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IM NOT KRISTINA U IDIOTS ❕ fully.raw.kristina

  • This girl is an example of what eating unhealthily leads to. She is constipated and her eyes show it. But not to worry I will take her under my wind and she will have beautiful blue eyes with a honey ring around the iris. This is a call to action if you look like this you need help. Eat RAW AND LIVE RAW SINCERELY YAH GIRL ANONYMOUS P.s. She agreed to my advice and assistance
    2017-03-27 12:02:23

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    You are not Kristina and and should not be copying her . Some of the pictures you post are not hers . Some of the comments you you are misrepresenting to people. You should modify your post on Instagram and let people know the truth.

    Julia 🕊:

    Giulia Mauri:
    Perhaps you shouldn't have fully raw images and kristina' as your personal profile pic, than people would not mistake this account for hers. your tag like "I am not kristina you idiots" it's also not a nice way to address your viewers. Your mistake, not theirs.👎🏻👎🏾👎🏽👎🏿

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    Kuta Utara - Bali


    Caroline Ward


  • Hey rawinators it's been a while...I've taken these few months to reconsider my life choices and the lifestyle I have chose to continue. Fully raw is much more than a diet and I have meditated long and hard on this. I have come back stronger than ever to encourage my fellow rawinators to continue this diet. No matter what comes your way or what life throws at you. Sin foods make you dark inside and they don't allow your soul to shine through your blue eyes. If anyone has any questions dm me! #depression #healthy #fullyraw #americannakesmewannadie
    2017-01-27 23:05:03

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    jaleh jamshi:
    I always appreciate you,thank you for these information and motivation 😍😍😍😍😍

    Yesss! I needed that

    I am so inspired by you i been thinking about it for a while just listening to you is a big up lift and very inspiring i thank god for people like you to always been around you are such a angel , I been inspired by Yasmin she is a vegan who has showed me why meat is not good but I worried about my health and not getting enough protein and fiber . I started my fully raw two days ago and I just believe , in my heart this is the way to go I did research on all the bad food that being sold to people like me and I want to experience what you are experiencing again thank you so much God bless you 😊🙏👍

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  • gotta love being fully raw vegan!! my eyes are brighter than ever. by the way - not sure if you've heard of it: nice cream!!! all you do is blend frozen bananas!! you ARE allowed to CUT and BLEND the fruit, but overexposure to heat causes the nerves in the fruit to feel pain. don't harm animals OR bananas! stay raw, stay clean. ❤️🍉🍑🍌💖
    2016-09-16 14:09:46

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    Smiling Wanderer:

    📚📚📚 💛

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  • my dear rawinators, It has been laid on my heart to share this with you lately and I have tears in my eyes as I share this message. No matter how much you love and want this food, do not be fooled it does NOT love you back. It hurts you and it darkens your soul to make your eyes as dark as night. Last night in my bed I began to cry because I remembered what it was like to have brown eyes because my soul was dark. If you have cravings at any time then stay strong and eat vegan foods and trust me it does NOT taste like chicken because chicken is meat and we can't let even the most slightest thoughts of that soul blackening substance into our minds. Always remember loves STAY STRONG, STAY RAW! With hatred against all foods but fruit I approve this message🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍈🍓🍅🍍🍇🍒🍑
    2016-09-04 19:21:24

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    Amen sista

    How do your eyes turn dark because of sinful food


    i'm sorry i have beautiful blue eyes and i eat whatever i want fullyraw or not 💙✌🏻😁

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    Julie Maginn

    nicole trammell 🌻

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  • Sorry I have been so inactive I have been traveling around the world learning secrets to an amazing fully raw diet my eyes are completely blue now thanks to this wonderful diet! Keep going rawintors! Don't fall off the wagon keep going! You can resist these unhealthy foods!
    2016-07-20 08:49:05

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    Where do you find the bread @fully.raw.kristina ?

    @kelsiepeachey that was the same question I was about to ask ☺️. It looks delicious @fully.raw.kristina 🌟☺️

    Araceli A Robles:

    Khalilah Rose:
    Been raw for 1 week. Almost fell of the wagon today. Buying my dehydrator

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    nicole trammell 🌻


    Caroline Ward

    2016-02-12 20:34:02

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    Betty Vráblová:
    @petulka94 to mi nekdy udelas,zejo,lasko?:D:-*

    Betty Vráblová:
    @petulka94 To pochybuju,kdyz je to raw:pp

    Beverly McLean:

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    Samira Shwiyat

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  • vegan cookies nom nom nom this is good for your constipation your eyes will turn rainbow colored #lovewins #veganism #fullyrawkristina
    2016-02-12 20:22:08

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    @catho.slacko this isn't the real Kristina...

    @guljan really? where is the real one? can we find her in instagram?

    Beverly McLean:

    Garden GENESIS:
    Almond flour and dates pressed imto raw cookies?

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    catherine slack

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    Samira Shwiyat

  • sin.
    2016-02-12 11:02:59

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    Angie Choueifati Clark:
    Was it delicious??!


    KittyKat Fitness:
    I'm glad you didn't eat it!

    Beverly McLean:

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    The Zealots

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  • Hey my lovely rawinators! I have finally created a kik account to answer all your questions about the fully raw lifestyle and the many obstacles you have to overcome without falling off the wagon falling for unhealthy foods. I love you all so so much and I wouldn't be here without all of you. Feel free to kik me and ask me whatever you want. Again I am not the real Kristina I am only a great admirer of her flawless lifestyle. Just addressing this again as I see that it's a major issue. Love you all! Keep striving for those blue eyes! #fullyraw #healthy #blueeyes #inspiration #dontfalloffthewagon
    2015-07-08 22:45:05

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    Best Of Vegan®:
    This account is so creepy... Why don't you start one about yourself?

    @bestofvegan um excuse me good sir there is nothing creepy about spreading the fully raw lifestyle...

    Best Of Vegan®:
    @fully.raw.kristina I can't even...

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    kt ♡


    emma 🌿

  • Love soursop!! Thank you rawinators for all of your support. We have finally reached 1k! I couldn't have done it without you all! Love you guys lots. Haven't posted much recently because I'm just so busy teaching people the fully raw lifestyle. Love you all thank you again! #raw #fullyraw #fullyraw4life #blueeyes #healthy
    2015-07-06 20:26:37

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    kt ♡:
    Omg yay!!!!!! That's so awesome!!

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  • A reminder to all rawinators, remember to always fill yourself with delicious water. This water will help bring out your natural beauty!💦💦💦💦💦#water #natural #beauty #beraw
    2015-05-25 20:23:20

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    catherine slack:
    omg you have 1k!! thank you for helping me on my fully raw journey!!!!

    Your welcome girl keep going with your journey! @catho.slacko

    Saludos desde california y felicitaciones!!!

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  • This beautiful woman is a true inspiration to all rawintors. She is such a blessing. Sorry for being so inactive lately I have just been rethinking my lifestyle and I just want to let you all know that I have finally found wisdom. Fully raw truly is the life for me. What's your lifestyle? #rawvana #fullyraw #rawforlife #family #rawinators
    2015-05-25 19:26:45

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    Janalyn Bishop 💜:
    Thinking green and staying fit. You are truly a inspiration.

    Dennis Sanders:
    Love Rawvana

    I've been wanting to know if she's related to u! I thought she must be ur sister cus u guys have identical features over everything. She can def by pass as ur sister! Lol

    My Boerhemian Life:
    She is not fully raw anymore though :)

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    Grayson Johns

    nicole trammell 🌻

    Leah Van Cleave


  • Thank you lovelies so much for 900 followers 💞💞 I love you all so much and I hope I've inspired you to live a heathy lifestyle free of constipation and poop the rainbows 💞💞💞 love you all
    2015-03-31 21:46:58

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    No only follow me @audreyliapis

    Uhhh that's what I said @fully.raw.kristina ... I think you misread my suggestion to my friend (30 weeks ago)

    emma 🌿:
    @audreyliapis ah i understand now! thank you for the support !!

    Tina Furlett:
    @_naturally_happy or you could follow the real Kristina and skip this creepy fake account

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  • Thank you so much for 800 rawintors! I love you guys so much and I am so happy the raw family is getting bigger every day. S/o to this beautiful girl for reaching blue eyes we all desire. It took years of hard work but she did it. #determination #fullyraw #healthy #blueeyes
    2015-03-16 15:29:28

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    ✨[traci]✨ Moon River 🌙:
    @misskayzon @yovin_doollah nothing can change eye color except for contacts. this account is lying to people for some odd reason... if you don't believe me, just google it. whatever your eyes color is, it is beautiful and perfect. 💗

    Cara Kirschstein:
    I am new to eating fully raw. My eyes are deep brown as are my husbands and my two sons. None of us have bowel issues we all eat organic and fresh, and I, fully raw. Our eyes are all deep brown and AMAZING!!! This account praises blue eyes like a god. That's strange and completely insane. All eyes are beautiful and you can have brown eyes and still be healthy!

    Plis tradução, thanks!

    Not Your Average Juices:
    @giuliamauriillustrator don’t believe this lady, or the real fullyraw Kristina or Tanyraw or anyone else that tells you eating raw foods will change your eye color. Do some research about the iris. These raw foodist want the likes and followers in order to gain popularity so they can achieve sponsors from vitamix or some other companies. They show off their bodies like eating this lifestyle will promise a body like that and that’s unrealistic. Please don’t fall for ut

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    • Maria Vrnoga De Gregorio •

    nicole trammell 🌻

    Paloma 🥑

    Taeja Afalava Mauigoa

  • Listen y'all I have said this once and will say it a thousand times more I'm not the real Kristina, just a fan who found inspiration from her lifestyle and I've honestly been feeling so attacked it's ridiculous, can't a girl be fully raw and be healthy without being called a wanna be or a fake I'm just so over this
    2015-02-26 22:22:04

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    Amir ♛ + ♈︎:

    Ceri Marsh:
    Just be yourself, the fact that you r living the fully raw lifestyle is inspiring, change the name on your account and post pics of yourself and the food you make and eat

    Thank you kind sir @justcerim

    Butterfly Whisperer:
    Atleast you got some good ideas that I can borrow lol, like the smoothies. Love those.

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    • Maria Vrnoga De Gregorio •

    emma 🌿

    Lauren Skae

  • I tried this new strawberry banana berry smoothie and it was AMAZING! Thank you guys for 690 followers❤️ let's try to get to 700 by midnight! Fully raw for life. Rawinators unite!!!! #fullyraw #smoothie
    2015-02-17 18:38:12

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    Emily Mitchell:
    Are you actually trying to give yourself off as Kristina? The real Kristina's account is @fullyrawkristina


    Jocelyne Acevedo:
    Hello can u plz kik me at jocelyneacevedo plz plz

    Jocelyne Acevedo:
    I have questions about the full raw thing

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    Eunice Rosado


  • I honestly don't even know what to think anymore. I have lost hope in humanity. The haters are too much to bare. I can't take it anymore. I am deleting this account if people keep hating on me. I am just trying to spread fullyraw happiness to my rawintors! #depression #deletingonfeb30 #whatdoyouallthink
    2015-02-12 08:05:15

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     。A⃣P⃣P⃣L⃣E⃣J⃣A⃣C⃣K⃣ 。:
    Lol there is no Feb 30th..

    Anica Hamilton:
    Kristina, I just want to thank you for all that you've done. You truly are an inspiration and a light in this dark world. I don't blame you if you want to delete your account. Haters are hard, but you have become so strong and you are so brave. You truly are amazing and beautiful inside and out!

    This is an awesome idea!

    Kathy Kaehler:
    I LOVE what you do. The beautiful colors of your raw food brightens my day and inspires me to eat clean.

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    Life is 42

    Antonella Vivianne Ercolani

    Monika Kanwar

  • Hurraw for fully raw! Thank you for 659 followers!! #accomplishment #rawforlife
    2015-02-10 07:47:54

  • Just prepared a morning snack 😋 #yum #delicious #raw #healthy
    2015-01-19 11:07:56

  • Dear Fully raw nation, I am posting to celebrate my friend's blue eyes! Congrats to this beautiful champion. I am continuing to encourage all of my friends to join this fully raw adventure! She has more energy and youth than ever. Her eyes went from a brown-blue eyes to complete blue! She is an example for everyone to follow! Keep up with those beautiful blue eyes girly😘! #fullyraw #blueeyes #lighteyes #youth #healthy #girly
    2015-01-07 14:58:05

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    Not Your Average Juices:
    @space.trace this blog is full of dhut

    Not Your Average Juices:

    SHAWNA ✨:
    Lol I don't. I posted this comment years ago, but thank you. @kale_and_pineapples

    Not Your Average Juices: oh good. This is full of shit from all the raw foodies that claim that it does

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    c a l l i e ♡

    Selbi Muradova

    catherine slack

This girl is an example of what eating unhealthily leads to. She is constipated and her eyes show it. But not to worry I will take her under my wind and she will have beautiful blue eyes with a honey ring around the iris. This is a call to action if you look like this you need help. Eat RAW AND LIVE RAW SINCERELY YAH GIRL ANONYMOUS P.s. She agreed to my advice and assistance