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#LethalAllure Princess 👑♉✌❤ herhighnessla

As the bull headed #Taurus I am this is always going to be a work in progress for me! Doing ANYTHING with anger or frustration will usually leave you on the losing end! Your more likely to make a bad move or mistake because your mind isn't clear (I've made more than a few), more likely to speak things you may not mean, and of course there's the being angry part that's a loss on its own! I'm childish too, so arguing with me will get you nothing but more upset, after I completely ignore any words said in a higher tone than my ears care willing to accept 😂! HOWEVER I'm tired of spending even the 15 mins distracted before I catch myself when I do get mad 😑! Positivity and ONENESS are #MajorKEYS to the WIN yall let's try it! I've never got paid off an argument (I wouldn't mind tho) ... #ThatLastPartTho 😎