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  • Moving across the country has made my circle smaller, placed Faith in my life at a higher value, taught me how to forgive, love stronger, and not to entertain the weak but simply help them. . Damn throwback to last year when I was photoshoot ready every damn day for 2 years. We all have our ups and downs. Honor them all. . Photo @ludwigaraujo HMU @ingriddiamante_
    2017-10-22 22:22:17

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    kévin Boyer:

    That’s stunning 😁

    Dave George:
    Great shoot Brittany

    Vishnu Nettath:
    Wow super 💪🏻👌🏻

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    Jordan Persing

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  • Grab your own glass and fill it. Don’t let fear hold you back. . Image
    2017-10-19 21:55:38

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    Unlock The Power Inside You:

    OM Twiins Vegan•Fitness•Evolve:

    Dennis Penny:
    Even sexier than that Car you drive

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  • Ps video from last month! READ CAPTION: . All it takes is small efforts of dedication for a continued period of time! It will all start to add up!! It’s crazy how 2 bad full weeks of not training and eating horribly can reverse and change your body structure dramatically. Not to mention as well as your mindset and energy levels. . With practice comes discipline. We have practiced our whole lives to brush our teeth before bed and when we wake up. Sometime even once mid day! Now stop doing that for two weeks and watch what will happen. Feed your super car premium for a month then accidentally give it regular gas 😫 of course your car will run differently. What it all stems down to is continuing without an exact date in mind. Push ahead everyday and check off the boxes as you go. What you don’t complete today will catch up with you tomorrow. . I’ve had a rough full year still not back to myself at all and leading fully by example. I feel like a failure in the sense because I know that many look to me for that extra push and I haven’t been delivering. My knowledge and guidance is over 200% and I’m still continuing to build it more and more each day but I have been lacking on exercising them. . Everyday is Monday! Are you going to start Now with me or keep waiting for that one day you feel motivated? The more you wait the less you will feel it. Heck I don’t feel it at all anymore but once I get into the gym I’m back to my normal self! As cliche as it sounds fail to plan well then plan to fail. . If you want help building a plan into your lifestyle too achieve your dream goals email me! Only serious inquires please. . INFO@COUTUFIT.COM . INFO@COUTUFIT.COM
    2017-10-18 21:03:57

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    Colleen Delaney:
    You’re only human! Keep up the good work and keep pushing forward ❤️


    Dave George:
    Keep grinding Brittany you got this💪👊👍

    Rohit Vyas:
    Always inspiring and motivating @brittanycoutu 😉👍👏💪

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  • Erase the impressions of the past and the worry of the future. It is within out power to keep our souls free from any vice, passion or disturbance. See clear for what each and every thing truly is and treat them on their merits. The universe allows this. Each and every single one of us are granted this power. Embrace it and know you have all the power you do dream of just become more connected to the signs and words spoken to you from the universe. Stay present and connected. . Image this girl has such a beautiful soul! Grateful for you ❤️
    2017-10-18 01:17:10

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    Pretty hair eyes tan smile tattoos muscle tone and outfit lady luv the holy jeans look lady 👍😎

    Clóvis Oliveira:

    So pretty!!😍😍🤤🤤

    Benny Dunn:
    OMG!!! You are so gorgeous!!!😍😍😍

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  • My face when my date told me to stop squatting that my legs were getting to big. My response was epic I straight up told him no you just need to workout more. 😮 #ohhhhhhhhyah #sidenote I’m good friends with him still! . Lens is my girl of course
    2017-10-11 17:52:27

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    💪 👊

    Media By MS:
    nice feed 🔥

    gym bully:

    Benjamin Dowdy:
    Keep squatting 🖤🙏🏼💪🏻

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  • Coming into the week strong. What’s up 💪🏼
    2017-10-09 23:15:05

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    Brittany Coutu WBFF PRO:
    @corynelisecc feels so good!

    Brittany Coutu WBFF PRO:
    @ironaddict06 haha

    Mike Nelson:
    @realmenace Lmao, that’s, that east coast in you coming out lol. I know cause I do the same 😂😂😂


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    .⑊Ṩq⑊. Šøccėrahōliç•

    A B B I E • C O U S I N S


  • What you manifest will soon come to life. Faith is always walking beside me. . Took a much needed break from social media but your girl is back! . Image my girl
    2017-10-09 18:56:32

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    Enes Bahadir:
    ❤️😍 private lady

    Skyler Frazier🇺🇸👊:
    Your beautiful Britt!

    Cory Schaetzle:

    You got it beautiful~🌺🙏🏻

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    Bella Ella

  • Progress not perfection. We all struggle at times. It's not about our past, our future, but currently right now. Stop waiting and do something about what you don't like now. . I have a few spots left open for October! Who's gonna sign up and take the 12 week challenge with me? Email me at or DM me for more info xoxo
    2017-10-03 19:34:34

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    Julie Smith:

    Maurice Cabrera:
    Sexy sexy sexy!


    H Joseph LeBlanc III:
    🔥AGREED 💯💯💯. #life is about what we can BECOME. Become #amazing become INCREDIBLE, become EVERYTHING you were created to BE. #live FORWARD having PURPOSE is every STEP. 😘

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  • Rise and drive @smg. 6 am Sunday Funday up in the canyons with @smg_clyde and @4kvisuals . Told y'all cars are on my top list of things I love!! #zo6corvette #zo6
    2017-10-02 20:05:49

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    Sukhdev Samrala:
    Very nice

    So sexy 😍

    FIT N' FURIOUS!!!!!


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    Erin DiNapoli

    Nathan Vohs

    Estas Manos Son Armas Blancas👊

  • Does this look good? Photographer Yes girl yes!! 😂I miss you
    2017-09-30 20:52:23

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    Jonathan Sebastian:
    Pero que hermosa😍😍

    Aesthetics | Fashion | Power:

    Kenneth cushman:
    Oh yeah sho does 😵

    Cesar Lozano:
    Very hot

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  • Always on the go and of course this girl is walking into her next meeting with a cookie! But hello it's a protein cookie and prep friendly for me right now! @eatmeguiltfree has all natural and limited ingredients which I'm a huge fan of! 💪🏼16g protein|9g carbs|8g fat #boom #cookiemonster #ratherhaveacookiethanabar #eatmeguiltfree
    2017-09-29 16:50:43

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    Owner⋮Body as a Whole, LLC:
    Miss. You. Pretty girl. Hope all is well out in CA.

    Keith Brower:
    Whats the best choice for foods that are low in carbs, sodium, and sugar @brittanycoutu

    Bryan Agi 🇳🇬 🇺🇸:
    Lol damn you're short!!

    Frank E. Scott:

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    🐾 Adél ka 🐾


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  • Things just got even more exciting this year. With all my years of knowledge and the COUTUFIT Team almost hitting over 10 certifications what's one more. I just signed up at @bodydesignuniversity to strengthen my knowledge in even more areas of health and fitness to help give back to you all! #bodydesignuniversity #letsdothis #holdingmyselfaccountable
    2017-09-28 21:37:00

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    Congratulations my love!😬😍😍😘👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Reinaldo Mejia:
    Hi Gorgeous

    Da Rulk:
    Gotta get you RFT® certified sis ;) haha

    Very pretty

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    🌐IFBB Pro Vincent VJ Hils🇺🇸

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  • Form is a little off and I would be lying if I told you I knew where I was during the skill. I was so lost and surprised but hey your girl still has it!! . I was always known to just chuck the stupidest things well hey 10 years later and my mind set hasn't changed! . Used to have this saying with my fam and to basically dare someone we would say you won't! That heats all of us up well my brother, my father and myself! Let's just say we are competitive, athletes, and our last name is COUTU! . Excited to see what I can get back in a month 🙇🏽‍♀️ @brockjc8 love and miss you bro!
    2017-09-27 22:36:56

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    Beth McCready:
    @brittanycoutu Hey, that's what a good coach does...lifts people up and you girl are rockin' that title now! We had some good times for sure! Love seeing how far you have come....keep it up! ❤

    Damn Brit!!

    WOWWW 👊

    Dave George:
    Awesome Brittany

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    Maricela 🙏🏽⚓️❣

    JJ Abrego


  • We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9 . Image
    2017-09-27 16:12:08

  • Not bad for being retired for about 10 years. Feels good to get back in the gym and play around. Once an athlete always an athlete!
    2017-09-27 10:35:12

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    Abraham Garduno-Gonzalez:

    Rohit Vyas:
    Superb.. 😉 👍 👏 💪

    @grumpyricecake can you do this!?!?!?!?

    Anthony Ciccotto:
    You're awsome. Keep up the great work. Bad ass. 💪😎🖒

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    Jose Saldana

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  • (SWIPE LEFT) ARE YOU READY TO MAKE A CHANGE? Email now for info 📬 . Males and females welcome for lifestyle or competition prep. All programs are customized and personalized to fit your goals and daily routine. Nothing is cookie cutter!! Full 24/7 email support from Me and the COUTUFIT Team! . Serious inquiries ONLY! Payment plans available as well as the option for credit card checkout! . ONLINE NOW 🙇🏽‍♀️
    2017-09-26 18:53:00

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    Imprecionante y divertida,💝💝💘💓💖🙊🙈😘😘

    Brittany Coutu WBFF PRO:
    @ironclad_ma let's go!

    Darien Simpson:
    @brittanycoutu soooo I have this deal with 80%of the gyms in nyc. Whenever you are down here let me know and we can set up passes for you and you people........and then you can marry me. Jk. Well not really....but I do have the hook up.

    Doug N Danielle Wilde:

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    Nayeli Hernández D.

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  • It's not a coincidence, it's not luck. It's love being sent down from above. Trust his guidance, be aware to his signs, and learn to understand the disenchantment. There is always a reason even when it's not working out in the way you had foreseen. Stay centered, love yourself, believe in yourself, and give each day 110%. Commit this week for 7 days and then look at where your at. . Image
    2017-09-26 00:07:22

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    Mohammed Alwan Al-nakeeb:
    Alway and will be beautiful😍

    Rohit Vyas:
    Looking different and effective..

    Manny Sandoval:
    @brittanycoutu 💘😍😘

    Enes Bahadir:
    Chocolate 👌😌💕

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  • Just a little upper body action. All you have to do is move. Having a plan will set you up for success. Walking in with a plan will not only guide you with more confidence but you will walk out knowing you are on track with your goals. . If you need help DM me @brittanycoutu or email me at and let's discuss your goals 💪🏼❤️
    2017-09-25 21:29:29

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    Brittany Coutu WBFF PRO:
    @paulybagodonuts hahaha I noticed that after this video too. 😂

    Reinaldo Mejia:
    Nice Choice In Music Darling

    Paul Valvo:
    @brittanycoutu 😂 it doesn’t take away from the video though. Just adds to the 👀 on the video. Lol

    Charee G🍒:
    Awww my old 24 until I moved!!! 😭 one of my favorite ones #cm

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  • Quick fixes never last. Invest in something that's going to give you long lasting results. Shaving vs. laser hair removal. @laseraway #laseraway #noarmpithair
    2017-09-25 18:24:40

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    “A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, the soul.” 😍😚🌻

    Reinaldo Mejia:
    Wooooooow You Look Totally Delicious

    Rajvir Singh:
    @brittanycoutu your armpits so beautiful in the world I like it

    Cesar Lozano:

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    Ted Cypress

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  • Breakfast hack! One thing my clients never complain about is being hungry. It's fun to mess around with your meals and trick that brain. . To cook the banana I only used Pam spray and fried it on a cooking pan. It's a great switch for a source of carb. A nice little treat you could add in once a week. Not to mention they are high in potassium, magnesium, as well as Rich in pectin which helps aid in digestion. . Want to learn my ways email me at 🙏🏼
    2017-09-22 14:58:45

Moving across the country has made my circle smaller, placed Faith in my life at a higher value, taught me how to forgive, love stronger, and not to entertain the weak but simply help them. . Damn throwback to last year when I was photoshoot ready every damn day for 2 years. We all have our ups and downs. Honor them all. . Photo @ludwigaraujo HMU @ingriddiamante_