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Suuuuuuuper delicious birria de res at @birrialacruda in Arleta. I ate a taco, a vampiro, mulitas, and a taco dorado, and I didn’t get a burrito to eat in the car on the ride back because I’m #cleaneating and I’m a god damned
Made chocolate covered quail eggs for work the other day. Took the rest of those quail eggs, soft boiled them, then tossed them in a soup I made from a ton of chilies, tomato, ginger, fish sauce, shrimp paste, chopped ribeye from a cow that
Another #SpicyBoyz lunch outing to the far-off land of Pacoima for some very delicious goat birria at Birrieria Apatzingan. The tortillas were fuckin great and there’s a thing called a chavindeca that’s like a vampiro or mulita fi
Califas taco with fries, carne asada, yellow cheese, pico, and chipotle mayo. Barrio taco with carne guisada, potatoes, and beans on flour tortilla. Fried chicken skin tacos doused in so much salsa macha that it tastes like Nashville hot ch
Tfw @dip_set21’s dope-ass craigslist roommate (at this point I can just call @joshmcelweephoto my friend but I think this is funnier) brings back like 20 lbs of seafood from Florida so you gather all the friends and have a fish orgy. F
This chicharron en salsa roja taco from El Campeon in San Juan Capistrano is one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long time. Just saucy, squishy, spicy, aromatic pork skin in an equally squishy tortilla, the only textural respite com
Square slices from @apolloniaspizza are stupid good. Crust is super light but has a shattering crunch on the bottom and there’s just layers of cheese in different textures and fresh crushed tomato on top and it takes your whole mouth o
Happy Holidays from me and Hot Pocket aka Pockets aka Pocky aka Piss Baby
Finally made it down to @thefieldsla and ate this chicken sandwich at @cjboyds that I’ve been staring at for a long time on the internet and it was super super dope—salsa macha on a piece of fried chicken with a squishy bun is an
Buncha Jews eating halal Chinese food on Christmas.
Goddamn man I always forget how good @cacaomexicatessen is and then I’m passing through Eagle Rock on an errand (the closest Petco that had the brand of food my cats eat was in Pasadena) and I put it in my mouth and I remember that thi
Happy belated Hanukkah we’re out here beer bonging Manischewitz for the culture #BaruchHashem

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