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  • HI GUYS! Hope your Canada Day was breezy, mine was super chill and filled with some incredible people! So grateful 🙏🏽 check it out let me know what you think 🤙🏽
    2017-07-08 06:23:35

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    SHE hijabi:
    Happy Canada Day! 😘

    Farhana Shafiq:

    Street Style Guys:
    Such a great post!

    I like the stuff you post :)

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    Nurunnisa Raj



  • Your mcm wants you to stay out of the sun ☀️
    2017-06-27 11:59:24

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    Emily Gray:
    hope you are having a wonderful week

    Love it ✨💛

    Modest Fashion Blog:
    Assalamualeykum! I'm a Muslim revert with a European background who created a modern modest fashion page @modestalamode Please go ahead and check it out!!!❤️

    Shyala's Personal Blog:
    So stunning 😻

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    Cerise Affaire

    Zeenat Samodien


    Black+POC Healthcare Tech 🌱📱

  • Hey my loves, since my instastory two nights ago I've got a bunch of DMs asking about how Influenster works so I thought I'd make a post about it. @influensterca is a program that regularly holds a #contest to send out 1000s of complimentary goodies in a #svvoxbox. All you have to do is download their app, connect your social media accounts, and start reviewing products. You'll get snaps, which are questions asked by the company on your likes and dislikes. This will effect which items they consider sending to you, and you can say you #gotitfree. The best part is they don't force you to put out only positive reviews, and you have the choice to earn a badge (or not) for each product! These are only a FEW of the items I received that I'm really excited about! I already adore @niveacanada, and the #q10bodyoil does not disappoint. It absorbs quick 💨, smells nice, and isn't greasy at all! 10/10 as far as body oils go! We already have the @nescafeca sweet and creamy sachets at home - it just goes to show how well Influenster knows me LOL. These already contain whitener and sugar, and taste really good 😋. The powder mixes really well and the packets are perfect for quick mornings or camping ⛺️ #nescafeca The @impressmanicure press ons are my FAV just because they don't use nail glue - nail glue always messes up my nail bed so when I popped these off, I was so pleased to see my nails looked healthy 💅🏽 If you're like me and only paint your nails for events, these are just what you're looking for 👀 #impressmoments
    2017-06-22 23:36:02

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    Nescafe Canada:
    We're glad you enjoyed it!


    Arzum Hasol:

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    Rudiansyah Lubis


    Zareen ;-) XD

  • All these benches and you still couldn't sit down 🌚 (whispers: be humble)
    2017-06-18 10:38:24

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    sweet life لاكن🏃:

    Ahmed 🕴🇮📥🕊🇶I love travel🏀⚽🎱:

    Chouchetta Chaimae:

    Modest Fashion Blog:
    Wow! That's what a real queen looks like!👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻❤️

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    GRAFIC Woman


    Just Khaoula thoughts

  • I love this country. It's not only our feminist woke af Prime Minister @justinpjtrudeau, health care, policies of multiculturalism and religious equality. It might have something to do with our stellar taste in toques, maple butter and poutine. Our stunning mountains and lakes are definitely half the reason. Idk you guys, sometimes thinking about this country gets me feeling all sappy inside (get it? Sappy... cause sap makes maple syrup? Hehehehohoho) happy #Canada150 Thanks for the photo of the envelope @tahir_l :)
    2017-06-15 03:51:12

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    Very sweet!

    Diogo d'Orey:
    You're a gift to those around you.

    Jessica Grant:
    This is adorable 😭🇨🇦❤️

    Marco Robinson S.T.M.P:

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    Asma Azad

    naz noor Y



  • So that's a wrap on the #10daycoldchallenge, a huge thanks to the folks over at @oz_naturals 💕 Even though I couldn't get enough of the hyaluronic acid serum, my favorite product is still the under eye night gel; it's been a constant staple in the handful of under eye gels & creams I like to cycle through because I can literally feel it working, it's absolutely wild 🙌🏽
    2017-05-20 07:03:13

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    Gelato Giusto:

    Akansha Mishra:

    Nice 💕 !! Would love your thoughts on my last post; check the link in my bio🙏

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    M J 💋

    Selma Berkes🌿🌻

    EP Brand - Python leather Bags

  • Even in the belly of the whale there was hope
    2017-05-20 04:48:40

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    🔸 M Λ L ī K Λ 🔸:
    @principitobipo @indullged @covered_dreamer @ziki.3 @shiny_ninja THANKS MY GUYS 😁🙏🏽

    Beautiful 😍

    F A T I M A:
    Amazing drawing and great message in the caption x

    Umeda @ The Dua Journal:
    Love it. Yes to hope!

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    Selma Berkes🌿🌻

    Wear The Peace

  • It’s halfway through my #10daycoldchallenge and I am LOVING the results I am seeing so far! I can't get enough of the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, it makes my skin sooooo supple. It locks in moisture so well that even after I wash my face mid day my skin doesn't feel as tight as it regularly does 🙏🏽 between this and the under eye cream, I can't get enough 🙌🏽
    2017-05-18 22:47:46

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    • • • • • • • •
• #beauty #beautyblogger #bbloggers #skin #skincare #productreview #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #eyecream #moisturizer #beautycare #skincareluxury #beautyskin #skincareroutine #productreview #cleanlines #aesthetic #simplicity #minimalist #minimalism #minimalove #minimal #minimalobsession #minimalisbd #minimalmood

    Ikhmal Amran:

    Amazing absolutely

    Akansha Mishra:

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    Zainab W


  • I used to think all brushes were the same ... boy was I wrong 😂 Got the #vanityplanetstore set and I think these might some of the worlds softest brushes 😍 and at 70% off (using the code BBPalette70) they're an absolute steal! #mydailyroutine#beauty#makeup#makeupbrushes#ad#vanityplanet
    2017-05-13 12:45:42

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    SHE hijabi:

    Amazing work 👏

    That's cute 💜


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    SANNE ✂️

    Miriam Saliba

  • Hey loves! I am HYPED to be a part of the #10daycoldchallenge with @oz_naturals! My close friends know I swear by their Vitamin C Serum and their Super Youth Eye Gel, so I am super stoked to be testing out their Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Vitamin C Mask, and Retinol Moisturizer and sharing my thoughts with you all 😁 For those of you who aren’t familiar, OZNaturals has some next level high quality skincare! Because it takes place at room temperature (meaning no heat), the active ingredients are more potent. It's also hypoallergenic since they don't use petrochemicals, aaaand for my sensitive skin babes out there, there's no emulsifiers which means less irritation 🙏🏽 I really believe in this company, which is why I am so excited to be sharing my thoughts on these products over the next couple posts 💕#coldprocessed #coldchallenge #GlowWithCold
    2017-05-10 22:22:12

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    You have a great profile!

    Wasimah Mallick:
    Where can i buy this product

    🔸 M Λ L ī K Λ 🔸:
    @wasimahmallick just click the link in @oz_naturals bio!

    Wasimah Mallick:
    Aah i live i South Africa .. 🙈

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    I Heart

    Dijk 34


  • Nimbooda nimbooda nimbooda 🍋 🍋 🍋 getchu a friend who lets you turn apart her closet to find matching tones and dress her up, just cause you felt like it 😂
    2017-05-05 07:05:24

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    Jaquelyn Wahidi:
    Love how you incorporated yellow into these looks--it can be a challenging color to wear--and you both look great!

    Anum S:
    Stunning colours x

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    ranaaaar44 d'dorf🌹

    🎷🐛 🐌📯

    H R M


  • There is something incredibly freeing about loving yourself with or without makeup. Makeup is all about choice, and whether I'm wearing a bold red lip or showing off my acne scars, it feels good to feel self assured in my own skin. It took me years to find this inner peace, so I, along with @sephora and @DermablendPro, encourage you to post your own #beautifulbeautiful story! I'm wearing the #DermablendPro smooth liquid camp in Chai ☕️ not only do I LOVE the name😂, it's the absolute perfect shade for my skin and has a gorgeous medium coverage. Topped it off with the loose setting powder and I love it 🙌🏽 #transformationtuesday #ad
    2017-05-02 17:17:37

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    Your beautiful sis u don't need makeup

    MH 🌹:
    mashaAllah u look beautiful 😍

    Wiam Bay:
    Flawless with and without makeup🌹❤

    Modest Fashion Blog:
    MashAllah! You are gorgeous with or no makeup!👸🏻

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    👨🏾‍🎨🔌 | TRAPTOGRAPHER | 🎬📹

    The lady :

    🌻মুক্ত আত্মা. 🌬

  • That secondhand embarrassment you feel when the menu says chai tea ☕️
    2017-04-24 14:51:22

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    Best of the day

    Dexandra,Sambal Che Nor,ReMoka:
    Ws untuk sambal garing che Nor 010 982 9171

    Beautiful 😍

    lovely picture

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    نزار يحي


    آمنة 👑

  • Happy Friday! Am I the only who who celebrates a birth ~month~ 🙈😂it's not being extra I promise, I just had exams on my actual birthday 😂🎊🎉Grateful for things like birthday breakfast dates ft. StrawberryxGranolaxYogurt bowls, fresh mint tea, and best friends (who carry around aesthetic journals loool).
    2017-04-21 12:49:45

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    ICY Couture 💎 Customize 💎:
    Cool pic!

    Cheryl | Influencer:
    Need to try this! Have you put the recipe online?

    Lidya Couture Kuala Lumpur:

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    TOSCA Grosir Jeans Tanah Abang

    Aqsa Naveed

  • Bout to drop the hottest mixtape of 2017 🌚😂
    2017-04-17 14:22:37

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    ⠀❥┊⁽ ℡ ۶ ✖️ ՞ حَــيِدَر ˮ࿓‏⁾♩:

    Loooool the caption actually goes

    Maryam Mirza:
    @malikawears you're stunning! 🙌🙌🙌

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    Pinelopi Markezini


  • Flower shops are a little piece of heaven in this weather 🙏🏽
    2017-04-08 22:28:44

  • Details ... 💎 Dress: @thehijabsouq Gloves: @aldo_shoes accessories
    2017-03-20 14:48:03

  • 4/5ish years ago, my ridiculously hot cousin Annum skips tasty dinner for healthy chicken, daily. I ask how she has the self control and she says something like I just stopped thinking bout food as anything but nutrients and sustenance Now I can't lie, this girl is one of the hottest people I know, so her words really stuck. And holy God my life chaaaaanged. Eating healthy became so much easier, and that meant having more energy, clearer skin, and (gym bro voice) faster gaainzzzz. Don't get me wrong, I still indulge with a night out with crew or regularly with After Eight mint chocolate 🍫😉, but that only keeps me from over indulging with each meal. I mentioned this perspective to a foodie acquaintance and he went and roasted me for it behind my back 🙃 it really upset me but I realized a healthy body lasts so much longer than a delicious meal or others' criticism. So I wanna know your opinions, do you think it's an unrealistic way of thinking, or is it just right? Do you have any dietary tips that made you feel healthier?
    2017-03-15 14:27:16

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    A L E X A N D R A:
    ✨ ✨ ✨

    I should try this way of thinking! Who knows, perhaps it`ll work ;D :D


    S A I N T ✖️L O N D O N:

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    T e n s h i C h n


  • SWIPE🔛On our way to the lake we passed these beautiful cabins, and even though it was closed pre season the owner of the @paradiselodge was super sweet and let us trespass for 5 minutes for the photos (ok really we took 30) and he was just sooooo kind about it and the lodges were sooooo beautiful and I'm just filled with love for the aesthetic and the kind heart behind the lodges 🙌🏽❤️
    2017-03-12 15:24:07

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    Salem Fall:
    No comment just beautiful

    هذي وين

    ممكن الرد


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    👑Gabriella Oliveira👑


    Aino Pohjanvaara


  • Here's to continuous growth, unconditional self love, and always lifting each other up 🙌🏽 Happy #internationalwomensday my loves 💪🏽
    2017-03-09 03:05:40

HI GUYS! Hope your Canada Day was breezy, mine was super chill and filled with some incredible people! So grateful 🙏🏽 check it out let me know what you think 🤙🏽