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  • Touristing around with my Japanese pal ☕☕☕
    2017-08-31 03:48:19

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    Gabriella Susanto:
    @joceline.teja ah that's my kind of thing

    Hi. Fotonya boleh kami repost gak? Thank you.

    jo 🌻:
    @tayadabatik Boleh 😚

    @joceline.teja thank you 😁

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    gab k.

    e l i s h i a

    love my baby❤👑

  • Going to China was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Working at a law firm, a government organisation, teaching English to children, making so many new friends, eating new foods and going on new adventures. Most importantly, it helped me get in touch with my roots. I've been learning Mandarin Chinese since I was 6, but if you asked me I'd tell you that I only started a few years ago. I'm ashamed of the lack of fluency I have in the language, one my ancestors spoke and lost their lives for. Growing up, chinese-indonesians were always made aware of 1998, but that was all we were. Aware. Going to China made me learn the language beyond textbooks and tests and my god it is a beautiful language and I am angry, at all the years that I had wasted in my Chinese classes not listening and not wanting to. It maybe be 11 years too late but I've learnt my lesson, and I hope I can continue to learn and improve my Chinese. Here are a few pictures from the beautiful 4 Sisters Mountains. I have a lot of pictures and I'll post them eventually. #allnatureshots #visualsoflife #photosinbetween #justgoshoot #exploretocreate #internchina #chengdu #campeveryday #hiking #nature #natgeotravel #vsco #artsy #exploretocreate
    2017-07-28 09:31:01

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    jo 🌻: Thank you auntie!! Miss your cooking ❤

    Gracia Samudro:
    Dammmnnnn aesthetics ❤️

    jo 🌻:
    @graciasamudro Thank you girl ❤

    jo 🌻:
    @susan_lim why are you stalking me

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    Catherine Lie 李苹芳

  • I can't wait for what's to come 🐼
    2017-04-21 05:58:47

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    @joceline.teja A really un Personal Computer way to say things. And well, you can't understand Chinese Law without knowing the language brah xD

    jo 🌻:
    @peopleforgotmyname ying ke operates in English, it was actually one of the main application requirements 😂

    Kevin Dusinberre:
    Awesome :)

    🐁 STIKER TEMA LINE 50C = 9K 🐄:
    follback ya sis😀

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    Cara Reston

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  • @baen_yeung after everytime I eat cheese, #LifeOfTheLactoseIntolerant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #peoplecreatives #vscoartist #vscoartist #visualsoflife #NatGeo #natgeotravel #NatureAddict #flowerstagram #greenthumb #gentleman #vsco #artsy #exploretocreate #explore #explorescotland #travelawesome #travelstroke #JustGoShoot
    2017-04-03 10:09:05

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    Mrs.Abbygayle Vann:
    Very nice :)

    The picture is really stylish..

    jo 🌻:
    @abbygaylerose @earthscovery Thank you!

    Vincenzo Severino Photo 🇮🇹:

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    brenda * :・゚✧


    👻 anastasiasalim

  • I can't believe that my first year in University is already over (thanks too exam exemptions woo). By far moving away has been the most positive experience of my life. 1 year down, 3 years to go! P.S: Can we talk about how good the offers for BBS KJ batch of 2017 are? The University poster this year is going to be HUGE. P.P.S: MISSING YOU BACKROW GIRLS!!! SKYPE SOOOOONN!!! 😭😭😭 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #flowerstagram #floral #NatureAddict #vscoartist #vegan #colour #botanicalgardens #greenthumb #minimalmovement #artsy #JustGoShoot #exploretocreate #visualsoflife #roses
    2017-03-31 15:31:41

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    jo 🌻:
    @vimalasiri_widjaja what exams do you haveee? @kellyneffendi omg everyone has exams

    kelly n effendi:
    Easter break is coming bless 😭💜 and ya we're all practically buried in work bcs week 5/6

    Vimalasiri Widjaja:
    Management and business law 😞 and yea it's mid sem season here lol

    Yeahh hahaha finally got it 😁. Keep in touch dude I'll definitely need someone to guide me around over there 😁😁

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    Stephanie Laurentia

    Berliana Tjendera

  • So who else is struggling with their studies or just life in general? 📸: @baen_yeung
    2017-03-08 22:10:22

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    Cherryvale Farms:

    Christian Daniel Haahs:

    Nadia Yao 🌼:

    jo 🌻:
    @nadgrcia details girl details

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    gab k.

    Lourdes Sumasto Tjia

    Michael Surya Budiarta

  • This Valentines Day, I asked my boyfriend to get me chicken nuggets instead of roses. He ended up sending me pancakes with whipped cream, strawberries, bananas and blueberry sauce. ❤ Still the most thoughtful guy, all the way from Canada and in between his exams. Repost, because the difference in greys was getting to me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #repost #vscoartist #vscocam #vsco🍃 #flowerstagram #flowers #vegan #visualsoflife #imaginatones #agameoftones #flatlay #createcommune #exploretocreate #explorescotland #justgoshoot #communityfirst #art #artsy #roses #love #hypebeast #natgeotravel #natureflatlays #flowerpower #colour #colours #floral #glasgow #scotland #love
    2017-02-25 21:13:25

  • Since this picture I have: 1. Successfully gone dairy and egg free, confirming that, the reason my face looked like the way my dorm's lower floor does after they throw what seems to be the 2927361963616th party, was indeed cheese. 2. Bought a blender and made smoothies that resemble and taste like chunky salad but at least they're good for me. 3. Started hanging out with more girls, this is a big one. 4. Embarked on a long distance relationship, because Ontario is nowhere near Glasgow. 5. PASSED MY LAW EXAM WITH TOP(ish) MARKS!!! . . . . . . . . . . . #glasgow #guardiantravelsnaps #christmas #vscoartist #vsco #white #minimalmovement #minimalist #photography #hypebeast #agameoftones #justgoshoot #exploretocreate
    2017-02-03 13:34:16

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    jo 🌻:
    @blackbutterfly0223 I wouldn't be where I am today without you 💕

    Hannia Marohombsar:

    Christianto Roesli:
    Time to go vegan hahaha

    jo 🌻:
    @christianto39 Trying to 😂! Doing pretty well actually!

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    Nadia Yao 🌼

    B E L I N D A 🎀 R E I N I T A

    Kenny Bastian

  • Unpopular opinion but my 2016 was great. I graduated high school, got to go to Japan with my Backrow crew, got into the best business school in the UK that also tops the ranks in my degree, met amazing new people and made some wonderful friendships. So thank you @jessicabianca__ @kellyneffendi @vimalasiri_widjaja @peopleforgotmyname @vaniadellaressa for sticking by me through the toughest years of high school. Thank you @fromonionwithlove and Edward for being some of the first people and now friends i met. Without you chenda I would have given up all hope in Finance and Accounting and Edward, thanks for always making BAT classes fun! Thanks Atishay for always making my BAT tutorials something I look forward to, and for being a generally awesome pal. I love that we both have artsy interests and big dreams. To @sarah_spencer_ @hannahlouisegillies @samanthalockie and @minnielauraa, I know we don't hang out often but everytime we meet you're all always so welcoming (not to mention you guys seem to always have vodka on hand). Thanks @ericchuung, Sander and Cameron for letting me sleep over all the time and being the best non-official flatmates anyone could ask for. To @felixhang123 and @ericchuung especially, I'm really thankful for our friendship. I know that I'm the only non cantonese person in our crew and I won't always get all your jokes, but you two are like brothers to me and I love you both very much 💕. To @camillavdv, thanks for all the food and the girly talks and all the great big sister heart to hearts 😭💕. I hope even a speck of your cooking magic can pass on to me and that we can go clubbing when I turn 18! And to @baen_yeung. I love you. Cheers 2016, here's to hoping 2017 will be even better.
    2017-01-01 13:11:37

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    jo 🌻:
    @the.s.tales Thank youu 💕💕💕 I hope your 2017 will be better 😙

    Cocoburg Coconut Jerky:

    😱Cutest Instagram Dog❤:
    Pretty nice :)

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    Jeremy Santosa

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    Elly Hermawan

  • If people could give me some ideas on what to paint or draw, I would really appreciate it 💕 Currently uninspired.
    2016-12-28 08:58:16

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    camilla vedovato:
    @joceline.teja Hyde park!

    jo 🌻:
    @camillavdv ahh! I didnt see it 😣 i google imaged it, it looks really cool

    jo 🌻:
    @the.s.tales I was considering it but this image just doesn't inspire me enough for some reason

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    Rafael Brian Sumali

    Zack Vitiello

    Berliana Tjendera

  • Take me back to Scotland where the plants are green and the sky isn't infested in pollution 💕 But really like seriously. I want to go back. Also trying to go vegan for the last days of 2016 and plant-based next year.
    2016-12-26 04:34:52

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    @joceline.teja lol i feel the same abt cheese but theres a lot of great vegan cheeses nowadays soo

    jo 🌻:
    @the.s.tales you should! It's absolutely wonderful 💕, the people are lovely and the architecture is amazing, and there's a perfect balance of city and scenery

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    Selina Nicole

    Irene Wijaya



  • I have this love and hate relationship with Lush. I love going into their shops and being engulfed in the wonderful scents of their products, I love their adorable and eco-friendly packagaing, I love how the staff are (obligated to be) so friendly and helpful. I love what they stand for, I love that their products are mostly natural. Except. They're not. Most Lush products still contain fragrances, parabens and SLS. I hate that still have not phased these ingredients out of their products, despite the harmful effects they have to the human body. Although this still won't affect how often I go into Lush shops and buy their shampoo bars and face masks (and ask for free samples), it has made me look into more organic and cleaner brands. I guess now I understand why the diehard vegan YouTubers never advertise Lush but the newer, novice vegans do.
    2016-12-23 03:08:32

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    jo 🌻:
    #lush #vegan #lushcosmetics #lushfreshhandmadecosmetics #green #crueltyfree #aesthetic #shampoo #beauty #lushoxfordstreet #lushobsessed #greenery

    Marta Tria:
    It's my and @rizkiekwon fav store too! 😍

    jo 🌻:
    @marumaruta im obsessed with Lush, everytime i see it I can't resist going in 😍

    Marta Tria:
    @joceline.teja totally know how you feel 😚

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    👻 anastasiasalim


    Kathleen Gunardi

    Lievia Chyntia

  • Part 1:I can't quite believe that my first semester in University is over. It's really odd how much you can change when you're trying to adapt into a new environment. Despite the baffling gender ratio between my male to female friends, the fact that my room has been abandoned for half the semester, all the stress law school has brought me (which I actually don't mind, I love my degree) and the fact that I bought a gym membership for a year and have only gone thrice, I'm happy. Part 2: If I'm to be completely honest, the Botanic Gardens, our amazing room and Mr Fluffy Cat were the only things that made Inverness not a total waste of money and time. Part 3: This picture is dedicated to my Succulent, Belinda; and my Hollandaise cactus, Hope.
    2016-12-18 04:38:50

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    joandra teja:
    u said bathbombs were a waste of money when me & con beli, now your sc all bathbombs :'(

    jo 🌻:
    @jo.t special occasion + we asked how it worked and they threw whole bathbombs in so we felt bad

    joandra teja:
    what special occasion

    jo 🌻:
    @jo.t end of exams baby

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    Berliana Tjendera

    Salvia P. Taslim

    Gusti, Estri Cinta Tyas

  • Edinburgh round 2 with my favourite Estonian and @baen_yeung . @felixhang123 and @ericchuung were walking too fast for our puny legs. Stuffed our faces at the Hong Kong food fest because exams are coming and I need a break. Marketing sucks.
    2016-11-26 12:06:48

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    Diet Is Easy If U Have A Plan:
    super nice photo

    jo 🌻:
    @the.s.tales I can handle my Law class but I can't stand marketing, I much prefer doing 7 excel spreadsheets as compared to 1 marketing report

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    Miranda 🌺

    lourdes 🌹

    Celline Ellen

  • I haven't been on Instagram since I've come to Glasgow, to be honest, I haven't been on anything that even remotely reminds me of home. @camillavdv said this to me the other night, you can't really miss someone that has never been where you are right now, and she's right, nothing here reminds me of home and for that, I'm grateful. Also Edinburgh you were great, it's fun being all gross and touchy feely while exploring a new city, exploring it with someone you love. I'm going to stop here before I sound any more disgusting. . . . . . . . So like you know, hash tag time #edinburgh #scotland #vsco #clean #art #marble
    2016-10-21 17:16:43

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    Nic D'arte:
    Have fuuun

    jo 🌻:
    @nicdartephotography thank youuu, Edinburgh was more fun this time around 😏

    jo 🌻:
    @the.s.tales 😙💕💕💕

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    Nic D'arte

    Clarinda Irene Chandra


    Alex Goh

  • I'm not sure what I like best about this picture. How intense @natasha_w99 face looks? The fact that me @florencialiunard and Candice aren't looking at the camera? How @janiceeheart23 head is covering part of @juankevn face? Patrick and @sei_iiro looking like awkward parents? Yong's wink and the fact that him and @natasha_w99 and Juan are doing that same heart thing? Everyone somehow wearing either black, white or blue except for the birthday girl? Either way I think we all look great here. 💕
    2016-09-03 09:44:55

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    joandra teja:
    this doesnt match ur feed tho rip

    jo 🌻:
    I think it does, if not delete :I @jo.t

    joandra teja:
    sm green the rest are like so whitish yellowish brownish

    jo 🌻:
    @jo.t maybe I'll take some brighter pics

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    Madeline Tarunasastra

    Aarushi Sanghai


    Sheryl Williem

  • Ok first : EVERYONE CONGRATULATE JESS BECAUSE SHE GOT ACCEPTED AND GOT A PART SCHOLARSHIP INTO NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, A FULL SCHOLARSHIP TO HKU AND 4A*s AND AN A FOR HER 5 A LEVELS!! SHE EVEN GOT THE SAME MARK AS LAST YEAR'S TOP IN INDO FOR GP!!! Secondly, To the only other girl in Backrow who didn't take the college/foundation route: Words cannot express how proud I am of you. You've spent years working for this, tirelessly studying ( to the point of having no hobbies ) and now as you embark on this new journey I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you for putting up with us always teasing you, or manipulating your lack of understanding of the subtleties in the English Language. We know we bash you a lot but only you can say you came out on top with 4A*s an A in Chinese effing A level and an A in GP. How you managed that last part I'm still trying to wrap my head around. You're going to do so well in HKU, and with all the money your parents saved from your FULL SCHOLARSHIP, maybe we'll get to go on another overseas trip, see the cute deers you wanted. Maybe meet a Kpop Star along the way. Whether you continue to pursue your degree in Finance and Accounting or ( hopefully ) make the switch to Engineering, I'm always here to support you! I love you so much Jess and I am SO SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Your weirdest friend, -tej P.S : Don't forget to give us our Japanese Yen back P.P.S : I love you!! ( in a sister kind of way ) P.P.P.S: Candice helped me make this
    2016-08-17 07:04:51

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    Frederick Austin:
    @jessicabianca__ congratz on HKU, have fun!!

    Congrats @jessicabianca__!

    Jessica Bianca:
    @audreymulyono thank u dreey!😚 u too!😊 @fredac22 thank u!! Good luck a lvls😄 @mr_eman719 thank you sir😊

    ♡ 😀

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    living disappointment

    gab k.


    Cindy Tanoto

  • A small tribute to the lovely @madewin . One of the sweetest, most genuine YouTubers who help show that beauty can be vegan and cruelty free. 💕💕💕 . . . . . . . . . . . #art #artsy #marble #white #lineart #cartoon #acrylicpainting #instaart #arts_help #paint #drawing #iartpost #illustration #art_nerd #art_collective #artistic_dome #artistic_castle #artistic_discover #artistuniversity #artscloud #artzworld #polaroid #monochrome
    2016-08-09 06:36:58

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    jo 🌻:
    @jo.t aww don't worry about me i have a plan.... I'm gonna buy marble wrapping paper and I'm gonna lay it on the floor for pics 😙

    joandra teja:
    nice" remember when u didnt have instagram & never liked the house now u probably love the floors v much😂

    Madelynn *〰*:
    This is so cute!! Thank you 😍🌹

    jo 🌻:
    @madewin You're welcome!! Thank you for being you and for being such an inspiration ❤❤❤

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    kelly n effendi



  • We may not be Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna anymore but you're all still pretty to me ❤
    2016-07-22 06:00:23

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    C A M A R A D E:

    jo 🌻:
    @the.s.tales Aria, despite me being the tallest 😋

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    tiffany 🍵


    Iveindigo Djianto

    Irene Wijaya

Touristing around with my Japanese pal ☕☕☕