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  • Orange chicken sandwich. It's Panda Express in a bun, which is to say Panda Express in its most perfect form. Except Panda Express is already perfect so it's a logical paradox but that's just, like, your opinion, man.
    2017-06-19 22:32:16

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    Fuckin lit

    Cherise Clarke:

    So wrong but so good 😘😘

    Nycole Hampton 📍Chicago:
    This look really good and you caption just cracked me up!

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    M E G H A N P A T K E


    Yenny L.

    Ronak Bansal

  • Hand cut fettuccine all'amatriciana with fresh dill and pecorino. Garlic and Calabrian chilies sautéed in bacon fat should be the base of more dishes tbh. Btw I eat all ethnicities' noodles with chopsticks because I don't see race and because I like slurping noods from sticks. Just a good-ass set of noodle eating tools.
    2017-06-18 17:57:52

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    Lmao I want to try eating my pasta w chopsticks now #inspired

    Andreas Nylander:
    Fettuccine, garlic and dill? Sounds tasty, but I think the villagers of the sadly destroyed Amatrice would cry if they'd see this recipe.

    Dill on Amatriciana? 🤔😫

    Josh Scherer:
    @patrick_b617 tryna get rid of some stuff in the fridge. There's a chef in LA who puts dill in his spaghetti so I figured there was at least some sort of precedent. It worked too man. Sharpness cutting richness and all that.

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    Aliçe 🐥🌻 🌈

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    Johannes Schramm

  • Flamin Hot Double Chili Cheeseburger: two 6 ounce cow discs; white American cheese; pork shoulder, Puya pepper, and roasted peanut chili; Chipotle Ranch Flamin Hot Cheetos (apparently these exist now??), and some fresh jalapeños because salad. I came back from heavy low rep back squats and hot yoga today--my life is just a series of loosely strung together contradictions--and I was craving a monstrous hamburger to induce the special kind of self-loathing that stays long after the mud butt is gone. So I came up with this. The new Flamin Hot Cheetos aren't that great btw. I'm happy they exist--FHC innovation should always be celebrated--but they kinda taste like someone sprinkled spoiled milk powder and bleach onto the original Flamin' Hot Cheetos.
    2017-06-13 20:48:33

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    Chris Jarmus:
    @justinjarm 2 6 oz cow discs

    @cm_jarmus 😂

    Emily Puig:
    @chefboyrzeee follow this account. Take notes.

    Nycole Hampton 📍Chicago:
    OMG how the heck do you even get started with this thing!

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  • SOME REALLY REALLY HUGE PERSONAL NEWS! I wrote a book and this is the cover and it's available now to preorder (It's officially out August 29) and the link is in the bio. There are 70+ recipes ranging from dumb-but-smart shit like funnel cake burgers, to just straight-up-smart shit like maitake mushroom toast with blue cheese whipped cream, to a grotesque sandwich-meets-performance-art-piece that combines three different McDonald's OG menu items into one monstrous animal flesh tower. There's also a bunch of absurd essays and anecdotes and I wrote a piece on food and gender performance and the book gets real weird, real quick. In a good way though, I think. Oh and there's also light beer. Lots and lots of light beer. ​ I poured my God damn heart and soul into this thing, and it truly is the culmination of my life's work and passion. Every cookbook that's geared towards the Dude Food, Bro Bites, I Have A Big Penis Party Tapas set has always read super disingenuous to me, and I've never felt any shred connection to their basic-ass recipes for Macho Nachos or whatever. I wanted to really play with the genre, throw some vulnerability in there (insofar as vulnerability can accompany a recipe for Malt Liquor Butt Chicken) and try and flip the script on what it means to be a bro who cooks. ​ This book means a whole lot to me, and I hope it means something to you, too. Buy it or not, know that I love you.
    2017-06-07 16:44:21

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    Looks amazing!! Congratulations! We wish you great success!

    Sang Pak:
    From the Prince enjoying the yogurt soju - glad to meet you and looking forward to your future endeavors!

    Fuego Box Hot Sauce Club:
    @culinarybrodown we have a new hot sauce store on 5445 w. Pico Blvd, LA 90019. If we can do anything to help, let us know! We have a decent amount of space.

    Lauren Anderson:

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    - Elias -

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  • Chili cheese dog breakfast sunny side up tater tot salad whatever: tater tots, artisanal chili in the style of Hormel with cut up hot dogs in it, cheddar cheese, sunny egg, radish, serranos, and sriracha. Feel like I need to explain why I made garbage-style chili with cut up hotdogs. So. @faldermonster had a work potluck that celebrated everyone's heritage and promised her coworkers I would make a, and this is a direct quote grotesquely monstrous American casserole. We settled on a parfait style layered slop bucket of mac and cheese, hot dog chili, and tater tots. Because America. Styled the chili like Hormel and the mac like Kraft. I didn't take a picture of it so I made this instead with the leftovers. Hot dog chili as a concept has legs though. Like a low carb chili dog. I stand by it
    2017-06-01 20:39:49

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    Taylor Higgins:
    @arooj_a wow. If there was a contest for him to cook for you I'd enter 1mil times and then I'd win and then I'd invite ya


    Nima Taheri:
    @laowai breakreallyfast

    Emily Puig:
    @chefboyrzeee take notes

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  • Double torta hamburguesa: couple grilled patties seasoned with aleppo pepper, sharp white cheddar, refried Salvadoran beans, mayonnaisey slaw with cabbage, scallion, tomato, Serrano, and radish, ketchup, and pickles on a squishy-ass sesame seed bun. Grilled them up in the alley in front of my garage because I live in a city and cities don't care about your love of outdoor cooking and apartments with balconies cost extra so sometimes you just gotta rough it and use your car's trunk as a cutting board/prep station and make a flamethrower out of Pam nonstick spray to ward off the cockroaches. All in all, it was a good time. Tasty burgers too. Big fan of hot bean purees in sandwiches.
    2017-05-29 20:25:50

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    Doug Emerson:
    Hahahaha #goodtimes


    Jacob Fuchs:
    @buffcatlady I particularly like the "squishy assume sesame seed bun" they added lol

    Mouth watering 😋😋😋😋😋

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    Кирилл 89241206163

    Joshua Everett

    Mark Richardson

  • Goat cheese stuffed crust pizza with harissa tomato sauce, lamb merguez sausage, fennel, cherry tomatoes, and jalapeños on half because @faldermonster gets gassy when she eats spicy foods. Was gonna use fancy cheese but the preshredded bag mozz is about as good as it gets for me. The more anticoagulating agents, the better.
    2017-05-07 20:47:02

  • Easter is coming. I am #Jewish so I am very confused about your Christ-centered traditions of large man-rabbits pooing eggs for children and eating sugar-cured legs of pigs but I respect spirituality so here is a picture of a ham that I doused in Fireball then lit on fire. Happy almost Easter everyone. Light your meats on fire this year, for #Jesus.
    2017-04-12 18:44:23

  • Hangover + shrimp dumplings = my head and tummy still hurt and I'm constantly fighting off intense bouts of nausea but at least I can distract myself for three minutes while I put stuff in my mouth even though I know it's only gonna turn my eventual dry heaves into wet heaves. Happy Saturday everyone. The dumplings weren't very good, but i'm still happy they were there for me. Shit dumplings are better than no dumplings.
    2017-03-25 17:02:44

  • Just some habanero pickle brined fried chicken because you deserve to stare at more pictures of fried chicken on your phone because life is hard enough without the constant reminder that fried chicken exists to make it all better. Got some habanero hot sauce honey on there too. Which I regret because honey on fried chicken is super overrated. Hot sauce and ranch only.
    2017-03-20 16:50:55

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    Flávia Corrêa 😼🎀:
    Topo 😎😋😉 @baduu1

    Vine Visitor:

    Vanessa Baxter:
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    AJ Middleton:
    Bro holy smokes... can I get a rundown of the process for this?!?!!!

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    Kyle McKenna



  • Tater chip nachos with braised corned beef, Guinness thousand island, pickled cabbage, some of that good good Dubliner white cheddar, and scallions. A little late but I was too busy yesterday doing St. Patrick's Day shit to post St. Patrick's Day shit and anyways now I'm pissing green and I woke up today and the kitchen was spotless and there was a plate of really shitty cookies on the counter because I forgot that when I'm too drunk to sleep I clean the kitchen and try and make cookies without a recipe even if we don't have cookie ingredients in the house so most of the time it's just like flour, eggs, and sugar and they're always pretty terrible but this time they were just not terrible enough to eat for breakfast as long as you softened them up in milk first. So yeah. That's my life right now. How are you guys doing?
    2017-03-18 15:14:07

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    Omg hahahahah I saw this pic and I'm like "ok I gotta make nachos" and then read the whole caption and I was like "DEFINITELY MAKING NACHOS MY MAN"


    Caitlin Stewart:

    Peter O'Connell:

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    B R A N D O N | G R E A G E R

  • Sonoratown has some of the dopest carne asada tacos you can eat right now. All about LA's newfound respect for the obviously superior flour tortilla. For years being a flour truther had me feeling like the dude outside a 7-Eleven screaming, OBAMA DID 9/11 (an actual thing I've heard! And like... where was he that day? 🤔🤔🤔) but not anymore god dammit.
    2017-03-16 15:49:35

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    Aurora Nilhag:

    High Street on Market:
    this is awesome!

    Pardes Farms:

    LOVE 🍹

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  • Tater tots, Taco Bell-spiced short rib ragu, chorizo braised collard greens, chile de arbol cream gravy, Oaxaca strong cheese, jalapeños, scallions, and completely doused in Tabanero aka one of the top three widely available table hot sauces in the game right now. I refuse to call these either totchos or tater tot poutine because those are both semantic fallacies and I don't play that shit. Except for most times I do. I'm a hypocrite. That's what you should take away from all this and also most things I write. You may have also noticed that these are just the insides scooped out from my previous post. You are correct and very observant, much like a precocious toddler. Congrats. #foodbeast
    2017-03-15 21:08:52

Orange chicken sandwich. It's Panda Express in a bun, which is to say Panda Express in its most perfect form. Except Panda Express is already perfect so it's a logical paradox but that's just, like, your opinion, man.