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  • The next guitar hero I'm painting is Johnny Marr from The Smiths... one of the most unique bands I've ever heard. The combination of Morrissey's vocals and Marr's guitar is truly something special. One of my favorite guitar licks ever is what he does on This Charming Man. For me, The Smiths music is very British and I picture Marr out in a snow-covered landscape creating his beautiful, yet haunting sound.
    2017-08-19 12:10:30

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  • Throwback Thursday! I created this painting back in 2005 and it is now in a private collection in Scottsdale... plaster, cardboard, tile, and oil on wood. It's like a relief sculpture/painting! #tbt #throwbackthursday
    2017-08-17 12:40:58

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    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @richondrey Thank you, I was proud of this one! I've been traveling so much that I haven't been using oil paints... but I will get back to it if we decide to stick to one place for a while.

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @artsamazingz Sure, I would like that, thank you!

    Richard Ondrey:
    @derekalvarezart you're welcome and I can see why. 😊🌟👌

    Nicoline Mann:
    Love this!

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  • Got milk? 😂😂😂❤️
    2017-08-16 03:56:51

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    Iren Haimovich:

    Sooooo sweet 😍😍😍😂😂😂

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @nazanin_azadeh Every once in a while we hire a photographer for some family photos, but I always like mine more because they capture the little moments ☺

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  • Egon Schiele, one of my favorite painters... my figure drawing and painting teacher at the University of Arizona turned me on to him and it's all about the feeling you get from his work. What do you think of this sunset?” This question posed by Arthur Roessler, an art critic and personal friend of Schiele, was answered as follows by the young medical student Rudolf Leopold: “You call this painting just a sunset…. Looking at this work, however, one would have to say, with all the appropriate melancholy, that the sun is sinking. It’s already grown dark and cold in the foreground, and every leaf on the twigs has grown stiff from the cold. And before such a deeply melancholic sky, which no artist before Schiele ever painted in such a way, I am even moved to ask: will this sun, which is just departing, ever return?” As it turned out later on, this mood which Rudolf Leopold so spontaneously described is precisely the one which Egon Schiele himself had chosen as the painting’s title: on the back of the canvas, the artist had written Versinkende Sonne [“Sinking Sun”]. In this painting of 1913, Schiele works with motifs and impressions which he had collected on a journey to Trieste. Behind two young chestnut trees, growing bravely towards the heavens in a barren and hilly karst landscape, the sea is visible, and there are two islands on the horizon. Behind these, the sun is setting—for which reason it cannot possibly illuminate the islands’ front sides, which should logically appear black amidst the sun’s glare. Schiele, however, paints these islands such that they glow like backlit crystals, combining them with the sky and the sea to form a single colourful whole. But it was probably more than just formal considerations that moved Schiele to suspend reality: in the landscapes, just like in his existential pictures of human beings, he wanted not to show what he could see but to express what he felt. His depictions of nature are every bit as emotional as his self-portraits; they pose questions and allow one to recognize the fact that the most important things can only be felt, and not seen.
    2017-08-15 16:16:06

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    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @aabassali I agree! This is from one of my favorite artists, Egon Schiele

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @richondrey Yes, Egon Schiele was a great painter!

    Love this one!👍

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @loudridiculous Yes, me too, it's from one of my favorite artists, Egon Schiele 👏

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  • Doesn't get much cuter than this ❤️
    2017-08-12 15:26:51

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    Monique Alvarez:
    Sugar bear!

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @missmoniquealvarez <3

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @constancemessaris ☺

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  • Two jokers messing around 😂 I have two sons and it's important to me to take each one out on their own to get some one on one time with me. I took Grant out with me in the morning... I had an espresso and he had a chocolate milk. He likes to goof off and have me video tape it so he can watch himself and laugh 😂
    2017-08-12 15:24:33

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    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @nazanin_azadeh 😊

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @crossyourteesdotyoureyes For real! 😂

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @coyote.yurt.colorado ☺


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  • I finished my John Frusciante painting! To say he is one of my favorite guitar players would be an understatement... we played RHCP's Hard to Concentrate at my wedding 10 years ago instead of Pomp and Circumstance 😂 I listened to all his tunes while creating this so I could transfer the way his songs make me feel to the painting... Under the Bridge, Dosed, Scar Tissue, Californication, and Can't Stop are some of my other favorites with John Frusciante in the band. What are your favorite RHCP + John Frusciante songs?
    2017-08-11 12:52:32

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    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @moonsalah 😎


    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @desotobrand <3

    Ummmmmm hello!!! I am a huge John Frusciante Fan.... 🙋🏻🔥 🎸 def the best RHCP guitarist ever. His backup vocals make the songs. Anyway your work is awesome and your a local artist! 💕

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  • My next giveaway is from my landscape collection... have you entered to win yet? We have 679 entries with 56 days to go... enter to win on my website, link is in my bio 😎
    2017-08-08 12:38:41

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    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @neilasinkewicz 😊


    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @anime_girl_quotes 😎

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  • Sunday morning at the park ❤️
    2017-08-07 03:02:51

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    Eilise Kathleen:
    so sweet!! <3

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @eilisekathleen ☺

    Deborah Chan:
    Beautiful family!

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @deborahchanstudio Thank you! ☺

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  • I had lost my momentum on my John Frusciante painting, but it is coming back in a big way as I listen to his music... I am excited to get this done and share it with everyone!
    2017-08-06 10:27:30

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    Great work!

    Dilia Torres:

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @diliart92 Thank you! ☺

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @johnsilvestriart Thanks, I appreciate it! ☺

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  • Date night with my beautiful wife... hard to believe she's almost 20 weeks pregnant... soon we will find out the gender! ❤️
    2017-08-05 14:49:44

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    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @leilabakhshpour 😃

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @hackerparadise Thank you! I can't do it any other way now! 😂

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @missmoniquealvarez <3


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  • Never satisfied, I had to work more on The Ice Queen... it's looking much more in that Dubuffet/Basquiat/Graffiti zone now 🤔
    2017-08-05 10:25:24

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    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @yegane_khosravi_manesh 😂😂😂

    💞Living | Lifestyle | Arts 👣:

    Gold Grrl:
    I like these abstract pieces. Keep it up!

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @goldgrrlchicago Thank you, I enjoy making them... it's like letting the little kid in me have a turn 😂

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  • Trying to vary my brushstroke direction and width more, plus quite a different color palette on this one... I'm calling it Roman Sunset
    2017-08-05 10:09:57

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    love your account

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @yousonofabench Thank you! ☺

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  • Coffee time! 😍😋
    2017-08-05 01:01:01

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    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
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    Dominic Geisler:

    💞Living | Lifestyle | Arts 👣:
    Love it 😍

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  • New abstract painting! I'm calling this one, Roses 🌹😍
    2017-08-04 15:03:17

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    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @ayda_rezvan Thank you! ☺

    Richard Ondrey:
    @derekalvarezart ❤️Beautiful and love the colors 😊🌟👌

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @richondrey Thanks! Colors are my thing!

    Richard Ondrey:
    @derekalvarezart you're welcome and I agree 😊👌🌟

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  • I needed to meditate and express myself and this was my release... I think I'm going to call it, Fallen Angel
    2017-08-03 12:36:56

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    @derekalvarezart I like the colors and the balanced distribution and combination of colors. I like the different types, sizes widths and textures of the brush strokes.

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @jay_franny Thank you! I was just curious because a lot of people seem to like this one. For me with abstracts, sometimes it's just the feeling they give me.

    @derekalvarezart yes, my original comment is that "it speaks to me." It's only because of the feeling I get while looking at it. But since you asked why I like it I'm a little hard pressed for details. The big thing is the feeling. It's hard to say which aspects of the work produce the feeling. The turquoise color is very pleasing.

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @jay_franny Sorry to put you on the spot! 😂 I was just curious what you saw... one of my favorite things about art is what other people bring to the work from their own perspective.

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  • Finished my Saranda painting! Definitely had fun with the colors... I had never quite used this combination before 👌
    2017-08-02 15:34:46

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    amateur watercolour 🎨:
    Love the progress shots and the end results👍😆👌

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @ian.mat Thank you! ☺


    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @cc_carmen_artist Thank you! ☺😎

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  • We did it! We found a Mexican restaurant in Albania! 🇲🇽🇦🇱 😜
    2017-08-01 06:35:59

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    Let me know how good the tacos are. 😁

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @sandra1259 We had some nachos and a quesadilla and they were pretty good! 👍


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  • Bruce Lee and I think this place is cool 👍
    2017-07-31 13:20:26

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    Julien 🇨🇦:
    So cool

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @nomadicjulien Yeah, Bruce Lee is the coolest 😎

    Samad Husaini ⚡⚡:
    Yes... this is cooool

    Derek Alvarez Art 🎨:
    @samad.husaini 😎

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The next guitar hero I'm painting is Johnny Marr from The Smiths... one of the most unique bands I've ever heard. The combination of Morrissey's vocals and Marr's guitar is truly something special. One of my favorite guitar licks ever is what he does on This Charming Man. For me, The Smiths music is very British and I picture Marr out in a snow-covered landscape creating his beautiful, yet haunting sound.