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Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪 frannikallweit

  • Gym lighting at 7:55 before I did an hour of cardio! Are those legs finally showing some definition?! #samesportsbra #2selfies #happyhumpday🐫 #trusttheprocess
    2017-09-20 09:24:29

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    Look at you leaning out!!! Get it girl👏🏼🙌🏼

    Saraaa ♊️:
    Plzzzzzzzz 😩😩

    Amazing !

    Tyrah Wilson:

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    Sammi Sawicki ✌🏼

    Nikita ♌️🥀

    tori morgan🌻

    👩‍🎓 - ❤👫❤ - 👩‍🎓

  • Quick shoulders, arms and abs on my lunch break, back tonight for that cardiiiii ✌🏼abs are trying to say hi through the bloating 🙋🏼
    2017-09-19 14:41:22

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    Lookin rippedddddd 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @bennyandthetatts thanks bennnnnnny

    TANYA LUA 💄:
    Damn girl! Are you competing or just for fun?

    kuldeep gill:

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    Jenna Kerrigan

    Manuela Estrada 🌙

    Cody P

    Nat Fallis

  • Happy rainy Tuesday beauties 🌲 wishing I was enjoying this view again on this rainy day ☔️
    2017-09-19 09:09:48

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    Jasson Lockyer


    Josie McGlynn

  • Because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a lot less and smile a lot more 💞#mcm 😻 #sothankfulforhim #lassotakingovermygram #sorrynotsorry
    2017-09-18 14:10:43

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    Josh Lasso:

    Simone Guthrie:
    I need doze shoez

    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @cheekynfit marshalls! They're Nine West and SUPER comfy :)

    kuldeep gill:

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    Darienne Voisin


    Dahlia C.

  • Changing the car selfie to a truck selfie, one selfie at a time ☀️ #happysunday
    2017-09-17 12:38:39

  • Baby I'm amazed by you 💞
    2017-09-16 18:42:18

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    Josh Lasso:
    This is after trying to throw you in the fountain and were still smiling 😙 I'm amazed by you too babe :p

    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @joshlasso ☝🏼 listen you're lucky you're cute 🙆🏼

    kuldeep gill:

    kuldeep gill:

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    emillie ∞

    Alissa Walters



  • Motivated morning faces at 6am! Really starting to see all the little changes and my mind set is DRIVEN! Crushed a shoulder workout with the coach, done my 1h of steady state cardio and now I'm off to work with some amazing people ☀️ it's always mid day that my body gets tired but my brain is so PUMPED and motivated. Someone asked me yesterday what the magic pill was for looking this good..... first off, no magic pill. Just pure dedication, consistency, no excuses and time. I have been on this journey for YEARS and officially this one since MAY. That means I haven't had pizza, fries, burgers, pop any junk food since April. That means I have turned down cookies and cake and said no to drinking EVEN when everyone else is enjoying it. SACRIFICES. I have been training insanely 6-7 days a week and have been giving it everything I have EVEN WHEN I don't have motivation or I REALLY don't want to or when devastating situations hit. There is no magic pill. This does not happen over night, there is no quick diet change, there is giving it everything, making it a priority even when you work 12h and have no energy. You make it happen. No one said it's easy, it's about how badly you want it,
    2017-09-14 09:38:48

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    Gabriela Trujillo:

    rita parduzi:
    you have nice natural eyebrows

    Joey-Lynn Leach:
    How you took a picture looking this good at 6am, I'll never know how you do it! 😘

    Nicholas John Coorey:
    That's smile just brightens a day up:)

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    👸🇵🇱 Mel Diaz

    Nicholas John Coorey

  • Now you see me 👉🏼now you don't 😏
    2017-09-13 17:43:42

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    Ty Guenther Minholz:
    #leanqueen t minus 2 and 3/4 weeks you got this girl. 😃😃😃

    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @el_toro_matador_92 slowly but surely :)

    Ty Guenther Minholz:
    Slow amd steady wins the race. Stay focused. Can't wait to celebrate our achievements no matter the outcome we are both winners 🏆🏆💣🔥

    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @el_toro_matador_92 couldn't agree more :)

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    Cori Morrow

    Sydney Dusselier

    Josh Lasso

  • Oldie but goodie, crazy this was two weeks ago and my legs are even leaner, still ways to go but we're getting there! I love seeing my body change but I'm exhausted. Carbs are green vegetables only, no more protein powder, only chicken, tilapia or egg whites, and training is intense and cardio is high. I'm trying my best to have my outside stressors be non-existent as I know it affects my body but the over all process is impressive and I've learned so much! I definitely have a tunnel vision because no matter how badly I want a treat, no matter how badly I don't want to do cardio, there really is no other option. THIS is commitment, and dedication. When you don't have a choice, excuses don't live up at all.
    2017-09-12 14:18:17

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    Chloe Irv:
    You know you're gonna be a total milf when you're older gurl 😜😋 just sayiiiin

    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @chloeirvieee just because you inspire me #skinnyvanillamissesyou

    kuldeep gill:

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    magdalenaaa 🇵🇱

    Edona Berisha 🇽🇰🇦🇱🇨🇦


  • Because I can't stand chicken anymore and all I wanted was tilapia (said no one ever) and well costco didn't have any ... and as we walked through the aisles and I pouted and whined, the most amazing and supportive man got me flowers and now we're going to make 4 bags of zucchini which I'm obsessed with especially when they're blackened on the BBQ 😍😍#shoutouttomyman #mcm #luckiestgirlintheworld
    2017-09-11 21:14:46

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    Mackenzie Knight:
    Flowers r u the bomb!! Lmao he is doing it right ❤️❤️

    You're so cute💕

    kuldeep gill:

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    Brooke Barker



  • Monday morning September grinding 🐣wishing I could finally have a PSL ...... only a few more weeks ✌🏼#mondaymotivation
    2017-09-11 09:24:47

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    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @cierra_cicifranny thanks girl

    Ty Guenther Minholz:
    3.5 weeks. Don't focus ahead focus on the now. For it is today that counts the most. Learn today and be better tomorrow! One day at a time 😃 Your looking great so damn excited for you and I.

    Woah!! those abs coming in nice 🤗

    Saraaa ♊️:
    Babe 🔥🔥🙌🏼

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    Ally ♛


    Mich 🌯

    Tina Kokot

  • What we got is a little old fashioned, baby you're an instant classic, they don't make 'em no more like you 💞 thank you for being my rock babe ☀️ @joshlasso
    2017-09-10 15:12:47

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    Shanice AL:
    Cutest ☺️

    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @salbxo 🙆🏼

    Paul Kim:
    Cute 🙌

    This is sooo cute 😍😍😍

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    Allie Kolapak

    Shanice AL

    Courtney Beyers ⚓️

    naomi silas

  • These last few weeks have been such a struggle for me, and these upcoming weeks are going to be even harder. I am overwhelmed with the love and support I have from friends, coworkers, family, friends of friends and even followers. I am so thankful for the support system around me and for every single person who continues to hold me up when it seems life is throwing boulders at me. This is a time where you see who your true family is 💞
    2017-09-07 12:00:49

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    Here if u need anyone to talk too, hope to see u soon franni just remember how many people u inspire including me . One of the most positive people I know ! Xx

    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @ms.harrisxo thanks for the love girl 💞 xoxo

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    Kelly King

  • Because I'm a Lasso fan 💞 with so many amazing people supporting me these last 15 weeks, and with the challenges that have come up and should've knocked me down, this amazing man has lifted me up and reminded me who I am. Thank you for being my rock 💞 @joshlasso #gushyforthegram #hesmyfavorite
    2017-09-05 21:15:03

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    Well deserved franni xx

    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @ms.harrisxo thanks girl ❤️

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    melissa anderson


    Kelly King

    Tanisha Kimm

  • 'Don't you let regret take place of the dreams you have to chase. You might fall down on your face, roll the dice and have some faith'. . . . You should be here.
    2017-09-05 10:33:42

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    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @nessbaker love you 💞

    kuldeep gill:

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    Nicholas John Coorey

    Ana Cantu

    Aneta Uzonj

  • Sunday morning Shakira hair 🙆🏼 the morning after a yummy refeed! Still feeling full and bloated 🙄 although I know I don't look it to the average person. This just reminds me how careful I will have to be when this is all over.. I did not have any carbs other than veggies and beef (for the first time in a few weeks) and I may have eaten more than I was suppose to because it tasted so good but it physically ended up hurting me to eat even though my brain wanted more. This is something that needs to be taken very seriously as to not hurt yourself, you need to listen your body! Now I'm ready and fueled to destroy my legs and do my hour of cardio 😈 #octoversveryown
    2017-09-03 08:30:50

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    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪:
    @ravenmilak trust me this won't be forever ahaha

    Nicholas John Coorey:
    Those hips of yours don't lie :) @frannikallweit

    kuldeep gill:

    Looks fantastic

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    Leah Crosby

    Sammie Gwozdz

    CARLY 🐍

  • Repping @physiquefreakofficial 😈 this shirt makes my arms look blessed even on leg day haha LOOK HOW BIG IT IS ON ME NOW!! 🙈 Happy Saturday ☀️
    2017-09-02 11:13:43

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    Jace Vanderveen:
    Getting lean 👌😊

    Vic 🌿🌎:

    Franziska Kallweit 🇩🇪: thanks babe I miss your beautiful face 💞

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    Raydell Rogers

    Brooke Barker

Gym lighting at 7:55 before I did an hour of cardio! Are those legs finally showing some definition?! #samesportsbra #2selfies #happyhumpday🐫 #trusttheprocess