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What's a visit to Taiwan without sipping on Pearl Milk Tea #amirite When I was living in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, Pearl Milk Tea, aka Bubble Tea, aka "Boba" somehow gained popularity and became the hottest thing. But I remember my Taiwanese friends would tell me that Boba is not anything new to them - in fact, the concept of Bubble Tea was invented in the 1980's in Tainan, a city in south Taiwan. 
Pearl Milk Tea is a milk tea drink with tapioca balls added to the bottom of it. The tapioca balls are often white (though there is a black variation as well) which resembles pearls, hence the name. The original pearl tea was simply just black tea mixed with milk and tapioca balls, but since it became popular, it has sprouted new variations which include fruit-flavored juice (such as passion fruit, strawberry, mango, lychee, etc) and ice blended base. In the recent years, it has also become a trend to be able to pick the level of sugars so you can feel slightly better when you are sipping on your milk tea. I personally think the traditional pearl milk tea with full sugar is still the best one though 😛 Some of you might remember i posted this on my instagram story after a bit of rant on unnecessary plastic usage. In a bid to reduce my one-time plastic usage, I usually refuse straws and bring my own cups for takeaway coffee. But when it comes to bubble tea, I couldn't refuse the straw bc you are supposed to sip on the bubbles through a large straw! A follower of mine (@chuepachups) then informed me that you can actually buy a large reusable straw that accomodates bubble tea. That got me curious... Are you aware of your plastic usage too? What are your tips on reducing waste while travelling? Let me know by commenting below 👇🏻 I would love to hear all of it! I've pinned my basic tips in my story highlights ;) . #ShotOniPhone8Plus #Boba #PearlMilkTea #BubbleTeaWhat's a visit to Taiwan without sipping on Pearl Milk Tea #amirite

When I was living in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, Pearl Milk Tea, aka Bubble Tea, aka source:

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