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  • 🇺🇦🍓 Wild strawberries in Voroktha, one of the small village in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. Appearance-wise they look like the store-bought strawberries that we're all used to, but much tinier. They still taste similar, just a bit more sweet and more tangy. It turns out that most strawberries we know these days are a product of selective breeding by farmers over the past few decades, so they are bigger but they are not necessarily more flavorful. Being a person who has lived her entire life in metropolitan cities, I don't have much knowledge of how fruits and vegetables were grown or how to identify which tree belongs to what fruit. Going to the Carphatian Mountains was a fascinating experience. I got to see how people here grow their own fruits and vegetables for their meals and even farm their own honey! Do you know any fruit related fun facts? Share them in the comment below so I can read and learn #україна #ukraine #wildfruits #strawberry #carpathianmountains #vorokhta #girleatworld #girleatukraine
    2017-07-21 11:11:42

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    wa o so small

    I believe these are known as 'poziomki' in Poland and are considered different fruit to strawberries

    Come to Bandung and take photos of those great cemilan please!

    💦 sellamano lucas 👉 🍁 🎃 👅 ♪:
    @jubsoares90 Muito legal. Parece amora. 😊 😋

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  • 🇵🇱 I was blessed with a great weather and clear blue skies in #Krakow, Poland. This is Obwarzanek Krakowski, a very, very popular street snack in Krakow - I mean... it even has Krakow in its name! It's a ring-shaped bread that are very similar to bagels, but on the street it's not sold with any kind of spread or fillings so you might find it bland unless you eat it with something else. It's a widely accepted history that Obwarzanek has been on the streets of Krakow since 1394. Obwarzanek means to boil, referring to the way this bread is made - boiked and then sprinkled with salt and some toppings. I've seen it topped with white sesame seeds or poppy seeds (like the one I have in the picture). I also saw a few vendors with cheese topping but I didn't get the chance to try those. Obwarzanek was originally baked only during Lent, but nowadays they are available all year round. They are hard to miss when you are in Krakow - there are 180 street carts selling these around the city!
    2017-07-16 02:57:33

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    Dijana Habjan - TheAtipical:
    I'd eat it with some yogurt :) This is a nice way to make a classical touristic photo of a cathedral a lot more interesting, great work! :)

    優麻 愛:

    Juch 🇫🇷:
    Cool photo! 👍🏻

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  • 🇵🇱🥖🍅🧀 Zapiekanka at Plac Nowy in Kazimierz, the jewish quarter of Krakow, Poland. It is a long french bread with insane amount of topping, baked in the oven until the bread is crispy and the cheese has melted, then topped with sauces and fresh vegetable ingredients depending on what type of sandwich you choose - popular ones are greek, hawaiian, etc. Reminds me of pizza 😋. It makes sense that the name comes from polish verb zapiekac which means to bake. Zapiekanka started out in the 70s during communism period in Poland, as it was very cheap, tasty and easy to make. Even today, it remained very cheap - I got this for 8 zloty which is $2.30. Zapiekanka in Plac Nowy is so popular during dinner time that I had to wait 30 mins to get one. Everyone there was either ordering their Zapiekanka, waiting for one or eating one while sitting down on the sidewalk. It's a tradition, I've been told. The one I got is the Greek variation because I love olives, and honestly? I was a bit skeptical at first but this was seriously life changing. A++ would recommend.
    2017-07-06 19:02:43

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    Janine Craig:
    @mckaiser89 YASSSS Krakow!!!

    Dorota Koper:
    @girleatworld finally Poland !

    @tim_1287 had je dit ook al gegeten?

    Backpack Cafe:

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  • 🇺🇦🧀🗻 I've arrived in #Ukraine! This interestingly shaped item is a smoked string cheese at Verkhovyna, a village in the Carphatian Mountains. The string cheese was braided and knotted into this shape, and to eat it you have to kind of unravel the entire thing. I pretty much ate half of this in one sitting 😢 I wish i had bought more! I arrived in Lviv yesterday by sleeper train from Krakow. It was my first time crossing a country border by train. Despite being woken up by border patrols multiple times at ungodly hour of 4am, Ukraine has been amazing. We got picked up straight from the train station at 7am and immediately drove to the Carphatian Mountains, where we stopped by some villages to check out the markets (where I got this string cheese... plus a few other cheeses :P and some berry wines) and museums on the way. We stayed overnight in Verkhovyna at Eco cottage and had dinner made of everything that was grown in their farm. In the morning we woke up early did a short three hour hike for this amazing view. I will definitely be writing a more detailed post on this in my blog. Today I will be checking out Lviv and getting on yet another sleeper train to Kyiv! Let me know if you have Kyiv recommendations :D
    2017-07-05 03:19:15

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    Marta Kolotylo:

    Anna Ha.:
    Love this cheese😍


    Easy Brunch Recipes:
    That looks so cool! I totally want to try one day 😱😱

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    #HappyHungryFoodie 🍩 Philly 🏙

    Han Gia Phan 💖

    Макияж Свадьба Омск

  • 🇨🇿🍓 Trdelník with whipped cream and strawberries in Old Town Prague, Czech Republic. In the previous post, I talked about Chimney cake in Budapest. I had seen it before in Prague, in the form of Trdelník, even though the Hungarians have claimed this snack. When I visited Prague four years ago, they were sold in the same way as in Budapest. This time around, it seems that the Czech had gotten creative with it! Trdelník is now a lot more attractive and comes with different types of fillings - various ice creams, sauces like chocolate and caramel, and even whipped cream and fruits! Perfect for the summer. I love seeing how food have travelled and gets adapted around the world. This is my second time in Prague. This city is still as beautiful as I remember it four years ago! This time around I took the train out of Prague to Kutna Hora to check out the Sedlec Ossuary, a chapel decorated with real human bones. I am currently in Krakow, Poland and have been enjoying the food here. Next, I am heading to Lviv in Ukraine 🇺🇦! Please comment and recommend me your favorite Ukrainian dish or snacks!
    2017-07-02 11:49:35

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    Anshu Verma:
    It tastes heavenly 😍 tried chocolate filling

    Car Klein:
    Prague is so beautiful!

    Easy Brunch Recipes:
    Fancy fancy! Last like I had it in Czech, it didn't have ice cream in it!

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    Vic Muniz

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  • 🇭🇺 Chimney Cake (aka Kürtőskalács in Hungarian) at the Jewish quarter of Budapest. I first saw this in Prague when I visited four years ago. It was everywhere there, so I assumed it's a czech treat - I was quite surprised to find out it's actually Hungarian! Chimney Cake is made by wrapping a dough around a spit and baking them in open fire by rolling the spit. The result is a cake that is hollow in the middle, resembling a chimney! It dates back to the Medieval times in 1450 and used to be festive food, but these days they are available for regular consumption. It usually comes in various flavors like vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon. This was taken on Kacinczy street, where Budapest's pioneer ruin pub Szimpla Kert is located. Ruin pubs are all the rage in Budapest. They are bars that are housed in what used to be abandoned buildings from the war era. the place feels gritty with mismatched furnitures and random decorations. ---- I'm currently in Prague, and heading out to Krakow tonight by overnight train. If you have any recommendations please comment below 😋
    2017-06-30 07:38:20

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    Fun fact: we eat this a lot in Romania too! It seems it's a popular treat all over Eastern Europe then. Personally, I associate it with beach trips, because my mom used to always get us Kurtos kalacs when we went to the Black Sea. Memories.... 😊 I hope you're enjoying your trip, your Instagram is really nice!

    I would love if you make a hastagh for every city bc it will be easy to find the food on instagram for example #girleatbudapest

    De la nourriture liée aux voyages. 😍 j'aurais pu ouvrir ce compte @mybodylifestyle

    I really like the looks of this- must try it when I get a chance!

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  • 🇩🇪 It's my second time in Berlin and I've been enjoying the city by doing things I didn't have time for last time. I went to visit Potsdam on Monday, a quiet city just an hour train ride away from Berlin. But my tip for this place is to not go on Monday or Tuesday as many of the attractions are closed on those days 😢. I still enjoyed a nice walk around the city though - visited some museums and ate strawberries by the river. In Potsdam, they have a small Bradenburg gate similar to that of Berlin! The two sides are designed by two different architects. Carl von Gontard designed the city side and his student Georg Christian Unger designed the countryside-facing side. I'm flying to Budapest next! comment below and recommend me what to eat 😋🍽
    2017-06-27 00:33:25

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    Luiz Felipe De Pontes Medeiros:

    Luiz Felipe De Pontes Medeiros:
    @mahmedeiros olha esse insta!!

    Mariel Sosa:
    Favorite country!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Diede | Travel Treasures🌴:
    Great shot!!

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  • Hello Singapore! 🇸🇬 Do you know that ALL photos on this instagram were taken and edited straight on an iPhone? . This Saturday at 1pm, I will be conducting a Photo Lab at the new Apple Store in Orchard Road, Singapore for #todayatapple. I'll be sharing with you how to take and edit photos like these on the iPhone! . Additional spots have been opened up, so click on the link in my profile to RSVP before it gets booked up again. . PS: I am shy and very awkward in person but i'm looking forward to meet you! 🙈
    2017-06-07 03:11:42

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    Such a great photo, makes me smile 🙂

    Yoko Ishimizu:

    My Pink Luggage:

    Diede | Travel Treasures🌴:
    Love all your pictures!

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  • I keep missing the actual date... but this month marks @girleatworld's 3rd anniversary - on 11 May to be exact 😊 I was in Boracay at that time and totally forgot about it. . I am reposting the first ever #girleatworld photo as I usually do to celebrate. A gelato taken in Rothenburg ob de Tauber, a small bavarian village in Germany during my solo backpacking trip to Europe. It took four train transfers, right after a long 12-hour flight from Singapore to Frankfurt and me questioning my life choices. But once I got to the village, all doubts disappeared - it was totally worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. That was the trip that kickstarted the collection of food picture I now call #girleatworld! . So much have changed in the past three years, but my love for food and travel remains the same. I still have plenty of travel plans in the making. I'm soooo happy to be back in europe again this summer. I'll be going back to Berlin and Prague, as well as visiting new cities - Krakow, Lviv and Kyiv! 🇩🇪🇨🇿🇵🇱🇺🇦 You better believe i'll be eating a ton and taking pictures so stay tuned :D I'll be back with more stories.
    2017-05-22 11:15:53

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    Biographie Jóias:
    ❤❤❤ @lu_alcantara

    Airbnb Riga:
    You have pretty amazing page . Love it .😍😍💖😍💖💯💖

    hi melissa! i've sent you a DM - hope to hear from you soon!

    La Silvia Si 🎀:
    When are you going to be in Kraków? The best street food there is Zapiekanka - best are in Jewish district called Kazimierz, that is really cute and cosy btw :)

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  • 🇦🇺 My 9-day road trip at @queensland blog post is up at @cheapticketssg blog! click on the link above to read it 🔝. It was such a fun road trip. I'll be writing more pieces for my blog as well, so stay tuned :) . This one is an oyster from Coffin Bay, South Australia at Mooloolaba fish market in Sunshine Coast, shucked fresh daily. Yes I had a lot of oysters during the trip - they were so affordable and fresh that I just can't say no. They go for AU$22 a dozen which is cheaper than happy hour prices in Singapore 😋 Definitely a must whenever you are in Aussie! . After this, we took a scenic drive up David Low way along the beach to Noosa. It was amazing and every stop point was postcard-worthy. . #thisisqueensland #restaurantaustralia #australia #visitsunshinecoast
    2017-05-20 09:37:39

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    Get in my Belly!!!!!!

    maia maia maia:

    girleatworld Cool

    Heather + ✌:
    PS: your nails are delightful!!!

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  • Reasons why #itsmorefuninthephilippines 🇵🇭: Mango shake by the beach is totally a daily thing here! After swimming in the crystal clear water of course. Philippines mangoes are super sweet so I always make sure to get a mango shake whenever I can. Today is our friend Phil and Patricia's big day! 👰🏻🤵🏻💍We are suuuuuper excited for them. It will be my first ever attending a beach wedding - I can't wait! Congrats Philtricia! #PhilPatriciaSummerHitch #ShotOniPhone
    2017-05-13 01:02:37

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    Go hard or go travel:
    Need it 😍

    girleatworld ❤️❤️❤️

    Ugh I love mango shakes!!!

    к ι α я α:
    Sooo nice!! 😍

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  • 🇵🇭 It's more fun in the Philippines! This is Halo-halo, a filipino shaved ice dessert consisting of purple yam, corn, red beans, jelly, jackfruit and my personal favorite - corn flakes cereal! It's drenched in evaporated milk upon serving. Some people might think it's weird to put red beans and corn on cold dessert, but I'm used to it because we do this in Indonesia too 😛 I am in Boracay for the next week with my favorite geckoes @tradegecko for our friend Phil and Patricia's wedding! #PhilPatriciaSummerHitch #ShotOniPhone #itsmorefuninthephilippines
    2017-05-09 07:20:09

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    Annie Lim:
    @peachpopss Yummy! 😍

    Debbie •The Offbeat Trekker ✈️:
    One of My favorite dessert 🍨

    It's so delicious!! 😋😋

    Dryka Miais:
    @ellentxai olha esse de viagens

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  • 🍓🍏🍌🥝🇦🇺 Acai Bowl in Noosa, a small yet fashionable beach town in Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Everyone here is beautiful and seems to be eating the latest, trendiest instagrammable superfood - like this Acai Bowl - especially on Hasting Street just a few meters away from the beach. 💡Did you know? Acai Bowl originally came from Brazil, where Acai berries grew in the Amazon and eaten as staple food. The frozen acai pulp itself was popularized by Brazillian Jiu-jitsu founder Gracie, who made acai bowl part of the diet to maximize performance of the fighters. It was then adopted by surfers in Hawaii and Southern California as a quick yet healthy and tasty snack after a surfing session. Now, as most of you would know, Acai bowl has become popular all over the world, thanks to its delicious taste, health benefits and instagram-worthy presentation. Seems that Acai bowl has found a home in surfer-packed Australian beaches. All over Queensland you will find Acai Bowl sold alongside of coffee and smashed avos! I'm a huge fan of Acai bowl myself. If you want to know more about Acai Berry, I highly suggest reading a 2011 New Yorker piece Strage Fruit: The Rise and fall of Acai Berry by John Colapinto. In Noosa, especially enjoyed walking on the beach and heading out to the nature, such as Fraser Island (a day trip there is a must) and the Noosa National Park, which has a variety of nature trails. #thisisqueensland #restaurantaustralia #australia #visitsunshinecoast
    2017-04-27 11:04:17

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    ~Gourmet Jerky~:
    Love it! 👈🏼 Got jerky? 25 Gourmet Flavors 8g Protein 💥

    ~Gourmet Jerky~:
    🔥BACON 🔥 Jerky too‼️

    Maikal - Travel, Food & Music:
    Looks delicious actually!

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  • Happy Friday guys! 🍔🍟🇦🇺 I'm in Australia this week with @Queensland and @cheapticketssg. Follow @cheapticketssg for daily updates of my travel. . This is Betty's Classic burger at Surfer's Paradise in Gold Coast. Betty's Burger is a popular burger shack originated from right here in @queensland. Aside of the freshly made burgers, they are also known for their vanilla thickshake which is a killer! . Surfer's Paradise is a part of Gold Coast known for the wavy beaches, shopping and high rise buildings. The one right behind me is called Q1 building, where you can go up to the 77th floor for an observation deck and 360 view of Gold Coast. If you don't fear heights, you can also do the SkyPoint climb which takes you up to Australia's highest building at 270m high. I did this and it was quite exhilarating! . #thisisqueensland #gc2018 #australia #seeaustralia #restaurantaustralia #goldcoast
    2017-04-21 06:09:52

  • 🇦🇺 I'm in Australia this week with @Queensland and @cheapticketssg! Follow @cheapticketssg for daily updates of my travel. . From Brisbane we drove up an hour north to Sunshine Coast, to a small town called Maleny. It was such a beautiful scenic drive, with shades of blue and green everywhere! It's difficult not to take pictures. We stopped by @malenymountainwine, where I tried their signature Maleny Rose made from locally grown Chambourcin grapes and bottled straight from the tank immediately after fermentation. It has this very refreshing pink shade as you can see in the picture! . #visitsunshinecoast #australia #thisisqueensland
    2017-04-19 05:23:14

  • 🇦🇺 I'm in Australia this week with @Queensland and @cheapticketssg! Follow @cheapticketssg for daily updates of my travel. . This is a fresh raw Tasmanian Oyster from @charisseafoods in Labrador beach, Gold Coast. These oyters were so deliciously succulent that I ate 9 of the dozen that we got (no joke)! . The crowd behind me are watching Pelican feeding, and it was quite a spectacle. At 1:30pm everyday, the restaurant feeds scraps of their leftover fish to the pelicans, who would wait outside about 30 mins prior in anticipation of the feeding. I had never seen Pelicans so up close before! they were muuuuch bigger birds than I thought, especially the pouch on their beak. I found it endearing to watch the Pelicans queue up on the beach, and equally quite fascinating to see their beak and throat fill up to the size and shape of the fish they just ate. Great activity for kids and adults alike! . #thisisqueensland #gc2018 #australia #goldcoast #queensland
    2017-04-17 04:02:46

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    Lim Mui Khim:
    There is nothing like this pelican feeding sight & the wide selection of fresh seafood at Charis Seafoods. Magic.

    🌍Zero Zero One Travel ✈️:

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    Your nails are the cutest!💙

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  • 🇦🇺🌴🏄🏖 Hello everybody! I landed in Brisbane at 6am this morning for a trip with @cheapticketssg and @queensland. I'll be here in Queensland for the next week! follow my adventures on @cheapticketssg where I will be posting pictures and stories. . I drove down to Gold Coast (well i didn't, @yurikoval did), where we have been exploring non stop since then. It's beautiful here! I had smashed avo toast for brunch, a flat white, betty's burger for lunch, fish and chips for dinner... basically the aussie staples 🤤. We also did a super cool climb at Skypoint, Australia's highest building with amazing 360 view of Gold Coast! . Everytime I come to Australia, I learn something new about coffee! Here is what I learned so far: 1. When ordering coffee, they will ask if you want it in a cup or a mug. if you say mug the coffee will come in a huge cup as pictured. is this a Gold Coast thing?! 2. on my last trip I learned about magic coffee in Melbourne. this time, I noticed turmeric latte is becoming a trend here! it's practically in every cafe. @singasongjess told me about it a few months back, but i had never heard of it before. . #gc2018 #thisisqueensland #queensland #australia #flatwhite
    2017-04-14 08:16:07

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    Eye Envy Co.:
    Love the post! Check us out if you get a chance 🙏🏼❤

    Ilene Allison:
    @girleatworld I only recently found your Instagram page, so I missed your time in Australia, but if you come back to Queensland, please do yourself a favour and go to the Eat Street Markets in Brisbane,if you haven't already been.

    The eJoy Studio: Creative:
    Wow!!! Love this one!! ❤️ ☕️

    к ι α я α:
    Woww this is so cool! 👏👏

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  • 🇨🇳 Yogurt drink while walking around the old city area in #Shanghai. I kept seeing this white bottle everywhere while walking around the city, and it seemed very popular too, so I decided to give it a try - I was not disappointed! I don't know if it has a specific name, but this is a yogurt drink that is very light in texture (can be drunk with straws) and mildly sweet. It doesn't seem to have any additional flavoring added, just good ol' plain yogurt. It's very similar to the Old Beijing yogurt I had in Beijing, except you don't have to return the glass bottle in Shanghai.... or at least nobody chased me for it. 👀 So I brought one back as souvenir and am using it to store loose change. I liked this drink so much that I had a bottle every day that I was in Shanghai! If you know what this is called, please comment below and let me know! 👇🏼⬇️ #GirlEatWorld #GirlEatShanghai #ShotOniPhone
    2017-04-01 11:43:28

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  • hello everyone! long time no post! This is my breakfast from Mount Bromo in Indonesia earlier this year. We climbed up the mountain at wee hour in the morning to catch the sunrise. it's been a relatively quiet start of the year for me in terms of travelling, but plans are quickly forming and I'm super excited for them! Here the few confirmed ones: 1. At the end of March, I am going for a Dive trip to Brunei 🇧🇳 I haven't been back to Brunei since I was 13, so i'm very keen to see what has changed since then. 2. In April, I'm going back to Australia 🇦🇺 for a gorgeous drive through Gold Coast to Rainbow Coast with @cheapticketssg. more on this soon! 3. In May, Boracay 🇵🇭 for a beach wedding with my beloved friends at @tradegecko 4. In June - July, East Europe trip to Germany 🇩🇪, Poland 🇵🇱, Czech Rep 🇨🇿 and Ukraine 🇺🇦. Particularly excited for this since I looooove european summer and I haven't been back for three years! -- If you have recommendations for these places, please let me know! Until next time :)
    2017-03-13 08:21:44

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    @reblive I need this job asap

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    Ga berhenti2 gila coy trip nya doi. Tiap bulan ada terossss @tatiaayulestari

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🇺🇦🍓 Wild strawberries in Voroktha, one of the small village in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. Appearance-wise they look like the store-bought strawberries that we're all used to, but much tinier. They still taste similar, just a bit more sweet and more tangy. It turns out that most strawberries we know these days are a product of selective breeding by farmers over the past few decades, so they are bigger but they are not necessarily more flavorful. Being a person who has lived her entire life in metropolitan cities, I don't have much knowledge of how fruits and vegetables were grown or how to identify which tree belongs to what fruit. Going to the Carphatian Mountains was a fascinating experience. I got to see how people here grow their own fruits and vegetables for their meals and even farm their own honey! Do you know any fruit related fun facts? Share them in the comment below so I can read and learn #україна #ukraine #wildfruits #strawberry #carpathianmountains #vorokhta #girleatworld #girleatukraine