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  • Lamb and roasted eggplant burrito with cucumber mint pico, zhoug, and burnt habanero salsa. This. Shit. Was. Good.
    2017-10-08 21:13:23

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    Josh Scherer:
    @antomason I'll lease you rights to the intellectual property for $2.75. Home use only, no commercial.

    Damn that looks amazing

    Kevin & Nick:
    Making me reallly hungry!!!

    Lauren Anderson:
    That was sooooo delicious! Keep it up Josh. That shit is fucking delicious. I'm pissed I didn't get the sammy too and that I can't make it back this Sunday. You gonna stay at Smorgs for a minute? I'm thinking about coming back a few Sundays in Nov + Dec...

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    Skrappy Wideman




  • CHILE VERDE TOTS: buncha crispy potato nuggets topped with pork shoulder braised in tomatillo and poblano and some chipotle shallot hot sauce and crema and don't worry if you missed this tasty plate of shenanigans at @smorgasburgla this week because I'll be back slinging dopeness again this week and I might be making a breakfast chimichanga slathered in chorizo gravy and also an Israeli-inspired lamb crunchwrap supreme that I wanna call a crunchwrap Jewpreme but I know that's a terrible idea. #foodporn #foodbeast #food #foodie #foodstagram #forkyeah #eeeeats #feastagram
    2017-10-03 17:49:45

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    Lord have mercy

    Nate Lowe:


    Rachel Kraus:
    Here for the crunchwrap jewpreme josh. Never ignore your gut when it comes to a good pun.

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    Corey Papcun

    Anjali Langford

    Dee Dee

    Jackall The Pack Huntsman

  • Hey @sharktankabc you tryna get in on my new outdoor semtemporary chimichanga business? $1,500 for an 85% stake lmk. Also @beyondtheale is a god damn genius when it comes to illustrating literal stoney baloneys.
    2017-09-24 20:55:52

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    🇯🇵food ambassador:
    glad fryer is fixed! great meeting you!

    Heath Cowden:
    what is chimichanga? @jonscherer24

    @heathcowden fried burrito

    @bensonaus lets seriously do something at piknic this year @kellie_scott

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    Caitlin O'Brien


    FoodieDiva @foodiedivaeats

    Joshua James Brewster

  • Pork belly tacos with fish sauce caramel, mint, cilantro, basil, lime, pickled daikon, serranos, and crushed peanuts. Braise the pork belly for a bunch of hours in light beer, chill it, cube it, dust it in cornstarch, fry it super hot, then glaze it in caramel deglazed with fish sauce and steeped in star anise, cinnamon, and shallots. If I were in a one on one cookoff to the death, I'd grab a paring knife and stab the other competitor in the throat, get naked, cover myself in butter, and make a run for it. But if I was actually trying to cook my way out of it, I'd make this dish. Seriously a banger. AND NOT TO BEAT A DEAD HORSE BUT THIS RECIPE IS IN THE BOOK THAT I WROTE BECAUSE NEVER FORGET I WROTE A BOOK LITERALLY 100% OF MY SELF ESTEEM IS TIED TO IT NOW. Also there's a vid of me making this on the @foodbeast Facebook page and you should watch it.
    2017-09-06 16:26:12

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    Josh Scherer:
    @kt_kat21 🙁

    congrats on the book josh!! buying it even though u think i'm as old as ur nana. still not over it. but i'm proud of u anyway. 💪❤️

    😱 sold

    Fish sauce caramel?! I mean cmon

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  • Msg 4 21+ ;). YOU GUYS. If there’s anything I love in this world, it’s large quantities of cold beer, ultra-non-kosher sandwiches, and living vicariously through better mens’ feats of athleticism on the TV while saying stuff like “no seriously, give me six months of solid training and I could be right there bro.” Which is why I made these massive shrimp and pork al pastor tortas, perfect for eating with a Tecate 12-pack, and even more perfect for eating while watching Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin beat the hell out of each other for the Middleweight Championship on 9/16. Invite friends, drink Tecate, make sandwiches, wish you were as athletic as the millionaires on screen…. I just realized that sums up like 90% of my weekends, and I am more than fine with that. #TecateBornBold #TecatePartner #ad #sponsored
    2017-09-06 11:51:36

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    Dave Sherotski:
    You're my fucken spirit animal 🤣🤣🤣

    Y this no in your book? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Josh Scherer:
    @stevemichaelsen SEQUEL BRO!

    Georgia Dear:
    These look insane! Great feed man!

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    Trevor Molina🍺

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    J O N L U N G E R

  • Kkorri galbijjim, spicy braised short rib and oxtail stew with rice cake and potato from @sunnongdanyum. Went out on a drinking adventure and also might have smoken a little pot and ended up here at 1:30 on Tuesday morning. Had to wait 20 minutes for a table. This is unequivocally a top 10 meal of my life. As much as the traffic and general urban sprawl pisses me off, I really, really love living in Koreatown sometimes.
    2017-08-17 16:55:09

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    Mike Casdia:
    Kim Jong-un's favorite meal.

    Josh Scherer:
    @hotwheelinmike is that... is that a real thing?

    Eric Lee:
    I want your life

    Bistro Na's:
    so great!

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    Tadeo Woyzechowsky


  • Hoooooooly effing shit man, it's a real book now. It's crazy to see months and months and months of work finally come together into something you can feel and touch, something that can't be wiped from the internet once the impending nuclear holocaust sends us back to the analog age and vintage nudey mags are the only currency worth anything. It feels good man. It feels real good. There are a couple photos of my fave pages here, take a looksie and if you feel so inclined click the link in my bio to preorder or wait three weeks until it officially comes out and snag it from a Barnes & Noble or whatever if those still exist.
    2017-08-08 18:37:38

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    ↠ Julia Chan ↞:

    Taylor Jordan 🤗:
    Hahahha this is amazing!!!

    Josh Scherer:
    @tayyyy_jay lol, thank you. We're running a bachelorette party special for the next 24 hours btw, 5% off purchases of 5 or more books. Like, I'm just saying, you can't afford not to.

    Taylor Jordan 🤗:
    @culinarybrodown I really am going to get this book. Not because I met you on a cruise 🚢 or anything but because I love food!!!!!!!!!

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    Maggie Morton



    Matt Crisafulli

  • Chicken parm sandwich with basil and prosciutto and Calabrian chilies on olive oil brioche and holy god damn shit this is my dream food. @cosabuona is a fantastic restaurant. One of the best Italian chefs in LA is making mozzarella sticks and Hawaiian pizza (pineapple pizza gang or die) and my favorite thing in the world is when talented people use those talents to make what is objective garbage-y stoner food. God bless this restaurant. #foodporn #foodbeast #food #foodie #foodstagram #forkyeah #eeeeats #feastagram
    2017-07-20 18:30:43

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    Brittany Wetzel:

    Now that is a burger

    Logan Bennett:
    You are literally my favorite account

    Marcus Gershenberg:
    @tuckerlico you showed me this account this guy puts out too much fire

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  • I don't much care for #baseball, but boy do I sure love drinking beers outside
    2017-07-04 23:19:53

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    @culinarybrodown whatchu know about wine? I got some laundry room cab franc for you to try when I visit.

    Josh Scherer:

    @culinarybrodown bounce dryer sheets...tomato tomahto

    Rabeeah Patail:
    @culinarybrodown hey! Sent you a dm regarding an upcoming foodie event (didn't have your email). Let me know your thoughts!

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  • Orange chicken sandwich. It's Panda Express in a bun, which is to say Panda Express in its most perfect form. Except Panda Express is already perfect so it's a logical paradox but that's just, like, your opinion, man.
    2017-06-19 22:32:16

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    Fuckin lit

    Cherise Clarke:

    So wrong but so good 😘😘

    Nycole Hampton 📍Chicago 🔜 LA:
    This look really good and you caption just cracked me up!

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    Jenna LaForte


    hannah barrett

    Monse Gallegos

Lamb and roasted eggplant burrito with cucumber mint pico, zhoug, and burnt habanero salsa. This. Shit. Was. Good.