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  • Nothing like a belly warming bowl of soup at G-mas!🥕🍠🍲 We've been enjoying a lot of soups lately and in case you're looking for a few plant based vegan friendly scrumptious soup recipes ~here's 6 of my simple favs linked in bio! I took this pic 1 year ago and still the kids favorite thing is being at g-mas and g-pas! Heading to Johnston Canyon and back to Banff today! Let me know if ya make any soups or have some of your own favs! 🍲🤙🏾🌈 #canada #soup #noms
    2017-06-22 16:39:14

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    Mitra 🍃 Nutritionist, M.Sc.:
    Adorable shot! Nothing like a comforting bowl of soup 😋 Have fun in Banff! One of the most beautiful places in the world 💙

    I made your recipe for the caramel bliss balls, AMAZING! Do you know by chance the calorie count for those?

    Nina Olsson:
    Beaming with sunshine. Love your stunning feed @earthyandy

    Natalie Olson:
    Looks so yummy

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    Jana Gezels


  • OH CANaDA!🌲🐿🇨🇦 you and your endless adventure, wild life, beauty, kind people and crisp clean air is nothing short of invigorating!🌲🙌🏽grateful for this time visiting the Great North! The kids built their first snowman and they couldn't be more stoked! Haha! PS thanks for the tips of hikes and eats! We are using them! And PPS I'll post the carrot soup recipe from instastory in a couple hours on instastory for those asking! 🤙🏾🥕thanks for the pic dad! #canada
    2017-06-21 13:04:23

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    K A Y L A |📍mexico☽ gypsy soul:
    Ahh!! I'm from Calgary! So cool to see you guys enjoying the mountains! Hope you loved them as much as I do ☺️

    Mahendra Parmar:

    Caroline Bracken:
    @alietoppa @lizatoppa your children

    Kate Jermyn:
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! @earthyandy would you recommend The Big Island in Hawaii? I've been to Maui and Oahu twice and we are coming back in November!!! 🌴🌴

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    Brooke Gordon


    Justine RM

    spencer lacey bench 🍉🌞

  • THE GLOW BOWL - 💦💦💦get your glow on with this jam packed nutritious'n delicious @superelixir alkalizing greens bowl 🍇🍏🍌🍈 Recipe linked in bio along with sum absolute game changing gut health tips I swear by that you could start today 👊🏽. PS you can make this into a smoothie as well! Just add more coconut ice! Hope this helps and loving the continued discussion about gut health with you! Thanks The Super Elixir for pairing up to share some light on alkalizing health! Song by Glass Animals 🤙🏾☀️
    2017-06-20 12:52:32

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    Brooke Boekestyn:
    @allisonrizzo @doriwilner can we make this for tonight?


    Ana Carolina Cunha:

    @eshalight33 this is the kind of blender I need🌿✨❤️💪🏼

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    Kristy Gallant

    Natasha Walker🌙🌹

    Vanessa Lamarque

  • Oh Baby! 👅🍇🍨Cozying up to some Maple Coconut Fig Berry Parfaits! Loving the berries and figs in Canada! This is an old fav. Have you ever made your own yogurt? If you want a dairy free gut healthy one here ya go! If you don't know you can also buy coconut yogurt in lots of stores too but here's a recipe! COCONuT YOGURT: 2 cups fresh or frozen young coconut meat thawed 1/2 cup coconut water 1/2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1/4-1/2 teaspoon probiotic powder, optional (you can empty probiotic capsules) Pinch of pink salt Sweeten to taste (maple syrup) Blend until smooth. Adjust sweetness. Spoon the yogurt into an air-tight container and chill in the fridge for at least a couple hours. Serve with granola, berries, whatever floats your boat! PS I see some comments for the gluten free vegan apple crisp, you want me to post the recipe?! It's probably my ultimate favorite!! My mom has an oven so we can make it all the time here haha! #goals! 😛
    2017-06-19 10:56:13

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    Diana Forbes:
    How do you k ow you're getting enough calories every day? @earthyandy I'm already finding it hard to keep on weight and eating enough regular foods...

    raewyn balfour:
    Follow this family!! @loulou_peterbeater


    n a t a l i e j a n e r u t h:
    I just love you guys 💕

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    grace sims☻☻

  • HAPPY FAThERs DAY!! 💙🎉🌺to all you amazing superhuman papas and future papas out there making the world a better place! And for the record...there is nothing more attractive then seeing a guy getting down on a kids level!💔you probably don't realize how much you are shaping those little spirits! I know I hung on to every word of my dads :) What a great day to celebrate! Grateful for you Shem! And grateful for you dad!! #fathersday #happyfathersday
    2017-06-18 12:12:56

  • In CANaDA now! 🇨🇦 But reminiscing on the countless hours spent in the deep blue sea in honors of WORLD SURFInG DAY! 🏄🏾‍♀️🏄🏽Grateful for all the playful memories and the deep belly laughs it continues to give! 🙏🏽 we might have to find a river wave to properly celebrate 😛 ps heading to banff!! Anyone know some good hikes or places to eat?! Memories at @aloita_resort 📷 thank u!! @ambermozo @damea_dorsey @rb_og_310 @grantdphoto for the captured memories ! XO
    2017-06-17 15:25:57

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    Kelly ☮:
    Goals 🌴💚💚💚💙

    Kiara Rae:
    Are you in Vancouver or Alberta? I'm from Vancouver and I personally recommend Meet on Main or Meet in Gastown, they're both very popular in the Vancouver Vegan communities and kid friendly! If you're in the tri-cities area which is near Vancouver, come out to Nulife! I work there and all of the food is 100% organic, raw and vegan. We have kid menus and all of our foods are made from scratch! There's so many destinations to head to in BC, lots of waterfalls and Whistler BC is a gem! Good luck!

    @sofibeninglott96 sigue a está familia.... Te va a flipaaaaaa

    daegon the awakener:
    radical pictures! love your feed!

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    Esperanza Martinez

    randi parks

    Shanna | Pineapple and Coconut

  • Get in ma belly!! Recipe for this milkshake with homemade Twix bar gone vegan GF four posts back! ☁️🍪🍶 So ~ Gut health tip 1~ Get the mental game strong and COMMiT. Full on.👊🏽 If you are looking to make a change I have found that the mental game is the hardest and most important part. It's connecting mental desires to the physical actions. It is in the moments that we want to resist, the moments we say ah whatever, tomorrow the moments we cave into cravings, those are the moments that when we push through we grow and with every small victory creates change! This is where you see the results, this is where it gets exciting, you feel momentum you become stronger and this is where you prove to yourself that you can! Its empowering and you deserve to feel good, to experience the very best version of yourself 💛 🙌🏽So tip one for today for the gut health which I find works in every facet of life- decide what it is you want, what is truly important to you, know you are worth it, and go after it until you get it! Commit. We will go through actual health tips/foods you can start today incorporating tomorrow, cool? 😉
    2017-06-17 13:42:39

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    Sarah | Sculpted Pilates | 🇨🇦:
    aw great caption, andy! It's so true. If you overcome the mental moment of desire you can do anything. Btw, this looks incredible as usual. Such sweet boys enjoying delicious treats :)

    Susy Garcia:
    looks so yummy!

    🌼 marlee:
    Omggggg 😍😍😍

    Christina Nicholls:
    @jessava27 😍😍

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    James Mcgoldrick

  • When your COCONUT weighs as much as you! 🍈😍🌴Let's talk gut health! If you have problems digesting, often feel bloated, fatigued, gassy, keeping off weight ~ it's likely your gut flora is out of balance which is suuper vital because it helps one digest food, absorb vital nutrients, send signals to the immune system and make small molecules to make your brain work! 👀🌱All this from your gut which is affected by the foods we eat, stressors and lifestyle. If one changes their lifestyle it's actually possible change ones state of well-being! We can go from feeling sluggish, bloated, even depressed and leave digestive issues (IBS, Leaky gut syndrome) a thing of a past! 💦 I have experienced this first hand. To be honest I didn't think it was possible to even feel normal during the state I use to be in, but now, because of a plant based lifestyle I've experienced like level 10000 million of feeling sooo good from the inside out which is my biggest wish for everyone to feel... for liiife! Next post we can talk about some tips that worked magic if your interested! 🤙🏾👊🏽 and always LOVE hearing your own experiences/Journeys- not just for me but for others to read as well! Lots of love!! 🌱XO
    2017-06-15 12:48:44

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    Sally Mustang:
    Heheh fuel !!

    What is camera?

    @veruca.pepper ✨

    @jusoaresdc confesso q prefiro ele, olha q fofooooo

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    zo bEarR


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  • G☀️☀️D M☀️RNING!🌴🍇💦Did you know that degenerative disease often starts in the gut? Thats why Im motivated to start the morning with a gut healing, anti-inflammatory @superelixir smoothie! 🌱💦Something that has become very real to me is that lifestyle/diet choices has a massive affect on our health and in a sense this is awesome because we can largely control lifestyle and decrease our chances of many avoidable health issues! That's power! 💪🏽Try this simple tasty hydrating'n alkalizing morning smoothie to kick start any day! RECIPE 1 cups organic almond/coconut water 1 cups baby or dino kale (or baby spinach) 1/2 seeded peeled cucumber (for texture reasons) 2 frozen bananas 2 teaspoon @superelixir alkalizing formula 1 cup ice Blend ☀️💦
    2017-06-14 15:10:54

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    Love your feed! 😍

    Functional Foodie:
    Her page😭❤ @nicolesmith_4

    Elisa 🦋:
    Love it ❤️💖

    María Hernández ॐ:

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    Rita P. Manske Fotografia

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  • Finding inner peace in da inner ocean! 🐳☺️💦 The definition to inner peace is: a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors. So very curious cuz stress is very real, very powerful and can be detrimental to personal health...What is it that YOU do that helps you win over the potential presence of stressors? In a nut shell, I'd say my number one helper is the belief that stress is a 'wasted emotion' which just sponges much needed energy and distracts from dealing with realities on hand. That mixed with believing life is in zig zags, good and bad we can grow from, all things pass if we allow it and believing people are internally good and here to grow and experience togetha! Now if I could just learn to not procrastinate🙃Ah liiife! 👊🏽💙 memories with @aloita_resort @ambermozo @colbych XOxo 🌎
    2017-06-13 13:55:50

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    Karolina Florek:
    Great !!! ❤️🌸

    vegan ⋅ inspiration ⋅ daily🌱:

    May I feature this photo?

    Diogo Filippi:

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  • Good Morning!!👋🏽🐚🍌CoConUT BANAnA BeACHy COCo ShAKe BoWLS topped with homemade rawNola, granola, banana & coconut chips annnd @talinegabriel vegan caramel stix chopped up into chewy bites of heaven was yesterday's mid day cool down treat shared with my boys! 🤤☀️💦I made the caramel stix recipe from @talinegabriel's whole food cookbook that makes healthy food look like art but simple to make and busting with flavor! It was so good Taline! 😍 congrats on your cookbook girl! 👊🏽⭐️ And for the shake part here's the recipe: 4 coconut milk ice cubes, 4 almond milk ice cubes, 3 frozen bananas, 1 dash vanilla, 1/8- 1/4 cup dark vegan chocolate or koko samoa chopped up and blended at the end. Add a little more almond milk or a fresh banana if needing some help blending! 🤙🏾 #glutenfree #vegan #diaryfree
    2017-06-12 13:09:56

  • Sharing COCONuTS on da beach is a sure way to make new friends for liife! 💕👶🏽🐶💕🌴Ira and Tama randomly bring up remember Cookie, Lightening, Twinkle, Brownie and go on to name all the puppies and share their memories about making them a place to play in palm tree stumps with palm leaves or trying to make them a swing out of old twine, how funny it was when they rolled over, and how much they grew and then end each story with, 'that was so awesome' with a little side grin while reminiscing! haha. ~Unintentional memories are the absolute best! That's the best part of going out side, and traveling, you just really never know what's going to happen, who you're going to meet and what's going to remain in your heart forever! Grateful for the special tiny moments that shape my little men's heart while simultaneously melting ours! It's always the simple things that get deep in there isn't it! 💙
    2017-06-10 14:38:34

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    Bliss 🐶💗

    Hi everybody ** Czech republic:

    @rosaruiz02 Jajajajajajajaja me encantaa

    @leo_w21 😍😍

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    Ayelet :-)

  • “Momma, can I please have… (pick any word, it's been asked for 😛).” However one thing I have for myself is my @superelixir Alkalising Formula🥒🍏🌱! I'm sharing my favourite @superelixir recipes this month made with revitalizing greens (an all-natural multivitamin supplement made with premium cold pressed bio-live ingredients). Being a mom, and always on-the-go this greens powder helps me get ‘the goods’, the best I can, as I try to do the best I can on da rest of life! Or at least keep up with it! Let me know if you’re interested in some green smoothie recipes for your immune system, skin and gut health! 🍏🌱👊🏽 #superelixir #plantbased
    2017-06-09 13:06:50

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    Sebastian Fernandez:
    esta no es la quw tu me deciaas? @camilafernandezr

    Plant Based Hawaii 🌴:
    @brightearthyvibes awhhh you are so sweet girl!!

    S E A S I D E T O N E S:

    Heather Smith:

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  • SALtED CArAmEL PeaR BOWL🤤🍨 aka #nicecream nirvana! This bowl has got my whole family pointing saying 'ooo let's make that' so thank you @tropicallylina for this inspo!! Find recipe on her gorgeous drool worthy page! So grateful for all your constant inspiration wether it's a new recipe or a fresh perspective! It's pretty awesome that we all can learn and feed off each other😘💙💦ps happy world ocean day! 💦#vegan #plantbased #nicecream #dairyfree
    2017-06-08 13:02:30

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    Phoebe Dawson:
    @k.valadez 😻😻

    what the heaven!! 😊💚☀️🙏🏼


    Sam Abelehchian:
    Beyond yummi

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  • SUN CARE💧🌴☀️💦A super common Q I get is what kind of sun protection do we use to keep up with our out doors lifestyle! As many of you know @babybum/@sunbum has been a fav forever for a number of reasons including being ultra safe for kids, cruelty free, reef safe (@sunbum no longer produces products with oxybenzone) , vegan options, hypoallergenic, gluten free it actually works in even harsh conditions like the Bali hot sun AND the good and the love that resonates from the people behind the brand melts my heart💛This is not an ad at all I am just passionate about it, quite involved with this community, and want to answer ya! Besides that, hats, sun glasses, umbrellas, shade are a huge help, as well as wetsuits/shirts and going to da beach early morning and late afternoon when the sun isn't so harsh and just doing the best ya can ☀️🌈🌴
    2017-06-07 15:52:11

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    Chloe Purcell:
    Love this screen lotion !



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  • VANILLA BING ShAKe 🍒💭🍒A creamy tang cool down made with natural ingredients perfect to curb those afternoon ice cream cravings!🍨Recipe linked in bio! I was gunna make a Black Forest vegan style shake but something about vanilla seemed extra cooling and needed in this Hawaiian heat ☀️☀️. We will have to do a black forest shake sometime too!! #vegan #plantbased #summer
    2017-06-06 15:22:58

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    Arya Navi:
    Awsome pic

    Lauren Evans:
    @tatibird made this for the boys (and me) today and it was delicious!!

    @paurenlerez 😍

    Raina Kitchen:

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    Anna-Marie Stejskalová

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    Manifest Abundance

  • “Life is as simple or complicated as we make it.” D.S.👣🌴🌸🌈🐚 I feel like a lost a good 20 lbs yesterday by decluttering and simplifying our home! There is something so therapeutic about it all! It's as if clearing physical space cleans mental space. I read somewhere a long time ago that if you havnt used something in 6 months, it's taking up space. Another thing that stuck with me for years is if it doesn't make you happy or in the case of clothing~ make you feel alive when you put it on, give it away and if you have a hard time letting go of something, take a picture of it! What about you! This has helped me loads! What do you do to clear your mind? To stay feeling fresh ~ to simplify? Have you found benefits or do you enjoy a bit of chaos? ;)
    2017-06-04 14:11:17

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    Omg thanks for the reminder. Decluttering is fully rejuvenating ! I just get sidetracked daily & forget how good it feels! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💥🕊

    So much fun

    Phoebe Dawson:
    @k.valadez They are so beautiful 💓💓

    Chandra Perry:

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  • Story telling skills maxing out at 💯Ira! Haha. 🐚🌈🏝Found this lil vid scrolling through old pics and it brought back some good memories! 💜Ah man time flies so fast and I think the only way to cope with that is to really relish in moments! Time is love! 💛👊🏽
    2017-06-03 15:07:51

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    @olivia_ramiz this is soooo cute omg

    omg ik!!!!! @avhazard

    Hiii lil Angel 😇

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    Rafa 🇧🇷

    9-13-15 5soooss 🇩🇲🇯🇲🇬🇧

    Shana Felenchak

    Sun and Cedar

  • SOUL FOOD! 🍇🍍🍓💦 Making the most of every calorie with vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber packed in every bite to fuel'n replenish that temple of a bod and put a smile across any face✌🏾🍇 ACAI BOWL RECIPE: (made 5 small bowls) 4 frozen bananas 4 @sambazon packs 1 cup mixed berries 3 fresh mangos blended and topped with fresh banana and organic granola clusters! Have a beautiful day!
    2017-06-02 14:20:43

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    Amy Baguley:
    Follow her - has good vegan recipes @yolanda_prentice

    Kayla Little:
    Do you use the original or the unsweetened acai packets??

    Cameron Pena 🐚🌿🌻🦋💫💿:
    Had the same question ^^

    Cameron Pena 🐚🌿🌻🦋💫💿:
    Also was wondering if you ever eat acai sorbet? What's your opinion on it ? You you think it's healthy with all the sugar content in it ? Or do you prefer the packers

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  • HYdRATION BeaCHy TReATs for my shivering @babybum CoCoNUT!🍉🐶💦 Hey thanks for being so open in sharing your experiences/opinions/and insights in the last post! I read through them all. You all are amazing and it's obvious that all you are kind, loving, mindful A-MAZE-ING human beings and ya never know who might read your experience and connect to it💙 I will answer some of the major questions and address some of the topics discussed in posts to come! But for those interested in others health & vegan experiences/journey give the comments a read through! I find it so helpful and motivating to to learn from others experiences so thank you!✌🏾👊🏽 PS 🍉+🍊or 🍋 or passionfruit is 🌈👊🏽💦 #vegan #watermelon
    2017-06-01 16:59:23

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    Architect Of The Universe:
    Makes Me Happy Knowing People Like You Exist ®

    Architect Of The Universe:


    Summer Vore:
    Obsessed @kateulveling

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Nothing like a belly warming bowl of soup at G-mas!🥕🍠🍲 We've been enjoying a lot of soups lately and in case you're looking for a few plant based vegan friendly scrumptious soup recipes ~here's 6 of my simple favs linked in bio! I took this pic 1 year ago and still the kids favorite thing is being at g-mas and g-pas! Heading to Johnston Canyon and back to Banff today! Let me know if ya make any soups or have some of your own favs! 🍲🤙🏾🌈 #canada #soup #noms