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I made a poll asking people what was their biggest motivation that drives them to be greater. Surprise! It was family of course. Everyday I wake up driven to make life a little better for them and go to sleep asking myself what I can improv
8 years ago @itsjudytime and I read a book that changed our lives. #crushit by @garyvee was the inspiration for not only all of the hustle and vision of our business but also the ultimate  standard that @seancannell and I put on ourselves f
My favorite promoters! 😊❤️💯 #youtubesecrets
4 years ago we started... today we kick off the tour to spread the word! #youtubesecrets tour stop on #Seattle DONE! See you soon LA!
Last night and yes, she did wake up like that 😊❤️🔥@itsjudytime #otrii #mariage #datenight #seattle #otrseattle
We recorded something special on the vlog channel this past week. Talked about how we got started with online video, how we got to where we are at, and our top 3 tips for you if your thinking of starting a channel. @itsjudytime is literally
They love to juice! #greenjuice #dadlife
10 years on Youtube, 4 years writing the book, 6 months designing the cover, weeks preparing, and all for the today! 10+ hours spent in my office launching our book #Youtubesecrets with @seancannell , going live with @itsjudytime to announc
This is how I spend my breaks from work. Art with JB! #dadlife #leprechaun #rainbows #potofgold #fourleafclover 🌈🍀
What is passion? A strong emotion, an intense desire, or enthuthiasm for somethinig in life. For us it’s just what you have fun doing and want to keep doing forever. Over the last decade we’ve been chasing that through online vide
The farmers markets, grocery stores, farms, and even our own garden. Since the girls could eat regular foods, taking them with me to buy our fruits and vegetables was a normal. To get them to want to eat healthy I first wanted them to think

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