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  • After an intense day of hiking on Saturday, we spent all day Sunday relaxing by the water. Pictured here is Secret Beach, a hidden gem off the main highway just minutes from the @WestinPrinceville on the North Shore. There are no signs—hence the name—and there is a winding forest trail down to the sand. Once you arrive, the beach is quiet, peaceful, and if you take a short stroll along the coast, you will arrive at a magical spot where fresh clean spiring water flows out of the mountain, creating the most invigorating—and cold—shower you’ve ever experienced. Check our Stories to see us trying it out, and follow along today as we visit our very first chocolate plantation at @Steelgrassfarm! Aloha!
    2017-10-23 13:37:24

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    Asha Shiv:
    Such a nice vacation. Love Hawaii, so lush, so beautiful. Have a good one.❤️

    Looking cool you two!

    Alison Marras:
    You guys look so relaxed I love it!

    MaryAnn Dwyer:
    Nothing better than a day at the beach! 🌴😎

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    Alice Choi •

    Tina bakes & cooks.👩🏾‍🍳💕

    d a n i e l s e i d m a n

    Natsumi Kishikawa (nakatsu)

  • If you get the chance to visit Kauai and love adventure, you gotta check out the Kalalau trail at the end of the North Shore. We hiked four intense miles through lush forests in thick slippery mud, rolled up our pants and crossed a rushing river that led us to a remote beach where we ate sandwiches and watched the ocean waves, then made it all the way back to the trailhead at Ke’e beach just in time for sunset. With truly breathtaking views of the Na Pali coast, it is an unforgettable experience and totally worth the trek!
    2017-10-23 00:06:54

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    C h e l s i e 🌹:
    Awww, happy to hear it was a place where memories were made for you both! I may be bias but Hawaii is a jewel of many facets for sure.

    Paola Holthausen:
    Such a gorgeous view!

    Maja & Jernej:
    Oh wau! This looks breathtaking 😍 hope you guys are having the best time ever ♥️

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  • Happy Sunday everyone! If you’ve been following our Stories, then you’ll completely understand why we’re sipping bloody marys for breakfast! #ad Yesterday, we hiked the spectacular Kalalau Trail, just 30 minutes from the @WestinPrinceville, so today we’re relaxing and starting our morning with a spicy cocktail brunch at the poolside hotel restaurant. We’ll post a pic from our epic hike later this afternoon, but until then, we’re going to take it easy, enjoy these ocean views, and order a few more cocktails. Cheers and aloha!
    2017-10-22 15:02:50

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    Enjoy it!! 🙌

    Portland baker and cook:
    Happy place!!

    Stacey T♉:

    Paola Holthausen:
    Looks delish! 😍

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    cindy rahe


    Rachel Tallis 🌴

  • Good morning from Kauai! We set our alarms early to catch the sunrise here at the beautiful @WestinPrinceville on the North Shore. #ad After baking triple coconut cookies on our live show yesterday, we toured the plantation at @KauaiCoffeeCo, enjoyed a multi-course rum tasting with @KoloaRum, then finished the evening by judging the Kauai’s Best Bartender competition at @RumFirePoipu! Today we are going to check out a few farmer’s markets and stock up on fresh fruit for our hike along the Na Pali coast! We’ll be posting on our Stories, so come along with us we head into the mountains! Aloha!
    2017-10-21 14:50:29

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    Susan Russell:
    One of my fav places on earth #westinprinceville

    Judy Kim:
    Have the best time

    Lexi & Beth:
    Sounds like you are having an amazing time!!

    What a view 😍😍

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    Jamee Troup

    1Teaspoon Love(Vishakha Bhuta)


    Velva Knapp

  • Aloha from Kauai! We’re taking our live show on the road! We #partnered with the @WestinPrinceville to bring you a special Island Edition 🌴 of Friday Live With Husbands That Cook! Join us today at 12pm PST from our adorable kitchenette as we bake our new favorite cookie! Filled with three kinds of coconut, these ultra-chewy, and appropriately tropical treats are here to transport you to paradise: introducing triple coconut cookies! See you at noon! xoxo Adam and Ryan
    2017-10-20 13:26:30

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    Joanna Paige Smith:
    Go eat at the Beach House in Poipu!❤

    Judy Kim:
    So cool!!!!


    Wow!! What camera do you guys use? 😍😍

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    Nami #justonecookbook 🇯🇵🇺🇸

    Natalie Gitersonke

  • Happy Thursday everyone! We’re leaving for Kauai this morning and wish you could come along with us! We’ll be sharing our adventures on our IG Stories all weekend long, and tonight at 8pm PST we’ll also be giving a special tour of the beautiful grounds of the @WestinPrinceville hotel on So join us this evening for a Q&A chat and garden tour live from the North Shore! Aloha! xoxo Ryan and Adam
    2017-10-19 10:49:41

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    Citronelle and Cardamome:

    Julia's Cuisine:
    Wow!!!! Enjoy! Look forward to the stories.

    Paola Holthausen:
    You guys are so cute! Enjoy!

    Have fun guys !!!

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    Todd Sinclair


    Robert F

  • Happy Wednesday everyone! We are so excited because this week we’re taking our live show to Kauai! Join us this Friday at 12pm PST live from the North Shore as we cook up these triple coconut cookies in our suite at the @westinprinceville hotel. Follow along our Stories all weekend as we explore the island, and we’ll see you in Hawaii! Aloha!
    2017-10-18 12:22:00

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    Lexi & Beth:
    I want all of the cookies and to be in Hawaii as well!! Have fun😘😘

    Nicole Gaffney:
    So fun!! Enjoy.

    Oh. I so need like five of these. 😍

    Citronelle and Cardamome:
    Looks awesome. I have just discovered your Instagram page 2 weeks ago and your Live on Friday was nice, thanks for sharing. Enjoy Hawaii 😊

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  • We’re making up for yesterday’s #NationalDessertDay with these warm chocolate mocha lava cakes from the blog! Better late then never! Happy Sunday everyone!! (Recipe link in profile)
    2017-10-15 13:54:59

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    Maurizio Leo:

    Natalie Zee:

    That looks delicious! 👌

    Paola Holthausen:
    Looks heavenly!

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    Julia Calleo

    🍒Викуся 🍒


    Bobby L

  • We have some exciiiting news! Did you know that when Ryan is not busy in the kitchen, he’s also an actor? This photo is from when he played a demon slave on the TV show Angel—complete with leash, speedo, and full prosthetic makeup. This week he makes his debut on another scary show… And we are so excited because we can finally announce that this Tuesday at 10pm on F/X he will be co-starring in… AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!! We aren’t allowed to mention anything about the episode or his character, but if you’re feeling brave, make a batch of our butterscotch caramel corn (obviously) and tune in this Tuesday!!! Happy Saturday everyone!
    2017-10-14 12:43:06

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    Vy Tran:
    No freaking way!!!! I know a celebrity! 👊🏻

    Lexi & Beth:
    No way!! That is so awesome!!

    Dale #TheDaleyPlate 🇿🇦🇰🇷🇺🇸:

    Alessandra Hurtado:
    Saw the episode adorable yeah American Horror

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    Elea Denegre

    Caitlin McGuire

  • pumpkin samosas: It’s Friday!! And just like that we are leaving you with two back-to-back pumpkin recipes for all your weekend pumpkin needs. #ad We’ve partnered with @RalphsGrocery to create a Fall pumpkin recipe, and if you like pumpkin pie and Indian samosas, then you are going to love these mini baked pumpkin treats! Filled with pumpkin purée, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice, these cute little triangular desserts are pure pumpkin perfection. We bought everything at our local Ralphs, and with their great selection of pumpkins and high quality produce, we were thrilled with the pumpkin results. (Recipe below in comments) #LoveMyRalphs #howmanytimesdidwesaypumpkin 🎃🎃🎃 Join us live here at 12pm PST today for a very special episode of Friday Live, where we’ll be joined by the lovely and talented Meg from @thismessisours. We’ll be making these tasty samosas, along with Meg’s recipe for pumpkin Dark & Stormy cocktails, so you don’t want to miss it! Our kitty Sylvia is obsessed with pumpkin—as you can clearly see—so she might just have to join us on the show too! 🐱💕
    2017-10-13 10:39:23

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    Julia's Cuisine:
    The samosas look to die for & Sylvia looks just too cute🐱🎃

    Alex Evjen | Stylist & Blogger:
    Love it you guys!

    Lexi & Beth:
    I LOVE how your cat is stalking the samosas!! It is like our lab!

    Pumpkin is legit.

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    Wilma Chupp

    Punto de nieve ✨Foodie Madrid

  • pumpkin chocolate chip cookies: You would never guess that these rich and gooey chocolate chip cookies are vegan. Using almond butter, coconut oil, and water to replace the egg gives them an award-winning chewiness with perfectly crispy edges and a soft center. Warm with autumn spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice, these cookies are filled with pumpkin purée, lots of vanilla, and huge chunks of semi-sweet chocolate. Happy Fall! (Recipe link in profile)
    2017-10-12 20:43:09

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    Paola Holthausen:
    They look so tempting! 😍😍😍

    Citronelle and Cardamome:
    Looks very good

    Being Tessiebelle:
    Very pretty 😊😊😊

    Michal Mishan:
    Looks so good!!!! Must try these!

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    Nathalie Cellard

    Christina Marsigliese

    Baby 😜


  • Something pumpkin this way comes! Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies… coming soon to an oven near you! Happy Wednesday everyone!
    2017-10-11 16:46:47

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    Gorgeous shot boys 👍

    Alexander Palacios:
    Check out the newest artwork of Alexander Palacios @lookatpalacios !

    Maja & Jernej:
    Absolutely beautiful 💛

    Paola Holthausen:
    Beautiful flatlay!

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    Rajasree Das


    Daria Toropova

    Susana Villasuso

  • Happy Tuesday everyone! We’re making baked samosas today, but without any potatoes! What could we possibly be filling them with!? 🤔🤔 Any guesses…?
    2017-10-10 12:10:59

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    Jennifer Emilson:
    Can't wait to find out!

    I thought I commented 😳 I can't wait to find out !!

    Abha Bagroy:
    Can't wait to find out the filling..tell us pl @husbandsthatcook

    Abha 📍Los Angeles:
    Best with some chai ☕️😀

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    Adelaster Food Textures

    ↠ Cupiniquim ↞

  • Happy Saturday everyone! It’s @kevmasse’s birthday and we are celebrating with freshly-baked horchata cupcakes! All month long @KitchenAidUSA will #donate $1 to @SusanGKomen for every cupcake shared on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #10000cupcakes, and this is our contribution to this sweet campaign! Plus, Kevin is giving away a brand new KitchenAid stand mixer to one lucky winner (fingers crossed!), so head to his latest post for more details on how to enter! (Recipe for horchata cupcakes on the blog, link in profile)
    2017-10-07 12:45:31

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    Husbands That Cook:
    @nocrumbsleft haha definitely!! Hope you’re doing well Teri! 💕💕

    Husbands That Cook:
    @thejamlab haha you know we always want to share with you! 😘😘

    Husbands That Cook:
    @melinahammer hiii! So we’re actually in LA, not the Bay Area, so the fires are pretty far from us, but we have so many friends up there that are evacuated and suffering. It’s just so terrible. 😧🔥

    @husbandsthatcook agh. Somehow with your lush garden and vibe I remembered further north (silly me) Happy you are unaffected but so worried about people and this sweeping disaster!!!

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    Antique Stove Heaven

    Eveline Fava ☕️🍁🍪

    Stephanie Medina


  • Question: What do you get when you cross broccoli and guacamole? If you guessed Broccamole, you are correct! Join us live on Instagram today at 12pm PST as we start the weekend off with something lean, green, and unequivocally delicious! Happy Friday everyone! 💚
    2017-10-06 13:19:38

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    Husbands That Cook:
    @ashley___clarke thanks so much Ashley! 🥑💚🥑💚

    Pim 🌾:
    @husbandsthatcook Healthy + tasty is key! 😉 We're trying to experiment w/ other healthy and tasty recipes here lately. May have to bookmark a lot of your stuff! 😜

    Lol you guys are just hilarious and fun! The broccomole sounds soooo interesting 💚💚

    You guys are amazing and toooo funny

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    Laura Williams


    🌴📍👖 📐

    Shirley Jones

  • How ‘bout a little slice of peanut butter cheesecake for this #tbt? Happy Thursday everyone! (Recipe link in profile)
    2017-10-05 11:57:36

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    Rachel Conners •
    Omg this is actually my idea of HEAVEN 🙌🏻🎉😍


    Chef Jonathan Scinto™:

    A Fragrant Vagrant:
    @husbandsthatcook all of this needs to be in my body! Just gorgeous 🤤🍫🥜🍰

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    ILI 🇧🇬България 🇲🇽México

    Lisa McPederson

    Anja Munser

    Kari Gallo

  • Happy Wednesday everyone! To celebrate pomegranate season, we will be cooking—not one, but two—dishes using this exquisite fall fruit on our @gravylive show this week! Visit tomorrow at 11am PST and join us for our new weekly cooking show, Mix It Up with Husbands That Cook on this fun and interactive new platform! And if you have a webcam, we may even invite you to join us “on stage!” See you tomorrow! xoxo Adam and Ryan
    2017-10-04 14:34:32

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    Husbands That Cook:
    @michalakramer we love pomegranate too! They’re so pretty, and so tasty!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Husbands That Cook:
    @thelemonapron unfortunately no, haha. The birds and squirrels took EVERY single pomegranate except 1. 🙄😐

    Husbands That Cook:
    @insearchofwonders thank you so much Asli! They’re just so pretty! 😍❤️✨

    Love pomegranate! Have u ever baked it , cut in half , with roasted chicken ? It's to die for

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    Ada F (에이다)



    Nina Joy

  • Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we are celebrating the color yellow! @MelissasProduce just launched their first annual #7days7ColorsChallenge, and we were inspired to create something spicy and delicious! We love Mexican grilled street corn, and today we are experimenting with a recipe for Thai-inspired street corn with a yellow curry sauce! We’ll let you know how it turns out, and in the meantime, Melissa’s is dedicating every day this week to a different color of the produce rainbow, so check out the hashtag to see all the other creative posts! 💛🍋🍌🌽🍍💛 PS: We also have 4 of our favorite yellow books on the piano… do you recognize them all?
    2017-10-03 12:23:14

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    yellow food best ever

    Adorable photo!!💛💛💛

    Where are your yellow shirts ????

    Citronelle and Cardamome:
    Great picture

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  • Happy Friday everyone! We created this #sponsored post with @drinktelula and @TheFeedFeed for a tasty and healthy treat paired with Telula’s Blackberry Chia Cold-Pressed Juice. What are your plans this weekend? Whether you’re going to a party or staying in to watch movies, we’ve got the perfect appetizer for you: Apple Nachos! If you’ve never tried this fruity version of nachos before, you’re just a few ingredients away from peanut butter paradise! Here, thinly sliced apples are drizzled with creamy peanut butter blended with honey and cinnamon, then topped with your favorite granola, dried cranberries, coconut flakes, and sprinkled with pepitas. It’s crunchy, sweet, healthy, and delicious! Right now, you can find Telula on sale at your local Whole Foods - but act quickly! (Get the recipe at #DrinkTelula #Telula #LetsJuiceThis #FeedFeed #TelulaRefresh
    2017-09-29 11:48:34

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    Husbands That Cook:
    @superfoodrunner They're sooo tasty! We could eat them all day! 😍💕

    @husbandsthatcook we can organize next October as now I'm busy and leave the area after the 10th . I have a special friend chef @tonytan53 that wants to come too next year and we all can have a lot of fun !

    MY Secret NY:
    Great post

    That is such a clever idea!! Am loving all the ingredients in these healthy nachos ! :)

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    Love to Cook

    Tisha Howard

    Ashmita Sharma

    Meghan Throckmorton

  • Today’s the day! We are so excited to be hosting our first episode of Mix it Up With Husbands That Cook on the innovative new platform @gravylive! There are tons of cool features that go far beyond what Instagram live can do: we can host fun spin-the-wheel giveaways, conduct live polls, play pre-recorded videos, and if you have a webcam, we can even split the screen and bring you “onstage” with us! So make yourself look pretty and join us today at 11am PST as we make butterscotch caramel bars and pumpkin spice martinis live on Gravy (desktop only, mobile version coming soon)
    2017-09-28 11:17:10

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    Husbands That Cook:
    @cravingsinamsterdam haha Yay!! Thanks so much Paola! 😘💕

    Wow looks exciting

    How cool! You guys are the perfect pair for this!

    Gorgeous photo!!❤️😘

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    Erica Winter

    Mark Bergadon


After an intense day of hiking on Saturday, we spent all day Sunday relaxing by the water. Pictured here is Secret Beach, a hidden gem off the main highway just minutes from the @WestinPrinceville on the North Shore. There are no signs—hence the name—and there is a winding forest trail down to the sand. Once you arrive, the beach is quiet, peaceful, and if you take a short stroll along the coast, you will arrive at a magical spot where fresh clean spiring water flows out of the mountain, creating the most invigorating—and cold—shower you’ve ever experienced. Check our Stories to see us trying it out, and follow along today as we visit our very first chocolate plantation at @Steelgrassfarm! Aloha!