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  • I love book signings, but signing your #TrishaxWS products and hearing which are your favorites is even more fun. Thank you all for stopping by @wsmanhattanbeach! Now, @theforum here I come for night 2! I ❤️ Los Angeles! xoxo
    2017-07-22 19:22:49

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    Amie Mangola:
    This was a blast to be a part of! Love the products #GoGirl 😘

    Made your biscuit mix tonight! They were awesome! Def going to buy more boxes! Keep all the great work u do & keep the music playing! @trishayearwood

    Broken Halleluyah:

    Paso Robles weather update Sunday night was low 70's and a perfect breeze. Days are usually a scorcher and nights can get chilly and breezy sus Thank You for coming :)

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    Lorrie Anne

    Billy Mullenix

    Kira Mesi

    L White

  • Hi from the beach in SoCal!! Watch #TsCoffeeTalk on @entertainmenttonight's Facebook page (link in bio) xo
    2017-07-22 11:42:57

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    Cheryl Matchey:
    Great show last night! I picked up my Coffee Talk mug!!


    Love you and your shirt!! 30A owner and lover of the 30A lifestyle😍

    Love your show

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    Doreen Touhey

    Martina Wifladt

    Jennifer Lynn

  • I'm taking over @entertainmenttonight's Facebook page tomorrow for #TsCoffeeTalk LIVE at 10:10 am ET. Join us!!! Thanks @nancyodell xoxo
    2017-07-21 20:03:16

  • My Wednesday mood has me ready for Friday in Los Angeles! Double tap if YOU are ready for the weekend xo
    2017-07-19 11:49:32

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    Charlene Robinson:
    Beautiful 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

    Priscilla Trujillo Jara:
    @trishayearwood @garthbrooks I am going to see you on the 28th in LA with my family. My brother, who is in the Army will be there. He just celebrated 25 years of service. Would love for one of you to say hi!. Ill and another message closer to the day. MSG Richard Trujillo

    Broken Halleluyah:

    Deborah Reyes:
    Saw all three shows at the Honda Center. Was there the 21st and 22nd. Have tickets for the 28th and 29th. Each how is different; and each show amazing!!!!

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    Ben Caswell

    Charlene Robinson

    Renee F LaBonte

  • Happy birthday to Linda Ronstadt. When I heard your voice for the first time, I knew what I wanted to be. Thank you for your music. Love, trisha
    2017-07-15 18:54:29

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    My absolute favorite pick of her! She will always be my first female hero

    Debbie White:
    Happy Birthday Linda!

    Theresa Upshaw:
    I knew there was a reason I liked you so much!!!! LOVE ❤️ Linda Ronstadt.

    Richard Erwin Hunter:
    @trishayearwood I used to think you sounded a lot like her... Happy Birthday Linda.

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    Deborah Hepperle

    Denise Belanger

    Karen Haycox


  • When people come together with the sole goal of helping others, amazing things happen! It was a great week with @HabitatForHumanity, love by example. Such an honor to work alongside President Carter and Mrs. Rosalynn! xoxo #HabitatCWP
    2017-07-14 11:03:15

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    President Carter is amazing if only more and more people were as giving & thank you to the both of you !! Paying it forward always positive

    Thanks for coming and for your time spent on this project 😌

    Eric Johnson:
    Very nice

    President Carter is my favorite president every He really shows how he loves people and helps them 1st hand not by sending people . God bless him and you for alway giving also. The world would be a better place if everyone would do that . Thank you so much for caring.

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    Danae Brown




  • Getting ready for my @HabitatForHumanity week #HabitatCWP! No #TsCoffeeTalk today. Let's celebrate giving back! What's near and dear to your heart? Post your favorite organizations below! xo trisha #GivingBack #VolunteerWork #nonprofit #habitatforhumanity
    2017-07-08 10:18:42

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    becca ray:
    IN OKC!!

    Bonnie Roberts:
    Wow what an amazing gift for Edmonton families!Thanks for coming back to Edmonton! I was able to take my two sons to your concert in the spring since tickets were so reasonable, thank you

    Tracy McMullen:
    Trisha were you and Garth in Leduc, AB today??

    Hooary. I love you both so much. Welcome back to YEG

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    Brenda Bagwell Glisson



    Rob And Lisa

  • This is what love looks like. Happy 71st Anniversary, you two! 😍
    2017-07-07 15:15:58

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    Kris Ann:
    71 yrs Wow

    Judy Wetjen-Pelton:
    Happy Anniversary to the Carters.

    Judith Lee:
    An example for all of us. I admire this couple so much for their dedication to their work and dedication to each other. Happy anniversary.

    Serli Magalhães:
    God bless you!!! Happiness!

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    Keanna Nation


    Theresa Baker

    Wendy Madewell

  • My, how times flies! That hair tho...
    2017-07-02 18:54:12

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    Sherrie Hardison-Harmon:
    Hey, that hair was stylin' at the time!! And if I remember correctly, back then, CMT said that your voice, Ms Yearwood, likened to the great Ms Kitty Wells.

    natalie anne:
    First country CD I ever bought and still own it!


    Broken Halleluyah:
    Legend 🙌🏻🙌🏽

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    Amy Dupler

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    Kathy Montgomery

    l i n d s e y k u h l

  • Let's celebrate 4th of July all weekend long! 4 for the 4th #TsCoffeeTalk xo WATCH NEW VIDEO: link in bio or go to #july4th #4thofjuly #4fortheFourth #trishaskitchen #recipes #cooking
    2017-07-01 11:45:09

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    Love you Trisha! Been a fan since I was a little girl! Me and my mom were so sad that we didn't get to make it to see you and Garth when you were in our hometown Columbus, Ohio! My 1st ever concert was your husband's show! Me, my mom and my dad drove to the arena just to sit in the parking lot to listen to him because we couldn't get tickets. By a miracle a man came out and had an extra ticket and gave it to me! Then security was nice enough to let my parents in with me since I was a minor 😁💓. I'll never forget that as long as I live! Me and my mom have been dying to see a Garth show, I was looking on his website and seen that the next show closet to us is Nashville! Pray for a miracle for me and my mommy to somehow find a way to make it to see you guys! Love you guys! Hugs and kisses from Ohio to wherever you are! 💜😊


    Tracie Todd Villoldo:
    Sounds like a plan ladies!

    💞 💞 💞

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    Kate Foster

    Mary Wade



  • We are kicking off the 4th of July on #TsCoffeeTalk tomorrow at 10:10 am ET LIVE on Facebook! How are you spending your 4th? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 . . #TrishasKitchen #july4th #4thofjuly #4ForThe4th #Summer #Cocktails #SummerInACup
    2017-06-30 23:22:09

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    Janelle Jackson:
    This pic kills me! 😂

    Normally having a family cook out but my daughter is racing at the quarter midget track tomorrow after being rained out tonight

    Nancy Jean Walker Reece:
    Camping, family reunion, 30 plus years getting together, bringing generations together! 🌭🍔🍓🍉🍷🥃🍺🍹🍸🍻🥂🍾🏌🏼‍♀️🏌🏻⛰⛺️celebrating family and our great nation!

    Just A Pinch Austin:

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    Karen Lampka

    Cindi Alberico

    Wendy Avenall


  • At the @NASA food lab for a space food taste test. The first thing I ask about, coffee in space! I'll tell you all about it Saturday on #TsCoffeeTalk ☕️🚀 xoxo
    2017-06-29 16:07:18

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    Anna Maria Souza:
    I will never ever understand why my radio station never ever ever plays your beautiful music. I'm sure they are ALL like that. It's amazing that they just play the same 20 songs over and over. How come they just forget all the unbelievable talent that we have of not too long ago! You and Martina are not of ANCIENT DAYS! Geee! It's so depressing.

    Coffee in space??? I knew Starbucks was everywhere, but wow!!

    Sarah Mulleneaux:
    Not sure if you will read this but I just wanted to say thank you for your music that I used to sit in front of my moms cd player with the booklet with lyrics and sing along as a teenager. My first concert ever was yours at the Arizona State fair and I still remember it. I finally got to see you again when you and Garth came to Arizona. Don't tell Garth but I was more excited to see you live again. Lol. Seeing Garth live was on my bucket list and told myself I was going even if it was by myself and that's what I did. Got one ticket in the back row on the floor. Even got a Garth short when one was thrown out and bought one of yours after. So thank you. Every time I hear She's in love with the boy it brings back memories of my family from Nashville when they were visiting. I haven't seen them in over ten years....someday I'll get back to Tennessee.

    Shante smith:
    Love your husband music and Trisha we wish to invest with you to earn more love you

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    Jan Bishop


    Christine Brewer Routh


  • My favorite mixers for #SummerInACup are coconut rum and @7up! What do YOU like to mix in your summer cocktails? #cocktails #Summer #7UP #drinks #fourthofjuly #july4th #BBQ #ad
    2017-06-28 19:04:44

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    Holly Foster:
    I was like # appropriate for a 7up post!!! 7️⃣🆙

    Gold Coast, Australia.:
    @tahneejasmin holy moley you're right! Almost my doppelganger! 🙊

    Frances Cranford:
    Great picture

    Natalia Krishtopets:

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    Sonia Villareal

    Shelly Reding

    Sarah Mulleneaux


  • If you can read this...bring me a cup of coffee! #TsCoffeeTalk. To watch NEW VIDEO click link in bio or go to . . . . . . #Coffee #Socks #TrishasKitchen #FoodNetwork #saturday #saturdaymorning
    2017-06-24 11:18:15

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    Wish I could but it would before I get to you

    Acrei Comar:

    Awesome socks!

    Broken Halleluyah:

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    Betty Jo Funkhouser

    Pam Harney


  • Ragin' Cajuns! It's a Friday night in Louisiana and we can't wait to see you xo . . . . #lafayette #louisiana #RaginCajuns #garthinlafayette
    2017-06-23 20:44:20

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    Lauren Daigle Talbot:
    My husband and I are going to your concert this Sunday night, and this will be my husband's first concert EVER!!! I'd love for him to be on the floor. Tell your ticket fairies to come find us in section 101 at the cajun dome tomorrow night!!! @garthbrooks @trishayearwood

    Looks like fun with Trisha and Garth in Louisiana.Wish I, was there .

    Alisha Lee:
    So much fun thank you for coming down to the bayou !

    Monie Turk-Guidry:
    Saw y'all Saturday night it was so awesome. What a show it was!!! Love you both!!

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    Gabby Watson

    sophia schotz

    Carol Wilds

  • Kindler, gentler nature hike! #LaterGram #FromWhereIStand #Nashville #bunny
    2017-06-22 19:51:48

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    Gracy North:
    Thats sweet. 😿🐈😻🌹❣💜

    My yard is full of them!


    Linda Cole:
    Super lady plus super cook. Thi wole picture. Garth, you're a blessed man.

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    Susan Cline

    Lynnette Dent

    Georganne DeVinney Staines

    Susan Gabby

  • It's the first day of summer...but it's not my first Summer In A Cup! 🍹 SCROLL: Drink responsibly! Flamingo down!! #FirstDayOfSummer #SummerInACup #TrishaxWS
    2017-06-20 18:14:28

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    Williams Sonoma:

    And float those drinks in these 🤣 @meggiemac13


    Nancy Genova:
    @trishayearwood i read too fast! Don't want to lose one day of summer!👍

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    Amanda Bamford

    Amanda Larsen 💋

    Jackie W


  • A lot of you ask what a day in the life of me is like...Well, here you go! Join me for the ride xo #TsCoffeeTalk Click link in bio or go to . . . . . #RedCarpet #TrishaxWS #somewhereovertherainbow #TFFAwards #BTS #dayinthelife #SummerInACup
    2017-06-17 10:36:40

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    Almighty Ernesta:
    My family from st.kitts

    Linda Cole:

    Gordon D. Reed:
    You and Beth look like you both have a good time cooking together.

    Livia Comar:
    Very beautiful

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    Debbie Davis Dudley

    Williams Sonoma Minnetonka

    Carol C Phillips

    Marilou Turner

  • #AboutLastNight I had the honor to sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow at @fragrancefdtn. I posted a clip over on Facebook 🌈 #TFFAwards #OOTD #somewhereovertherainbow #RedCarpet
    2017-06-15 20:16:59

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    Connie Wooster:
    Beautiful, Classy, so talented

    Travis N Jan Denton:
    Thanks for sharing your many talents with us!

    peter ruys:
    Beautiful lady

    I love your show! I've been watching for a long time and I love your dress! It's nice to see a dress that isn't painted on like some others wear! ❤️🌈

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    Kirsten Baker

    Carla Danielsen


    LaDona Petch

  • Thanks so much for stopping by to celebrate the launch of #TrishaxWS at the @wscolumbuscircle store today. A lot of you asked about my outfit, so here is my #OOTD! Designers tagged in post xo 👗👠👛 . . . . #Fashion #NYC #WilliamsSonoma #sunmerinacup
    2017-06-14 16:46:06

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    A cute look for you!

    Rita Cossette:
    You look great!

    Travis N Jan Denton:
    I love your show!

    Peter Ruys:
    beautiful lady

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    Kimberly A Brackin

    Jackie Varner

    Kirsten Baker

I love book signings, but signing your #TrishaxWS products and hearing which are your favorites is even more fun. Thank you all for stopping by @wsmanhattanbeach! Now, @theforum here I come for night 2! I ❤️ Los Angeles! xoxo