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  • Missing the staff @ Grapevine a little extra today. I made some great friends and memories in Brighton. But the show must go on... Can't wait to visit their country one day in the near future 🤙🏼 #LePotAvantLePut #CheckMe #YaDickhead #GrapeVineHostel #YourFockingGayMate
    2017-09-20 18:58:07

  • Once a gooner, always a gooner ❤️
    2017-09-19 19:25:34

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    Scott Vessels:
    Hell ya bro that's awesome!

    Juan Carlos Rojas V:
    Man Utd all the way!

    Rico Anderton(GNR):
    Let's make money together email me (in bio) 📥

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    Rachel Cardella

  • Farewell UK you done made me a poor man... onto the next country 🤙🏼🇩🇪
    2017-09-18 15:51:28

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    Luis Vargas:
    @lyfeoflorenzo man I was calling you!!!

    Luis Vargas:
    @ali_medio_chile I'll try but I'm only in Germany for 3 days!

    @lvargas95 orale , the nightlife is insane if you have time 🙌👌

    Hustle & Lift Fitness:
    Have a wonderful day

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    Brenda Munoz

    kelly ☾

    Kaelyn Castillo

  • Swipe for a day in Bologna 🇮🇹
    2017-09-15 17:41:05

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    Alice Sodi:
    What a great photo! Miss u all

    Luis Vargas:
    @alicesodi miss you too Alice. I'll see you in Italy soon :)

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    Mark Reotutar

    Jedidiah Mitchell

    Ted Breslow

    Rachel Miyoga

  • Travel More & Buy Less 🗺
    2017-09-12 20:46:51

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    • D E R L Y P A T E •:
    Can we be friends 😂😉

    Cassie Holloway:

    Luis Vargas:
    @derllzz lmao we are 😂

    Fitness Adventure:

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    Norma Cabrera

    C H A S E K I N O

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  • It's a great feeling when you bring your photos to life 🤘🏻 _ I've been playing around with the Adobe Lightroom application on my iPhone & was pretty impressed with the results. _ Also try shooting your pictures in RAW form so you can get the most bang for your buck in post 📸
    2017-09-10 15:35:51

  • Sometime you just need a break in a beautiful place, alone. To figure everything out.
    2017-09-09 20:10:35

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    Keaton Gaibler:
    Yeah dude. Hell yeah. 🙏🏼

    Luis Vargas:
    @kgaibler gonna miss traveling. But can't wait to get back to work

    Isabel Zeledon:
    Omg😍I love it😍


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  • Mashed up another favorite 10 📷 from my day in London. _ I was In the city for only 8 hours and didn't buy a single thing because the prices were so damn high... so I chose to ditch the subway, save money, and just walk & couldn't have been happier with my choice. _ Also played around with the colors in #Adobe #Lightroom and I'm digging the vibes 🤙🏼
    2017-09-07 15:01:14

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    Liberty Apolinario:
    Ahhhh how awesome! 😭Journey well as always ✨

    Harjot Singh:
    You have to experience to the tube tho !

    Freedom Optics:
    D-m to join up 👍 !!

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    Yenrouj Juhr'knee Journey

    Arianna Guzman

    • D E R L Y P A T E •

    S. H.

  • I could've posted something about being a lion or whatever, but I'm clearly a human & this lion reminds me too much of Prancer :( #RIP
    2017-09-05 18:15:35

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    Lorenzo Leyva:
    Awwww it's a huge Prancer😭

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    Harjot Singh

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    ℓαυяα ѕαнαωиєн

  • You will never find the time for anything. There will never be the perfect moment... If you want time, you must make it 🕰 #THICC
    2017-09-05 15:16:58

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    Benjamin Aličković:
    😂 thanks for the tag bro.. #dumbThicc

    Tracy De Los Santos:
    Love the caption! Keep living it up!

    Amanda Mojica:

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    Frankie 🌸

    The Passion Pursuers 🌎✈️ 📲📚

  • If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.👣 _ Growing up I always told myself I would be a dentist just like my father. But as time went on, I began to analyze my interests, my passions, and found myself changing career choices every year. _ It wasn't until I was stripped from my soccer career that I had to truly decide what I wanted to dedicate myself to. Whatever it may be... I know I'm passionate about taking photos, thinking of ideas for short films, traveling to the world, building businesses, inspiring people, volunteering for a good cause, and seeking challenges that will make me grow as a person. If I can't find an accommodating career, I guess I'll just have to make my own ;)
    2017-09-03 18:19:47

  • Cruising through the park to catch the sunset 🌅 _ This is was taken in Bologna, Italy. The warm weather reminded me of the Cali heat & all the people I met reminded me of certain friends from Uni. The laughs we shared, the beer we drank, the food we ate, it was all so different yet so similar. _ It's strange how you can travel across the world, to a new country, hear a new language, see so many new things, but you'll always find something that reminds you of home. Always... ❤️#homeiswheretheheartis
    2017-09-02 14:06:07

  • Been living in the U.K. for about a week now but I still can't get over how much I fell in love with Italy... _ The road trips through Tuscany, seeing the beautiful green landscapes. All the agriculture, all the culture, and all the hidden gems. The people, the food, and the language. _ I think I'm going to have to go back and give Italy a last visit before I head back to LA. I think I might go visit Rome or Sicily ;)
    2017-08-28 15:51:04

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    Axel & Boris ™:
    Follow us for More Yesss & More Life!!!!

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    Polina Meshkova


  • Ther darkness that surrounds us cannot hurt us. It is the darkness in your own heart that you should fear... _ There's something about the pitch black that excites me. Not knowing your surroundings, not seeing color. Something so terrifying, yet exciting. _ #italy #puglia #travelingram #travelingcamera #canont3 #travelphotography #caves #darkcaves #exploringthecoast #boatlife #intothedarkness
    2017-08-23 17:39:05

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    Mario Interiano:
    Woooaaahh x2

    Lauren Maldonado:
    This pic is 🙌🏽

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    Lorenzo Leyva

    Chase Moore


    Sam H

  • We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. 🗺 _ This was taken with my shitty little GoPro by the hands of @low_steccia . We were exploring some caves in the south east coast of Italy & I have to admit the dark waters made me feel a little uneasy 😳 _ #travelingcamera #gopro #italy #caves #ocean #sea #captain #darkwater #waterphotography #blackandwhitechallenge #blackandwhitepics #photoshop #photooftheday #travelphotography #manonamission #manwithavision
    2017-08-22 17:14:04

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    Federico Tolu:
    @lvargas95 Thanks for letting me use your GoPro bro😉 can't wait for the next time we see each other

    Lorenzo Leyva:
    Finally an awesome photo!! Haha 😉🤙🏽 DOPE photo man. Can wait for the next one for the full row 😌

    Luis Vargas:
    @lyfeoflorenzo man whatchu mean. Sorry I don't post selfies 24/7


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  • Our mind is like water. When things are turbulent, it's difficult to see. When things are calm, everything becomes clear. _ Rise up this morning. Find your greatest self. Smile. & see the world smiling back. _ #travelphotography #travelingcamera #inspirationalquotes #inspire #livewali #ocean #water #italy #puglia #beachviews #beach #fitnessmotivation #canont3
    2017-08-20 08:21:14

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    Adriana "Del" Castillo:
    Yo! When you're completely not busy! I need your help planning out what city's in Europe to hit up!

    Keaton Gaibler:
    Yes Luis. Yes. Mucho love bro

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  • This shot was one of the few beaches I visited in the South East coast of #Italy. There was absolutely no sand on the shore & we had to walk on sharp rocks to find a nice place to swim. Totally worth it 🤙🏼
    2017-08-19 15:09:00

  • Some days you will feel like the ocean. Some days you will feel like you're drowning in it
    2017-08-18 19:47:07

  • Feelin' blue
    2017-08-15 06:28:39

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    Iesa McReynolds:
    Wow this looks like a scene from a dream 😱

    Hilda Ramirez:
    Wow 😍😫

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  • We must seek adventure in order to know where we truly belong 🌏 Lost somewhere in Toscana _ #photography #travelphotography #travelphoto #tuscany #toscana #tuscanyphoto #tuscanyphotographer #toscanatour #toscanabella #photooftheday #photographerlife #photographysouls #portraitphotography #viewsinitaly #italy #italianwine #vineyards #winery #adventurethatislife #adventurephotos #adventurephotography
    2017-08-12 09:45:50

Missing the staff @ Grapevine a little extra today. I made some great friends and memories in Brighton. But the show must go on... Can't wait to visit their country one day in the near future 🤙🏼 #LePotAvantLePut #CheckMe #YaDickhead #GrapeVineHostel #YourFockingGayMate