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Food Photographer danielkrieger

To poke your head inside the circular table of talking BBQ experts last night at the Brisket King competition, you could hear the judges detailed discussions about topics like smoke, fat, collagen, and cooking & rendering. When they finally announced a winner, the title of Brisket King was handed over to Izzy's in Brooklyn @izzysbbq. What makes Izzy's maybe extra interesting is that their pitmaster/owner isn't the normal bearded barbecue enthusiast, in that he's also a Hasidic Jew who makes Glatt Kosher BBQ. So beyond the painstaking process all these people go through to create beautiful BBQ, Izzy has to also abide by the strict codes of thousands of years of Jewish food law! The small team from this Crown Heights Brooklyn restaurant created some of the most flavorful and moist brisket + pastrami the judges tasted during the night...congrats!