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The LethalAllure Princess 👑♉✌❤ herhighnessla

#PositiveVibes! Thinking you CAN'T get passed what your going through... only slows you down to GETTING PASSED it 🙏🙌! We all are vulnerable to negative thoughts, but WE truly do control how LONG we let those thoughts control our mind. I've been through a lot lately, negative thoughts FILLED my head, but then I thought about all the other times I just KNEW life was over after I hit a bump in the road, got over that bump, and the next one and the next one (|Like that annoying Neighborhood or Apts that try to mess up your tires 😂|), but when I got over it I realized just how SMALL that bump was! I also realized just how much faster I could've gotten over it, had I not been concerned about my rims 😂😂😂 (lol joke)! Moral of the story, chhiillll Lil Ma God got you covered, and don't miss the lesson in what your going through so you can GROW instead of repeating the cycle, makes for a less bumpy road 👍😏! #PrettyBlessed