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Moving across the country has made my circle smaller, placed Faith in my life at a higher value, taught me how to forgive, love stronger, and not to entertain the weak but simply help them.
Damn throwback to last year when I was photosh
Grab your own glass and fill it. Don’t let fear hold you back.
Erase the impressions of the past and the worry of the future. It is within out power to keep our souls free from any vice, passion or disturbance. See clear for what each and every thing truly is and treat them on their merits. The univers
My face when my date told me to stop squatting that my legs were getting to big. My response was epic I straight up told him no you just need to workout more. 😮 #ohhhhhhhhyah #sidenote I’m good friends with him still!
Progress not perfection. We all struggle at times. It's not about our past, our future, but currently right now. Stop waiting and do something about what you don't like now.
I have a few spots left open for October! Who's gonna sign up
Does this look good? 
Photographer Yes girl yes!! 😂I miss you
We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9
I'm just over here writing my own story.Don't ever allow individuals to dictate the next chapter title.
They can join in for the ride but always remember your happiness comes first. You will never be able to be happy with anyone unless
Coach, business woman, designer, and someone who truly loves to play while working hard. That's who I'm striving to become more and more as I grow.

Image by my girl
I've always loved cars more than I did boys. Looks like some things never change. #Faith has my back
Master behind the lens
My parents raised me to be confident in being different.
Lens (this girl is so talented ❤️)
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Your invitation to greatness isn't to grab the best seat. It's to grab the towel and wash others feet. Serve others in love. Walk that extra mile, be generous and love all even the enemy.

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