydayhappinesses #itsinthelittlethings
    2017-08-08 10:14:56

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    Marvin Kaisermann:

    Belinda Jeffery:
    This is beautiful, and I so relate to it. Marie. xx

    Tarte-Tatin Bakery:
    Wow...! Sounds so good 💙

    Ravza Kızıltuğ:

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  • Drizzle, humidity and a light cover of clouds. He's had the right idea all day, snuggled up in the wrinkled sheets while the bedroom fan is blowing a steady cool breeze. I did ask if he wanted to go for a walk around noon, but he just opened one eye, gave me a side glance and continued his Monday snooze with not as much as a proper reply. He's got a healthy dose of attitude that Mr Whiskey. I walked downstairs to my desk in the blue room, lit a few candles and pretended it was still Sunday too... #mondaymorningblues #mrwhiskeysnuggles
    2017-08-07 09:57:40

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    @jackwood_home 🐶❤️

    @claire.henman I know right!? He sneakily snuggles up in bed when we're out too, leaving a warm spot right in the middle. I'd say pointers know how to enjoy life;) 🐶

    Marianne Dubreuil:
    Love the way he rolls and how he responds to you and your questions....👍👍

    Adorable 💕

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  • The hills are engulfed in a milky white veil. A few farmers have left their wheat fields un harvested much to Mr Whiskeys delight as he bobs about jumping around in the sea of golden wheat. A gentle warm breeze blow on the surrounding green trees. Down a field, across a lane and through a gate we make our way back home to the cottage where a kettle is whistling downstairs. It's just about time to curl up with a book. Perhaps I'll fill a small plate with a few biscuits, and since it's Sunday maybe I'll go for the ones dipped in chocolate. Life here in the countryside can feel like eons away from the world, but the quiet hum from the passing trains in the distance headed to London, whisper of the world beyond the shire, for me to explore, another day... #sundays #myenglishcountryside
    2017-08-06 11:14:54

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    Tweeter @estellaworld:
    Beautiful picture! Just wonderful! 🌳🌴🌿💟

    @poshpedlar It is isn't it!? I thought I felt a wee seasonal change;) x

    @thefarleygirl 😘

    Wonky wood fences. Is there anything better 😊

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  • A lot of freshly squeezed lemons, a few slices of ginger and honey from the local butcher, my favorite tea combo these days. I stayed by my desk the better part of the morning, tackling my to do list, popped a ripe gooseberry or two in my moth as a snack, and enjoyed the beautiful flowers from the lovely @therealflowerco . Summer is still here both inside the cottage and outside, but there's a slight change, if only a faint whisper of the next season to come. Not to be all doom and gloom, but as an autumn lover, my heart is skipping a beat by the very thought of it. Autumn with it's fog, winds, whirling leaves, endless pots of tea, crackling fireplaces, and wonky old pubs to warm up in. Speaking of pubs, my favorite local pub @thecompasses a 650 year old drinking den, with the most charming crackled flagstone floor, wonky fireplace and delicious food, is looking for a full time chef, or sous chef. If I had that title to my name I might have applied myself! The pub is located on the outskirts of my lovely little English village called Tisbury, tucked away between two shires. If you're looking for a change of scenery, and to work in one of the few old proper English pubs left, this job might just have your name on it. Email for more information #dreamjob #myfavoritenglishpub
    2017-08-05 14:06:26

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    I have been following you for years, and I must say, you create some of my most favorites images ever! 😍❤️


    ~ J I A ~Y I N ~:
    Simply beautiful ❤️

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  • After a bit of a silence I mustered to work up enough courage to ask... Mum, you know the retreat I'm holding in Italy in September...well, I was wondering if you'd like to be our in house model for some of the shoots... All I heard was giggles on the other end. Me!? She said with a bubbly laughter in her voice. I just want it to be a real experience for our participants I explained, that they'll feel at home. Our incredible location @sextantio will provide the most wonderful home, but I need you to breathe a warm life into our photography scenes and give them all big warm hugs and laughter the way only you can... She went quiet...and you think I can do all that, she almost whispered into the phone. I know you can, and you already do, I replied, everywhere you go. We went all soppy with I love yous, before she simply said, book me a ticket Marie, I'm on the next plane. I smiled and quietly pointed out it wasn't until the first week of September. In this world of cool breezes and in the sea of the ever changing, she is the one I look towards for strength. She's calm in the eye of the storm, gives freely, and loves unconditionally. She reminds me to always look up. There's no ceiling she smiles, only in people's minds. So I keep looking up! Cannot wait to share her with our lovely participants for my next retreat. #keeplookingup #mymother
    2017-08-02 09:02:20

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    Melissa Ifeme 🇳🇬 🇦🇹:
    Im simply in love with your pictures 😍

    Uva Rara:
    Beautiful words 😍

    ~ J I A ~Y I N ~:
    Wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing those beautiful moments captured!

    Andrea Sebaoun Antonioni★my 📷:
    Marie what a lovely retreat...I hope one of these days I'm free to do one... by the was follow my brother @masseria_man he has just bought an old masseria in Partemio Puglia that he is renovating its going to be something...he is looking to host many events... reach out to him de ma part... love following your work... you are so inspiring and your words are magic.

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    Lyana Ruzlan


  • I dusted off my tweeds today, pulled on my wellies and went for a walk with Mr Whiskey as sweeping winds made my blond hair eagerly whip my face. It felt cooling and fresh. I returned home with pink cheeks and a birds nest of wild hair. It was indeed exactly what I needed on this Saturday. Adventures don't need to be any more than a wee wellie walk with Mr Whiskey down a new path or across an unfamiliar field. I squeal with delight as my Englishman makes an unexpected turn driving home from the movies, much to his amusement. It keeps my perspective fresh, I say, and smile from ear to ear as we pass cottages I haven't seen before, cross little rivers and see big oak trees line an alleyway, all new to me. He's very patient with me, my Englishman, as I eagerly ask if he could find a new way home for me. Every new impression makes me think new thoughts, changes my perspective and inspires new ideas. And from the smallest detour comes a new idea for a book, a workshop, a photograph, a new dish, a way of cooking, a letter I need to write or something personal I need to work on, it seeps into every aspect of my life. So this evening after having wandered down a new pathway in the wind, a book I found at a preloved bookshop months ago came to mind. A taste of English wine the title read, and I couldn't think of anything more appropriate to (drink) read on this Saturday evening... #keepingitfresh #englishwine
    2017-07-29 12:43:04

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    @imenmcdonnell Oh yes, please do! It's been way too long! 😘

    Etta Johnson:
    Your dog is so cute..I love looking at the photos you post with him.

    Uva Rara:
    How adorable is Mr. Whiskey 😍

    almost always grateful..Josie:
    Such are the simple adventures...the most wonderful of all. Nothing better than sharing them with our four legged family members 🖤🐶🖤

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    Bradley James

  • Yesterday, after the loveliest little birthday party for a family member, we dived into the closet in our casual wear and emerged all bow tie and black dress. I quickly put my hair up and he polished his shoes in mere minutes before we were back out again, this time to an evening in my previous neighbor's @hatchhousewiltshire Dutch garden for a night of ballet. The Covent Garden dance company @coventgardendance put on the most beautiful, and ever so moving production. The sun went down, the stars came out, and the ballet dancers kept dancing. Champagne bottles were popped and dinner was served during the three hour performance. It was indeed a magical ending to a gloriously fun weekend. See peeks from the night on my Instagram stories. #hatchhouseballet #myenglishcountryside #hatchhouse #visitwiltshire
    2017-07-24 13:08:12

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    Pharma Kids App:

    Angela Gast @

    Imen McDonnell:
    Marie, I am so happy for you! I know this is everything 💕💕💕💕💕@marte_marie_forsberg 💕💕💕

    @imenmcdonnell ❤️😉

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  • Some days simply call for doughnuts drizzled in thick chocolate sauce. Thank heavens there was a bit of a breeze sweeping through our village today, and the kitchen cooled down just enough for me to turn on my trusted @lacanche_us . With my grandmother's doughnuts in one hand and my mother's thick and glossy chocolate sauce in the other, the two met in a beautiful edible mess on the kitchen counter, and I licked every finger clean between dipping and devouring each little crumb. Some days simply call for doughnuts, the kind that my grandmother made only every so often and kept in a tin box in her kitchen just in case anyone stopped by for coffee. Luckily no one stopped by my cottage today so I put my feet up, accidentally dropped Mr Whiskey a wee taste, and watched a matinee show of Keith Floyd's legendary cookery program on Italy before getting back to work. All in all a pretty good day... #myenglishcountryside #cottagecooking #doughnuts
    2017-07-20 16:14:18

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    Leila Budjen:

    Bee Mills:
    @marte_marie_forsberg I'm actually cringing at asking this so sorry could you copy and paste and send it as a dm on here, I'm not sure why my email is not showing it :( I've just changed an email address to this one because of problems noooo lol.

    Bee Mills:
    I have two accounts @rusticambition and @lifestyleandthecity it's me lol

    Jessica Bride | London:
    Loooove it!

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  • A few months ago the wonderfully talented and ever so lovely @lizbanfield came to do a two day private workshop with me here in the English countryside. (See her wedding work here @lizbanfieldwed ) We went on wee road trips, picnic in a field of sheep, visited some of my favorite eateries in the neighborhood, dined in old local pubs and set up photo shoots during the day. I had such a wonderful time shooting, getting to know and brainstorming with her. Every month I usually host one or two of these private workshops tailored to the clients needs within building a brand, marketing, photography, styling, cooking and figuring out the next move if you're feeling stuck in your work as a photographer. Every single one is unique and I love these private one on one workshops. This summer I've taken some needed time off to focus on learning and growing as an artist myself. This is all but a journey and the notion that one is simply never done, know it all or a true expert, fuels me with such inspiration and motivates me to continuously yearn to grow and push my work forward. For those of you wanting to book a one, two or three day private workshop this year, I'll be opening up for one in September, October and November, and as always for those of you wanting the Christmas special including markets and festivities in the area during the holiday season, please do email me at for more information and to be put on the list. #mmforsbergworkshop
    2017-07-15 10:43:30

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    Your blog and Instagram feed is exceptional. Keep up the good work 👌

    Jessica Bride | London:
    Insert me into that shot. Thank you.

    MyPlace Appartamenti:
    Bellissima foto!!

    Maria Alice Dias Martins:

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  • The sun heated our attic bedroom before we even intended to emerge from the comfort of our duvet. Sunrise is after all just after 5am, which makes this season feel gloriously bright with endless days and short cool nights, but way to early for a night owl like me to greet the day. Last night we tumbled to bed after having made an evening of catching up with the loveliest friends over drinks as the very talented design couple behind @denmangould opened their 'Other place' exhibition in the ever charming town of Frome. On our doorstep upon returning to the cottage lay a package with little parcels. It felt like Christmas had come early as I eagerly and with very little restraint or elegance tore the beautiful blue wrapping like an overeager child. Beautiful linen dresses emerged, and I cannot wait to sport them around town as temperatures here in the English countryside is said to reach just on the shy side of 30 this weekend. Thank you @linenfox for you sweet little presents! #onecanneverhaveenoughsummerdresses #myenglishcountryside
    2017-07-14 10:23:23

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    Cool packaging

    Teri Kiefer:
    Looking forward to seeing pics, I agree perfect picture just beautiful

    Oh, sorry, we're so happy to deliver to English country side. Beautiful photo 🌿

    @anabel_godoy 😍

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  • I can hear him rummaging around in the kitchen cupboards downstairs searching perhaps for the right spice, pot or utensil. This April, as we walked the streets of Florence on our one day pit stop in the city, he turned and said endearingly, I'd like to cook for you more Marie... I smiled and gave his arm a squeeze of delight, I wasn't difficult to persuade. This afternoon, as the sun casts its last golden glow on the fields surrounding our little village here in England, he decided to fulfill the beginning of his promise, and I was under strict orders not to venture downstairs until told to. Curious by nature I opened the attic window and opened my nostrils wide to the cooking symphony of aromas wafting through the backyard and climbing up to the top of the cottage and in through my open window. It must be nearly the time to descend the stairs as I can hear him now searching through the cutlery drawer for the right kind of silverware. Chairs have been brought out to the garden, and I think I just heard him uncork the wine. If the saying about the way to a man's heart is through his belly is true, and the same applies for us women, I think I'm in big trouble... #iloveamanthatcancook #patientlywaitingforsupper
    2017-07-12 15:12:18

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    The Healthy Indulger:

    Maureen | NYC & Amsterdam:

    I am so happy for you💙💙💙💙

    I love a man that can cook too... and I am so grateful and lucky to have found him @rdf.68

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    Maya Hey

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  • The rain came this afternoon and drizzled sought after drops on every plant in the garden. It was needed. I watched through the attic bedroom window, and opened it to let the accompanying cool breeze in. It swept through the cottage and left a mild perfume of summer and wet grass. These fleeting summer days have been savored, and I've walked slowly through the nearby rolling green hills, made simple fresh vegetable dishes with the loveliest organic produce (thank you dearest @ameliafreer ) I took a wee break from renovations and social media, and headed to the lovely @widbrook.grange just a mere stone throw away for a mid week getaway, and soaked up this beautiful place just outside of Bradford on Avon. Back at the cottage at night I've listened to the trains passing our little village in the distance, and felt grateful I didn't have an urge to be anywhere else but here and now. During the days I've walked slowly, written pages with plans for the cottage, my next cookbook, and what I'd like my next workshops and retreats to focus on. These quiet brainstorming days have been the very perfect escape from the everyday busyness of life. Do you find time for yourself and your thoughts in the busyness of your life? Are you able to disconnect even for just half an hour? How do you carve out time for yourself? I'd love to hear! #mindfuldays #slowness
    2017-07-11 09:18:00

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    @marte_marie_forsberg Thank you! ❤️

    @thedanishblonde I must admit mindful sessions with a teacher or even yoga can sometimes be even more stressful. I like being alone, and just listen to my thoughts and surroundings.

    @marte_marie_forsberg yes I agree. Forced relaxation doesn't work 😘

    @veronicawilken01 It is indeed so very important, yet so challenging to incorporate into our daily lives. Hikes sounds wonderful, just being outside walking alone is therapeutic to me:)

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  • I came home by train yesterday feeling all inspired. On the seat next to me lay a lovely bouquet of flowers reminding me of the wonderful day I had just had at the stunning @waitrose farm, Leckford country estate in Hampshire, where so much abundance of their produce is grown with love and attention to detail. After slowly making our way through their incredible water garden we lunched by the lake, and I soaked every bit of it up with great gusto. As that summer's day come to an end, I watched the Hampshire landscape bid adieu from my seat by the window on the train home, and was greeted by my beloved and familiar Wiltshire trees as it came to a halt at Tisbury station. I put the lovely bouquet of flowers from the farm on my desk and pulled out old cookery books for more inspiration. Thank you @waitrose for such a glorious and inspiring day. #waitroseatsource #ad #waitrose
    2017-07-05 11:12:33

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    @terikiefer Thank you! I hope you had a lovely train ride! It's my favorite mode of transportation:)

    @bblabellavista 🤗

    Teri Kiefer:
    @marte_marie_forsberg I actually did and I'm looking forward to your next travels not many writers can clearly transport someone from the words on a page , I am thousands of miles from you in south Louisiana worlds away but I look forward to my country side visits , and wonder what are you cooking! I absolutely love to cook also

    Super assemblage!

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    K Y O M I I M A M U R A


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  • The clouds turned grey just as we'd hopped in the car after our wander in the woods with Mr Whiskey. Gentle drizzle nourished every plant in the village after weeks of sun and heat and tapped an ever so friendly melody on the car windows as we made our way to lunch. Just as the drizzle turned to rain, and the wind picked up @evakosmasflores and I popped in for lunch and tea at my favorite wonky pub in the neighborhood @thecompasses The dark and moody interior made us yearn for hearty food, and we both decided on pork belly on a bed of mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach with black pudding. Hearty, very English, and perfect for a day when it rains. It's such a treat that even if we live worlds apart and only know each other through social media, meeting someone off the grid is like meeting and old friend for the first time. I sent her off on the train with a warm embrace as she headed for road trip adventures in Scotland. I may have a love/hate relationship with social media, but it sure has a wonderful way of connecting likeminded souls... #myenglishcountryside #thecompassesinn
    2017-06-24 11:04:47

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    Mara Harrison:
    😍 marte_marie_forsberg Cool Stuff.


    The Sourdough School:
    Utterly lovely

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  • Last night, returning home by train after having watched a documentary about the works and life of the Italian renaissance painter Raphael. I fell pensive as I gazed at the landscape slowly passing by, all engulfed in a twilight summer haze. His genius and talent left me a bit breathless. At 37 years of age he passed away having just finished the tapestries in the Sistine Chapel in the Apostolic Palace in Rome. Accomplishing more in those years than perhaps the inhabitants of a small village combined do in a lifetime. Michelangelo was painting the ceiling that Raphael got a sneaky peak at, when a friend handed him the key to the chapel one night. Lit up by a torch, he climbed the wooden scaffolding to get a first glance at Michelangelo's work. When he was later given the commission to clad the ground walls of the Sistine Chapel with ten tapestries, he thought of the ceiling and eagerly commenced the work hoping to outdo Michelangelo. These personal stories around incredible artists that have shaped our art world, paints their very human image which I'm ever so excited to share more of with you on my next retreat in Italy in September. Light and composition, the very basic fundamentals of an image can be as simple and complex as we'd like it to be. The more I learn about the great masters, the more it fuels my work as a visual storyteller forward, and takes my gaze off the digital world and into the tangible and real world of galleries, museums, churches and private homes filled with art, like open notebooks from masters gone before us... After the train came to a halt that evening in my little village and I reached the cottage, my mind was wide awake. I opened the rooftop windows and let my mind wander amongst the stars above feeling ever so inspired and eager to push myself as an artist... click on the link in my profile for more information. #artfoodandphotographyworkshop #mmforsbergworkshop #matera
    2017-06-22 09:20:12

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    Creator #feelfreefeed:
    Sterkt. Denne satt seg Marte. Du skriver vidunderig 💛

    Lisa Hakola:
    Lovely reflection 😊

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  • Even with all the windows wide open, a sweltering summer heat has filled every corner of our cottage these past days. You'll find Mr Whiskey sprawled out on the cool surface of the ground floor, while I'm writing at my desk in the shade with a cold drink. Mid day, we pack our picnic baskets and head down to the river to cool down before returning home to yet another round of chilled drinks. The homemade elderflower cordial is gone, and so is last years black currant toddy that I've served with ice. Bottles of Rose and Prosecco are being kept in the fridge ready to be popped at a moments notice, and a pitcher of lemon water covered with a linen cloth is stationed in the middle of the dinning room table, being refilled every five minutes. My only activity apart from our daily river excursion and a few words scribbled on paper that I call work, is quick trips to the butcher to restock my fruit bowl. Everything feels slow, warm and holiday like, so we're embracing the heat knowing English rain will return soon enough... Hope you're all enjoying the heat and staying hydrated! #myenglishcountryside #englishsummer
    2017-06-20 10:35:32

This business of returning to ones roots should come with a warning. The wheels of my plane had just about touched down before mum was on the phone. How about leaving straight away to our family mountain home, she said without the slightest idea, perhaps, of what that might do to my heart. I dusted off old rucksacks, packed hand knitted jackets with traditional pattern, and stuffed my wellies with wool sock. My belt normally just keeps my trousers from falling off, however in the mountains, a knife and a wooden cup is attached for drinking water from streams and the knife for eating apples, carving my initials in trees and fending off bears, the latter less likely to actually work. We climbed over rucksacks, blankets, buckets for berries, a basket with food and all our wellies before finding our seats in my sisters car and setting off, the mountains next. We stopped only for a cheeky bite of traditional hot dogs at midpoint, and to pick up a local smelly cheese called Pultost a fermented fresh cheese with caraway seeds. It's one of those local delicacies that you can smell for miles if the packaging is broken. We double wrapped it, just in case. Before sun set we had carried all our gear into our Seter cabin, and lit the fireplace and a few candles. My heart swelled. That first night I climbed into a bed nestled in the corner of the kitchen, blew out the last candle and shed a tear or two of pure nostalgic bliss... #seterliv #norway