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Chris Hawkins chrishawkinspga

Thank you Dr. King. Today many parts of life that we are afforded are because you fought. While your efforts were nonviolent you were a FIGHTER for social justice. The more I educate myself on your writings and teachings, the prouder I am to call myself a native Atlantan and a fighter for social justice. I pray that the events of the last few months and near future awaken a beast inside of all of us, and in the spirit of Dr. King, we will fight! Fight for the oppressed, downtrodden, & the less fortunate. Fight against racial and gender injustice, and for equality for all members of our society. Thank you Dr. King, and all that have come before and after, and it is time our generation picks up the torch, and prepares to fight. #thankyouDrKing #dreamer #atlanta #justice #mlkday #fightforyourrights