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  • Spinach artichoke red rice bake! ✨ Because it's casserole season (right)? It combines the cozy of spinach artichoke dip with nutrient-dense @lundbergfarms red rice, in honor of September as Whole Grains Month. We're excited to create this recipe using Lundberg's sustainably grown whole grains. More on the blog (link in profile)! #sponsored #wholegrains __ {Recipe: on, click the link in profile} . . . vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #glutenfree #redrice #rice #spinachartichoke
    2017-09-18 11:30:23

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    Mel Isha:
    @elyssanelson froth

    @mel.isha frothin so hard 🤤

    Oh great!!!

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    Heidi Vouri-Richard

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  • 🇬🇷 Up close on our Greek nachos: homemade za'atar pita chips, cilantro cashew cream, tomatoes, cucumber, white beans, & Kalamata olives. Because we're sweating like it's summer here in Indianapolis. 😅 It's a good one for the past of the patio sitting weather. Happy Sunday! ___ {Recipe: at, search Greek nachos.} . . . #vegan #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #veganfoodshare #summerrecipes #greece #mediterraneanfood #mediterranean
    2017-09-17 17:39:14

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    This Mess Is Ours:
    Wishing I had these for breakfast! Haha!

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @egitamillere It does!!! In my opinion at least 😂😂

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @thismessisours I never thought of them from breakfast but that is a good idea!

    Katie Healthy Seasonal Recipes:
    Omg this mash-up of two of my favorite things is so needing to happen in my kitchen asap!!

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  • Working on a new baked steel cut oatmeal recipe for you today! In the meantime, here's our pumpkin pecan version. Too early? 🎃 ___ {Recipe: on, search steel cut oatmeal.} . . . #oatmeal #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #pumpkinspice #pumpkin #pumpkinrecipe
    2017-09-16 12:26:05

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    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @vnguyengiangnam 💖

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @bowlofyoga Oh thank you!!! 🎃🍁👍

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @sara_cornelius_ Haha! If anyone can have an expert opinion on pumpkin, it's you. 😂

    @acouplecooks If I try it, I'll report back! Thanks 😊

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  • We made it to Friday -- bring out the comfy pants! 🙌✨💖 . . . #cozy #hygge #babiesofinstagram
    2017-09-15 12:12:38

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    Brandy O'Neill:
    His face 😍😍😍

    stephanie | girl versus dough:

    Patricia Bazaz:
    @acouplecooks Baby Ryan is a boy👶

    Erin Fairchild:
    Three cheers for that!!

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  • Wake up and fight. Every day that we're alive we have this opportunity where we're here, we're breathing, we have arms and legs and a head that works. Take advantage of that. It's a regular thing you don't think about but it's so powerful and meaningful that we're here. Don't take it for granted. Life is beautiful. You don't need a near death experience to cherish life, you should just cherish life because life is beautiful. -@ellenmariebennett of @hedleyandbennett on the A Couple Cooks Podcast 👏👏👏 This lady rocks. Make sure to take a listen, just search for A Couple Cooks in iTunes or a podcast app. ___ Oh and sopes! So.darn.good. Topped with our refried black beans and pickled onions, inspired by @piloncilloyvainilla. Over on the blog! ____ {Recipe: (link in profile), then scroll down to the 4th post.} . . . #vegan #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #veganfoodshare #mexican #mexicanfood #sopes
    2017-09-14 16:45:34

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    samah dada:

    Claire Trost :: Bloom.:
    @acouplecooks better go get a good Nike outfit like Ellen suggests! 😉

    A Beautiful Plate ✨Laura:

    Vesna Subotic:
    Beautiful 😍😍

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  • 🔊 NEW podcast with boss lady Ellen Bennett of @hedleyandbennett! 🙌 If the front door is closed, climb in through the window.' That's my life motto. You don't stop when someone says no. You don't stop when there's a bump in the ground. You just have to keep going through it. It's tenacity, grit, and perseverance that gets you through and to the other side of tough times, and to your goal. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. ____ If you haven't listened, start with this episode. Hear how Ellen grew her apron company to world-renown in just 5 years (by age 30!), now counting Martha Stewart and Mario Batali as clients. We talk about her Mexican heritage and how she went from culinary school in Mexico City to working in her own treehouse in the Hedley & Bennett HQ. She'll inspire the way you look at your work and life, and she's got some serious spunk. We love you @ellenmariebennett! 💖 ____ {Recipe: our refried bean tacos, at -- click the link in profile -- then search tacos.} . . . #vegan #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #veganfoodshare #tacos #apronsquad #hedleyandbennett
    2017-09-13 17:12:46

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    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @hannnnahjackson Me too!

    Brandy O'Neill:
    Can't wait to listen 🎧🎧🎧

    Sara | Cake Over Steak:
    Can't wait to listen!

    Emily Nelson:
    Cool! Love those aprons!

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  • Got dinner plans? This NEW chickpea curry recipe is tasty, vegan, and features an interesting ingredient: dried cherries. A lot of you asked for the recipe when you saw us making it on Instagram Stories: here it is! Every ingredient was chosen as part of an anti-inflammatory diet, from cherries to turmeric to ginger. And it's pretty simple, so you don't have to spend all night on it. 🙌 Created in partnership with @choosecherries 🍒 #sponsored ___ {Recipe: the latest at, click the link in profile} . . . #vegan #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #veganfoodshare #mexican #curry #curryrecipe #tartcherries #choosecherries
    2017-09-12 17:14:19

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    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @jernejkitchen Oh thank you!! Can't go wrong with curries. 💖

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @vnguyengiangnam 😘😘😘😘

    A Beautiful Plate ✨Laura:
    Sounds so tasty!

    What a great idea to add the cherries, have to give it a try 😘💛

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    Mimi Jessie

  • It's here, that creamy vegan pasta marinara you've all been asking about! Plus, a post excerpt: What if, like Alex, we could apply a new filter to our lives? What if we had a new filter that enhanced the color and brightness? And what if we could crop in to where we could clearly see the detail (and a little bit of the mess!) and realize that what’s there is truly beautiful? ___ Recipe and post is the latest the link in profile. Ps sending love and prayers to Florida and Houston 💖🙏 ___ {Recipe: the latest at, click the link in profile.} . . . #vegan #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #veganfoodshare #italian #pasta #veganpasta
    2017-09-11 11:40:46

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    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @herheartlandsoul wish I could me it for you

    Sara | Cake Over Steak:

    bella karragiannidis:
    "A simple change of perspective can cultivate a heart of gratitude, if we let it." These words are SO true!

    A Beautiful Plate ✨Laura:
    Always into 🍝🍝!!

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    Erin Fairchild

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  • Football season = loaded sweet potato rounds season! 🙌🏈 It's one of our most popular recipes & works for parties, or a dinner for two (which we prefer, ha!). Ps A version of these will be in our new cookbook, #PrettySimpleCooking! 👍(Preorder at the link in profile.) _________ {Recipe: On, search sweet potato rounds.} . . . #football #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #sweetpotatoes
    2017-09-10 15:05:14

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    Megan Keno:
    I could go for these!!!

    Erin Fairchild:
    These look so yummy!

    Jeneese Creative Co.:
    I'm gonna have to make these

    shan • mindful • mostly vegan:
    Fantastic 😍😍😍💕

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  • NEW recipe today, bright pink 1-hour quick pickled onions! For garnishing all the things: tacos, sandwiches, salads. Oh, and sopes! 🌸👗💓🐩🌸🏩 They're a great way to add flavor without calories. Link in profile. _________ {Recipe: latest at, click the link in profile} . . . #vegan #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #veganfoodshare #pickledonions #onions #pickles
    2017-09-07 12:44:37

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    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @healthyseasonal The best, right?

    Amanda Paa:
    That color is everything. 💗

    A Beautiful Plate ✨Laura:
    Love love pickled onions!

    Love the photography

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    Inspired Taste

    Justine | Ottawa

  • Homemade sopes recipe! 🇲🇽 Alejandra of @piloncilloyvainilla shared this authentic Mexican recipe with us in honor of Larson. We've got the recipe and all the steps over on the blog! They're actually pretty simple to make, like a thicker tortilla with an upturned edge & taco-style fillings. ___ I think they should be a new thing. Like tacos, but better. MAKE SOPES! 🙌 You'll thank us later. A huge heartfelt thank you to Alejandra for the recipe! She's from Mexico now living in Texas, and shares her vegan recipes at @piloncilloyvainilla. ________________ {Recipe: the latest at, link in profile. 📷 @alexoverhiser } . . . #vegan #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #veganfoodshare #mexican #mexicanfood #sopes
    2017-09-05 12:19:20

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    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @nutmegnanny 💖💖

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @thismessisours They are so tasty and pretty simple!

    A Beautiful Plate ✨Laura:
    Oh yes! 🙌🏻

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  • Larson says get out your jeans, it's Labor Day weekend!👖👖👖
    2017-09-02 12:46:05

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    Erica Held:
    My one year old just gave Larson a kiss 😘

    Erin Fairchild:
    Hahaha I love it!!

    Omg those jeans!!! 👖 he is so precious! ❤️

    This Mess Is Ours:
    I love babies in jeans!!

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    Kaeli Flinders Thomas


    Fɞϊ Kång 🌞

    Mary Norris

  • This week, I sat down at a Unity Table with women of different colors to discuss racial unity over some kickin' gumbo made by @tanorriastable. We agreed the vastness of the issues in our country is discouraging. However, one of the challenges that came out of the discussion: __ Simply make a friend who doesn't look like you. Be intentional, and be authentic. Because it's only through relationships that real change can occur. And, sharing food together can be a key to speeding up that understanding. So let's come together, and let's eat together. __ We discussed these themes in our podcast with @tanorriastable, which is one of our favorites. 🙌 It's Episode 47 -- search for theA Couple Cooks on iTunes or your podcast app. __ {Recipe & 📷: our peach tart, since it's nearing the end of peach season! Go to, the search peach tart.} . . . #peaches #peachrecipes #pie #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #naturallysweet #honeyrecipes
    2017-09-01 11:53:50

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    bella karragiannidis:
    Ooooh 😍

    Megan Keno:
    Can't wait to listen to this cast!! So important in times like this!!

    Erin Fairchild:
    Such sage advice!

    This Mess Is Ours:
    Listening to this episode today!! So important, so needed!!

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    Lisa Cannon

  • 🎧 NEW podcast with @pizzeriabianco! We were truly honored to sit down with one of THE greats in American artisan pizza making: Chris Bianco of the Bianco restaurants in Phoenix & the new cookbook, Bianco! 🙌 We chatted about how he got from making pizzas in the back of a Phoenix grocery store in the 1980s to being one of the top in his field today. This 📷 is the pizza margherita Alex and I made from the recipe in his book. 🍕 _____ A teaser quote: “It’s one thing to be influenced and inspired by a food tradition, but it’s another thing to believe that’s the only way to do it. When I was in Italy I loved so many things about it, but I knew the most Italian thing I could do was to use things in my backyard.” -Chris Bianco _____ To listen, search A Couple Cooks in iTunes or a podcast app! . . . #pizza #podcast #bianco #pizzeriabianco #acouplecookspodcast
    2017-08-31 11:51:01

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    Brandy O'Neill:
    How fun! I have to check it out 🍕🍕🍕

    Ooh I gotta check this out!

    Wholesome Family Kitchen:
    Ooh, the Bianco cookbook is definitely on my wish list; I think this photo just moved it to the top though! 🍕😍

    Erin Fairchild:
    Ohh I need to check this out!

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    Yoo jin Oh

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  • These little guys are literally begging to jump into that hummus! 😂 (How fun are GIFs?) It's our real food after-school snack idea: sprouted seed crackers + 5-ingredient classic hummus. We don't buy a lot of premade crackers, but these sprouted seed @SimpleMills crackers make the cut for us. They contain a blend of sprouted sunflower, flax and chia seeds filled with healthy fats, Vitamin E and 3g of protein. They're also certified gluten-free and Paleo friendly. AND, they're now available in Indianapolis at @meijerstores! Our classic hummus is a great companion: just 5 ingredients and it comes together quickly. Pretty simple, if we do say so ourselves. 👍 ________________________ Recipe: Go to (link in profile), then search Classic Hummus. . . . #partner #SimpleMills #SimpleMillsatMeijer #SimpleFoodFun
    2017-08-30 11:58:15

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    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @heartofabaker 😘😘😘

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @healthyseasonal Yes!! Us too and we like these. They also have an almond flour version that is tasty.


    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @kristikuhnau 😘😘

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    Jennifer Hood

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  • Those za'atar pita chips? 🇬🇷 They were for these Greek nachos with cilantro drizzle. 👍 Za'atar chips, cucumber, tomato, Kalamata olives, navy beans, creamy cashew cilantro sauce. This, plus rosé, equals summer. 🍷Recipe on the site. (Thanks to @zestfulkitchen for the inspo!) ______________________ {Recipe: the latest at, link in our profile} . . . #vegan #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #veganfoodshare #summerrecipes #greece #mediterraneanfood #mediterranean
    2017-08-29 12:19:00

    Comments (37)
    Robyn Downs | Portland:

    Helen Tzouganatos:
    I'm back in Greece 👏🏼💙👏🏼💙

    Jillisa Skinner:

    Breezy Bakes:
    Why have I never thought of Greek nachos before??? Hello! Genius.

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    Beth Thomsen

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  • I know you all like babies better, but the recipe for these homemade za'atar pita chips is on the blog and mega tasty (homemade za'atar PLUS homemade chips). But I do agree, Larson is way more fun. 😂👶💖 ______________________ {Recipe: the latest at, link in our profile} . . . #vegan #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #veganfoodshare #summerrecipes #chips #zaatar
    2017-08-28 16:28:04

    Comments (44)
    The Healthy Indulger:

    Jessica Messerschmitt:
    Pictures of babies are great but so is food. My kiddos love homemade pita chips and adding za'atar is the perfect way to introduce their palates to something new (if there are any left for them 😂). Thanks for sharing!


    Chocolate & Gifts:

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  • Happy Monday 👶☕
    2017-08-28 08:34:58

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    Must be eating his veggies is right. Look at those long legs. What a cutie.

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @sarahsue44 That he is! Mixed with peanut butter, of course 😂😂

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @ringolio Haha he loves his veggies! We mix in peanut butter and it's a hit 👍

    Robyn Downs | Portland:

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    Christine Francoeur

    Marly | Namely Marly | Vegan

  • Alex and I had the best weekend with Jack and Jeanine of @loveandlemons in their new Chicago abode! Delicious eats, cute baby and dogs antics, and shop talk...what could be better? 👶🐕 Love these friends 💖 We had these peach, tomato & mozzarella bruschetta on their patio and they are 👍👍
    2017-08-27 14:02:42

    Comments (16)
    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @blackbeanqueen 😘😘😘

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @loveandlemons You guys are the best! 💖💖💖💖💖

    A Couple Cooks Website/Podcast:
    @thebeardandthebaker 😘😘 Thank you!!!

    Yum, so summery! 🍅🍑

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    Lourdes Rojas Z.

  • These Greek grilled veggie skewers! 🙌 They're the vegetarian main dish for our new grilling menu, along with our summer lentil and rice salad & black bean and corn salsa. Oh, and lemon mint slush, with or without gin! 🍹 All the recipes are on ALSO, we're road trippin' to Chicago to hang with @loveandlemons...catch some scenes over on InstaStories. What are you up to this weekend? _________________________ Recipes: Currently at the top of, click the link in profile. . . . #grill #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #glutenfree #vegetariangrill
    2017-08-26 12:47:02

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    Sara | Cake Over Steak:
    Sounds fantastic!!

    Amanda Paa:
    Have so much fun in Chicago!

    Brandy O'Neill:
    Hello meatless Mondays!

    Erin Fairchild:
    This looks so yummy!!

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    Roxanne Kègle Demers

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Spinach artichoke red rice bake! ✨ Because it's casserole season (right)? It combines the cozy of spinach artichoke dip with nutrient-dense @lundbergfarms red rice, in honor of September as Whole Grains Month. We're excited to create this recipe using Lundberg's sustainably grown whole grains. More on the blog (link in profile)! #sponsored #wholegrains __ {Recipe: on, click the link in profile} . . . vegetarianfood #vegetarians #inthekitchen #eatingwell #foodwinewomen #huffposttaste #cleaneating #buzzfeedfood #vegetarianfoodshare #plantpower #glutenfree #redrice #rice #spinachartichoke