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Dani Stevens 🌴☀️ 365 Motivator danistevens365

This pumpkin risotto was inspired by my beautiful new friend @timonthegram who's been ski-ing in the Austrian Alps. When it popped into my feed this morning, I instantly went to buy an onion, pumpkin, arborio rice and that's it! The rest of the vegetable stock and nutritional yeast, garlic, thyme and pepita seeds are already my pantry staples. Check out my Instagram stories on how I made this simple dish and for free recipes please subscribe to or click my profile link. This is such a satisfying and tasty #vegan dish I took for granted.... back in the days I always added chicken or beef when #plantbased foods truly give you all the flavours and nutrients your body deserves. What's on your plate? #ds365vegan XxDani Your 365 Motivator