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Benji Travis benjimantv

Just spent two amazing days at @youtube with this beautiful lady. Crazy to think this all started with @itsjudytime stacking shoe boxes for her first tripod almost ten years ago. It's been such an honor to see you have such humble beginnings yet still have such humility with all the success you've had. What people do not see is all of the hard work you put in everyday. You love me so much, take care of our angels, be there for family and friends and still manage to do all that you do. Im privileged to not only observe it first hand but also be inspired by your greatness every single day. The difference between all the hustlers of the world is you just hustle and let your actions (results) speak for itself. Even if no one would ever see you for everything you are, I hope you know I'm your greatest fan ever and more over I'm the person you've motivated the most. Thank you for being you, working hard, having integrity, most of all caring for others and showing me what true #greatness really is. Love you babe and I'm still the luckiest guy on the planet. #love