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  • Life happens. Chocolate helps. A lot. 🤷‍♀️🍫 🔗 Link to our Chocolate Banana Coffee Cake in bio 🙊
    2017-07-21 22:15:38

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    Backdrops. Trays. Photoprops:
    So beautiful!!😍

    Aleyda | The Dish On Healthy:
    A LOT! 😍🙊🙌🏻

    Looks yummy!!

    Jill Lewis:
    Just saw your original cookbook at Creeds!

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    South St. Burger




  • We're having a BOWL with our Ginger Tofu Coconut Rice Bowl! 🍚😋 🔗 Link to recipe in bio ❤️
    2017-07-20 22:23:32

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    @feelgoodguru 😋😋😋

    Bite Me More:
    @how_to_eat We LOVE our puns! 😂

    Bite Me More:
    @thebakingskillet It's the perfect weeknight dinner! Lots of flavour and super easy 😋

    Nathalie Gluckstein:
    Huge fan must try

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    👯Emily And Katie

    Emma Fogel

    Zahra Abdalla


  • Hot dog, we have a wiener on our hands! 🌭🏆 #NationalHotDogDay 🔗 Link to recipe in bio 😋
    2017-07-19 20:40:09

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    Chow Down Brooklyn:
    Best day ever!! 🙌🏼

    Suzie Durigon:

    Bite Me More:
    @justcrumbs 😅😂

    Bite Me More:
    @chowdownbrooklyn Agreed! Wish it was everyday 😅🌭

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    Bruce The Moose™

    Gill Murray

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  • This bread is BANANAS, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! 🍌Lisa took the classic banana bread and transformed it into the most decadent dessert. 👩‍🍳 Topped with our peanut butter frosting and bark. Are you drooling yet? 🤤WATCH how to make it in our latest #YouTube video! 🎥 🔗 Link to video and recipe in bio
    2017-07-18 21:41:29

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    Oh my did we miss this beauty!?! 😋😄




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    Lesley Rosenthal

    Ali Golightly


  • Asparagus the details. Let's just get to recipe! 😂😏 #MeatlessMonday 🔗 Link to recipe in bio 💚
    2017-07-17 22:07:10

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    #vegetarian #asparagus #veggies #bitememore #recipes #food #foodie #foodporn #eat #yum #buzzfeast #fun #toronto #canada #easyrecipes #foodblogger #yummy #photography #buzzfeast #f52grams #food52 #feedfeed #huffposttaste #thekitchn #infatuation #forkyeah #youarewhatyoueat

    Lauren Albert:

    Bite Me More:
    @lauralbert 💚💚💚

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    Arminé Tatosian

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  • Chill out, it's #NationalIceCreamDay and we're making our Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sammies! 🍦🍪 🔗 Link to video and recipe in bio 😋
    2017-07-16 17:37:53

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    @yaeljw its the perfect treat for summertime! Please share with us when you make it 🍪🍦💖

    Bite Me More:
    @drewster999 oh yes we did. You got to give it a try! 😍

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    @momma_moncauskas 😄💓🍦🍪💖

    Bite Me More:
    @honeybear_bakery thank you! No crying though, we've got plenty more where that came from. 💝😊

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    Barb Rosenberg


    Tracy Igwe | Fitness & Beauty


  • The islands are only a spoonful away with our Tropical Sundae! 🌴🌊 A refreshing combo of pineapple, banana and coconut. 🍍🍌 Who's ready for a little vacation? ➡️🙋⬅️ 🔗 Link to recipe in bio ☀️
    2017-07-15 18:37:52

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    #dessert #sundae #icecream #coconut #bitememore #recipes #food #foodie #foodporn #eat #yum #buzzfeast #fun #toronto #canada #easyrecipes #foodblogger #yummy #photography #buzzfeast #f52grams #food52 #feedfeed #huffposttaste #thekitchn #infatuation #forkyeah #youarewhatyoueat

    Joy Kelly Mills:
    I could go for this right now!! Yum!!

    Bite Me More:
    @joykellymills grab a spoon and dig in! 😃🍍🍌💛

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    Anne Alter

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    Emmett's ABCs

  • Say “cheese”! 🧀 We’re smiling from ear to ear because not only is it Friday but we’re kicking off the weekend with a much-needed Extreme Cheese Lovers Bloody Mary. 🍅🤤#TGIF 🔗 Link to recipe in bio 💃🏽
    2017-07-14 22:11:40

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    @brendana_banana_ ❤️😊

    Bite Me More:
    @ngluckstein Thank you!!

    I need this in my life

    Yabi | Ⓥ:

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    Sibel Avcılar


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  • T.G.I.F = Thank Goodness It’s FRYday! Happy #NationalFrenchFryDay ✨🍟✨ to all our carb lovers. For everyone looking for a healthy alternative, look no further than our CRISPY Sweet Potato Fries. 🖇Link to recipe in bio
    2017-07-13 18:30:48

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    Drewster 🍁:
    Hopefully lori does see this Side Dip :)

    Bite Me More:
    @lebompshane 😄❤️🍟

    Bite Me More:
    @notummymommy and foods before dudes 🙌🏼😏💖

    Bite Me More:
    @joyceofcooking The oil helps them become crispier and the spices are all for flavour. Hope that answers your question! 😊❤️

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    Rogers Foods 🇨🇦

  • Hey everyone, we need your help! 👋🏻👯 If you love our blog and recipes, please VOTE for us for @saveurmag’s 2017 Blogger Awards. 👩‍🍳🍽 All you have to do is nominate and choose “MOST INSPIRED WEEKNIGHT DINNERS”. Let us know if you vote for a chance to WIN all three of our cookbooks! 💻📚 🔗 Link to vote in bio ❤️
    2017-07-12 13:06:28

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    Wendy Fish 🐠❤️😊:
    Voted! Good luck!

    Sarah Kelsey:

    Healthy Genie ✨:
    The best of luck ladies 💗💗💗

    grayce | food | canada:
    Good luck, ladies!!!! :)

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    Sarah Collins


    Health & Wellness Optimizer

  • What's easier than pie? Our Fruit Galette!✨🍓✨Toss in seasonal and local fruits then roll and fold your way into the best dessert you've ever had. WATCH how to make this super simple recipe in our latest #YouTube video!🎥👭 📎Link to video and recipe in bio
    2017-07-12 09:35:43

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    Bite Me More:
    @khalil_yabi Will do. We just made an account! 🎉❤️

    Bite Me More:
    @jessegoldmusic perfect dessert for the cottage! Galette> 🎂..😏❤️

    Bite Me More:
    @gustotv thank you!💖

    Khalil Yabi:
    @bitememore thank you 😊 😍😍😍😍

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    Eliza Solomon

    Joy 💜


  • We promise you our Berry Bonanza Breakfast Toast will have you forgetting about the Avocado Toast hype.🍓 Topped with cream cheese, blackberries, raspberries and mint, it’s the perfect way to start your day. 😍☀️ 📎Link to recipe in bio
    2017-07-11 11:26:46

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    Oh this looks delicious!!!

    Omg yum😍😍😍

    Bonnie Levy:
    Great looking breakfast. Never thought of this especially the mint.

    Healthy Genie ✨:
    Yum 💚💚💚

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    Sandra Marinescu


    Eat. Bake. Sleep. Repeat

  • In 4 simple steps, you can serve up this foolproof, family-friendly and flavourful baked Lime Pecan Chicken. Try making it tonight, we promise you it’s subLIME! 💚😋🙌🏻 📎 Link to recipe in bio
    2017-07-10 20:34:34

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    Bite Me More: thanks! 😜💗

    Bite Me More:
    @monicadelareyes thank you! 💘🍗

    Bite Me More:
    @lala_levine yes! You can use almonds. It would taste great 😃💜

    Amy Levine:

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    Mattie Morrison


    Thea Justein

  • Something fruity to end off the weekend! 💚😌 🔗 Link to recipe in bio
    2017-07-09 21:59:51

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    #sundayfunday #summer #vegan #healthy #bitememore #recipes #food #foodie #foodporn #eat #yum #buzzfeast #fun #toronto #canada #easyrecipes #foodblogger #yummy #photography #buzzfeast #f52grams #food52 #feedfeed #huffposttaste #thekitchn #infatuation #forkyeah #youarewhatyoueat

    Aleyda | The Dish On Healthy:
    🥝🥝 ki-wi handle all this green? 💚

    Bite Me More:
    @thedishonhealthy just trying to beat those Monday blues 💚😅

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    Ben Sterlin

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  • Rise and shine! ☀️Early bird gets this Potato, Spinach and Gruyere Frittata. 🍳 🔗 Link to recipe in bio 😋
    2017-07-08 07:51:39

    Comments (16)
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    @robynsaaa thank you❣️

    Bite Me More:
    @bonnielevy43 totally! 🍳😋🤤☀️

    Bite Me More:
    @thelemonapron thank you! ☺️😘

    Bite Me More:
    @thedishonhealthy we ❤️frittatas 😍🤤 so easy, so delicious!

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    Nicolas Tomaro

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  • It’s Friday and #WorldChocolateDay so we’re just going to leave our Cookie Monster Cupcakes right here....🍪🍫 #TGIF 🔗 Link to recipe in bio 😋
    2017-07-07 16:26:35

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    Melissa M:
    @grannybillsbakery So cute!

    DOWN TO EAT // SF Bay:
    Loving your photos! Keep up the good work! ☺️

    Bite Me More:
    @curlygirl66 thank you!! 😘❤️

    Bite Me More:
    @alwaysdte thank you so much! Glad you like what we are cooking up 👩🏻‍🍳💖

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    Madeline McDonnell


    Susan Eickmeier

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  • Our summer salads just keep getting feta and feta! Our Watermelon Panzanella Salad is a prime example. Juicy watermelon, crunchy bread, tangy feta and peppery arugula, all tossed in a scrumptious honey lime dressing. Chef Lisa, you did good!👩🏻‍🍳❤️👏🏻 🖇Link to recipe in bio
    2017-07-06 20:45:39

    Comments (7)
    Bite Me More:
    @nutritioncoachmairead its a harmonious food combo! Let us know if you make it 💓

    Bite Me More:
    @fruitilicious_c_cakes please share with us once you make it! We would love to hear how you liked it. 🍉💚

    Susan Eickmeier:
    Beautiful !!

    Bite Me More:
    @susan.eickmeier thank you! 😘

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    d a n i e l s e i d m a n


  • If you get a second helping of our Saucy Sloppy Joes with Memphis Slaw, are you just taking sloppy seconds? Hmmm...🤔 One thing we do know is that these are real crowd-pleasers and an easy weeknight dinner! Find this saucy recipe in our cookbook 👩🏻‍🍳💖 #LickYourPlate. 🖇Link to recipe in bio
    2017-07-06 18:25:34

    Comments (6)
    Jennifer Emilson:
    Love a good sloppy joe!!

    Bite Me More:
    @markprimerano21 thank you! ❤️

    Bite Me More:
    @thelemonapron us too! Perfect for summer ❣️

    Audacious Eats:

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    Originators of the inside-out

    sonia w • saltnpepperhere

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  • Sending a ✨BIG✨ congrats to fellow cookbook authors and friends, @cerimarsh and @lkeogh3 AKA @sweetpotatochronicles, on their second baby - #SchoolYearSurvivalCookbook!❤️📓 Where do we even start? Everything looks amazing, we could lick every page! Pick up your copy NOW, you won’t regret it. 🎉
    2017-07-05 23:16:41

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    215 Madison Ave:

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    Matthew Kimura


    Ben Sterlin

  • Hello summer, we MEAT again! 😍☀️ Nothing better than enjoying our Flank Steak Fajitas under the warm sun with family and friends. 🌯WATCH how to make it in our latest #YouTube video! 📎 Link to video and recipe in bio
    2017-07-05 13:05:23

    Comments (4)
    Oh yum!! Looks so good! 👅

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    #flanksteak #steak #fajita #BBQ #bitememore #recipes #food #foodie #foodporn #eat #yum #buzzfeast #fun #toronto #canada #easyrecipes #foodblogger #yummy #photography #buzzfeast #f52grams #food52 #feedfeed #huffposttaste #thekitchn #infatuation #forkyeah #youarewhatyoueat

    Kristi Morrison 💗:
    That was the Best steak I have ever eaten! YUMMY 💋💗💋💗💋

    Bite Me More:
    @lazymoms thank you!! 💖

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Life happens. Chocolate helps. A lot. 🤷‍♀️🍫 🔗 Link to our Chocolate Banana Coffee Cake in bio 🙊